Born; On the sandy shores of Santorini, Greece.
Current Residence; TBA

Current Relationship Status; Single (widower)
Child/ren; Yes, two; Ondina [Girl] & Ryopp [Boy]

Job; Aquarist

Age; 27 [Human] - 5,000+ [Rokea]

Eyes; Hurricane grey
Hair; Shoulder-length sandy blonde
Weight; 240 lbs [Human] - Unknown [Rokea]

Species; Great White Shark (Carcharodon Carcharias)
Race; Rokea (wereshark, Guardian of Sea)


Born; Saint Martin, Leeward Islands, Caribbean
Current Residence; Havana, Cuba

Current Relationship Status; Single
Child/ren; -

Job; Open Bar Manager

Age; 22 [Human] - 294 [Mer]

Eyes; Turquoise
Hair; Sable black
Weight; 244 lbs [Human] - 390lbs [Mer]
Height: 6’2” [Human] - 7’0” [Mer]

Species; Shapeshifter
Race: Merfolk

Lark's mother isn’t what most would call a “true” mermaid. She was one of the few children gifted with the ability to transition from land to sea. The island in the caribbean where she was born and raised had been ransacked by pirates, most of them slaughtering the villages; men, women and children alike. Years later, after Oona had been welcomed into the Caribbean pod, she met a sailor on a transport ship for the East India Trading Company. Oona fell in love with the land person and shedding her tail for one night under the full moon, would conceive a child. That child was Lark. Oona went ashore for the birth and wound up leaving him wrapped in kelp on the beach to be found by land people. She thought that if he integrated into life on land that he’d be safe. But once again pirates would scour the coastline for smaller seaside villages and burn them to the ground. Lark was fifteen when he first transitioned from legs to tail. You can imagine the horror this poor kind has just gone through finding out he’s not all land person. But then who would? He loved the water, loved swimming and exploring the surrounding reefs. He has the ability to communicate with marine life; fish mostly and a few of the larger mammals.


Born; Nicaraguan canal
Current Residence; TBA

Current Relationship Status; Single
Child/ren; -

Job; Nail Technician

Age; 29

Eyes; Steel blue-gray
Hair; Mid-length black hair
Weight; 130 lbs
Height: 5'4

Species; Bull Shark (Carcharhinus Leucas)
Race: Rokea (wereshark, Guardian of Sea)


Born; Kelp stalks, Mariana Trench
Current Residence; New Zealand

Current Relationship Status; Single
Child/ren; -

Job; Reef Tour Operator / Reef Guardian

Age;  20 [Human] - 394 [Mer]

Eyes; Iceberg Blue
Hair; White Blonde
Weight;  170lbs [Human] - 349lbs [Mer]
Height: 6’0” [Human] - 7’0” [Mer]

Species; Whale Rider
Race: Merfolk



Born; Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia
Current Residence; Great Barrier Reef

Current Relationship Status; Single
Child/ren; -

Job; Royalty - next in line for the Aquatica Throne

Age;  17 [Human] - 162 [Mer]

Eyes; Crystalline 
Hair; Ever-changing
Weight;  140lbs [Human] - 275lbs [Mer]
Height: 6’0” [Human] - 7’0” [Mer]

Species; Pearl Princess
Race: Merfolk


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  • As Capsian slowly but surely attempts to approach Zach, it occurs to him that the strange man is indeed hurt and in need of immediate help. That first smile on Caspian's face had initially appeared too sinister in the stormy night. Zach is anxious, not only did he first think this man was dead but now he stands and approaches with blood dripping from his torso. All the rumours from earlier accelerate his concerns; the local newspapers warned the public about straying off alone at night. A killer on the loose, it proclaimed in bold lettering that screamed attention. Zach and his friends joked the serious danger off throughout the night, but now that he is here alone on a beach with a stranger... he's worried.

    Is it possible Caspian ran into this killer?

    Decidedly springing into action, Zach simultaneously pats down his drenched jeans and moves forward to take Caspain's outstretched hand. He barely brushes his fingertips across the other man's, the coolness of Zach's skin like touching an icey glass window. Before he can get a hold of Caspain's hand it drops to his side. Zach locates his phone and pulls it out from his back pocket while Caspian sways in front of him. Then, the unjured man falls forward supposedly with his last energy leaving his body. 

    Zach nearly drops him completely. Coming forward, Zach catches Caspain at his shoulders but is unable to stop him from falling when getting a good solid stance on wet sand is more difficult than he imagined. He slips under his weight and falls onto his back with Caspian on top of him. Right then he thinks, he's heavier than he looks..

    A ripple of scales appear on Caspain's skin. Zach may have played it off as a trick of the light had he not been directly touching Caspian's no longer fleshy skin. His first instinct is to jerk away, but being crushed between Caspain's body and the sand doesn't allow him much room to move. Curious, he pats his hand onto Caspain's shoulder blade, feeling the scale under his fingertips. Either his friends have drugged him (which they would never do) or he's got some type of merman on top of him.

    Surprisingly, Zach quietly accepts the reality of a situation and slowly sits up. Now feeling that much more confident that Caspain is indeed not the anonymous murderer from the paper, he is more willing to help. He slides out from underneath the man by flipping Caspian onto his back alongisde him. Zach turns, crouching next to him while he slips an arm underneath his neck and the back of his knees. With a heave, he lifts the man up into his arms bridal style and drunkenly carries him to the shore.

    Once there, he carefully lowers him on a sandy section in shallow water. Concerned for his well-being, Zach sits in the shallow water that is just deep enough for the waves to come crashing up at his chest. He wonders what will happen to Caspian now that he is off the land and in the sea. "Are you.. gonna be okay?" Zach asks, his voice far too quiet to be any louder than the raging storm.

  • A low, deep growl reverberating from within his torn chest, he hung his head back to gaze at the sky, lips parting slightly.  Moments before, the sky had been dominated by those screaming gulls, but now? Now they were long gone, fled at mere sight of him. 

    Covering the gaping, black hole within his guts with his right hand, he looked down upon the Merman, a twinge of veritable interest within his dark, fine brow. " It is nothing, " he said, shaking his head slowly, all without taking his slitted yellow eyes off his piscine saviour.

    Lies and half truths skidded into his mind, but he shoved them aside and lowered himself closer to the sea, beating his wings in a slow, graceful rhythm, almost close enough to dip his toes into the water, yet he did not. 

    " They are the Powers of Heaven, and I am Dakarai... and, also, as I said, grateful.  Not many would go out of their way to help someone like me, " not that this man would know who someone like him even is, he'd already made that abundantly clear.

    In a way, it was a relief.

     " ...I need you to bring me to land, and I need you to watch me while I heal. " He began, trailing off as he felt his cheeks heat with shame.  Such a stupid, foolish request.  Yet he had no choice. " I will be... vulnerable, during the process. "

    And in his mind, there was nothing more deadly than vulnerability. 


  • Harlow bit down on her bottom lip as she handed over his wallet and keys. She couldn’t help but Taking a look at him up close. He was definitely a Greek God she thought. His long hair would make any girls envious. He was so much taller then her she only just came up to his chest not that she minded. A blush crept up she cheeks at the thought. She shook she head try to clear her thoughts. She smiled “ Your welcome “ said softly.


    Harlow laughs softly “ I guess you would be walking home” she teased. Smiling she accepted his hand shake taking note of how his hand felt against her soft skin. Pushing her hair back behind she ear she smiled “ ate those you kids in the picture in your wallet?” She asked. “ Sorry has to open it and look to see who

    It belonged to before I handed it back” she said politely hoping he would understand where she was coming from. “ Are Trying to win a giant teddy for them?” she asked looking at the teddies on display. 


    Harlow smiled holding up the plastic bag with her goldfish in it just to check it was still alive. Once seeing it was still swimming around she let her hand return to her side. Looking back at him she smiled “ My name is Harlow.” She said smiling. “ Nice to meet you Fox” she replied. 


  • Bare feet pressed against the wet sands of the Florida coast line, vibrant blues gazing towards the waves. A soft sigh leaving those soft voluptuous pink lips. The search for her daughter Amare another dead end. She had heard the story of her daughter bringing Olympus to thier knees. A story she was glad to hear for the fact of the reason they had ripped her only child from her very arms at birth. During the childbirth Amare's power surged through Serenity leaving the goddess Aphrodite nothing but a pile of ashes. Once Zeus had his hands on Amare he had banished Serenity back to earth at her father Poseidon's side. Legs covered in blood from the childbirth, wrists still brusied from the chains they had her shackled to.

    A heated conversation begun she blamed her father for the Gods stealing her only child therefore she ended even her own father's life taking his powers and his crown. Now the Goddess of the Seven Seas still she searches for her beloved Amare. Serenity use to be the sweetest being you could ever met, but after her child was ripped from her arms she became a force to be reckoned with. Murdering just about everyone in her path the pain of losing a child unbearable making her something she wasn't suppose to be...evil...

    With a glance over her shoulder a smile graced her lips breathing in the ocean air with a wave of her hand parting the sea she walked down along the path with the sea walls on either side of her waving her hand again the sea swallowed her up legs transitioning into her long beautiful ivory tail her fins traced on gold. Long luscious waves of sunset tresses flowing down towards her hips moving left and right swimming at a fast pace before she knew it she could smell land close by. Maybe her Amare was here.

    Swimming close to the shoreline yet at a safe distance till she found a safe place to come upon the land. Scales washing away where legs started to form fins fading away where feet pressed against the sands. Standing there nude that was the only thing she hated about the transformation. With an hawk eyes veiw spotting a female she scanned her from head to toe. Serenity's clothes now the same as the one she had scanned. Skinny jeans that was something new to her fitting just right in every angle, with a white tank with a light jacket hanging off her shoulders. That long thick mane of her's drawn up into a ponytail, with a pair of flip flops of all things.

    Pulling her ponytail through the back of the baseball cap pulling the bib of the hat down towards her face as if to hide her flawless features. Walking down along the side walk sliding her hands into the pockets of the jacket keeping her head down yet those blues hues searched every corner for her Amare. Coming close towards something of a tavern the smell of the food drawing her in walking close behind a tall male reaching out she slipped his wallet out his back pocket into her own. Once inside she made her way to the rest room where she took the cash out and trashed the rest of the wallet into the trash can.

    Finding a seat at the bar lifting up the menu she would only point to what she wanted to order, not wanting to use her deadly voice that would only draw them in at least not these people or at this moment she just wanted to eat. Pointing at the picture of a seafood platter with a glass of water and fries and pie yes she was addicted to fries and pie!

    She gave off the vibe that maybe she had no voice even fluent in sign language. She wasn't sure of the place but it seemed okay for the moment no one had recognised her yet so that was a good thing. If there were other sea creatures among the lands they knew of Serenity it really was the saddest story told upon merfolk. Once the food came she signed with her fingers "Thank You. " without haste she dug in fingers and all the sea food platter was delicous licking her fingers clean munching on her fries then the cherry pie. She might of ate like a homeless person a bit sloppy not knowing how to use the silverware that the humans used.

    Taking a napkin she did managed to clean the crumbs away from her face. Downing the water within mere seconds sitting the glass back down she noticed another menu of drinks only tilting her head curiously pointing at a gin tonic she wanted to try it. Wasn't long before the tall handsome bartender to slide it in front of her curling fingers about the glass lifting It slowly to her nose taking a sniff. Wrinkling her nose at the smell gazing up towards the one that fixed it for her then back down at the drink lifting It to her lips she downs it nearly dropping the glass back onto the bar. Grabbing at her throat it was like drinking liquid fire her throat was burning shaming her head sticking her tongue out trying to wipe the taste from her tongue making a gross face feeling the room spin grabbing at her stomach feeling she might get sick resting her forehead against the bar. A siren that could rip out human hearts and eat them while they still had a beat getting sick from a little drink. Seemed she had a lot to learn about the human world for it was very different from her own.


  • What..? 


    Through the murky blackness- that which crept into his mind, numbing the ever persistent searing pain he felt, both within himself and throughout his charred and cracked flesh, he felt strong hands grasping onto him, hoisting him upwards, not that he truly knew which was was up when everything around him was darkness and shadow and hidden teeth.

    The immense pressure building in his head began to recede, and little by little, as did the encompassing darkness.

    He tilted his head back, slitted yellow eyes cracking open for the first time to rest upon his saviour, or what he considered far more likely; his executionerPerhaps, one of the mala'khim? As soon as the thought entered his mind he shoved it away.  No, this man was no brother of his. 

    So.  An unlikely saviour, then? 

    Possibilities churned within his mind, but in the end he decided to make it easier on the piscine stranger, in the same way he willed himself to sink like a rock, he was then weightless, adding to the males speed rather than struggling against it.  

    At least until they broke the surface.  Without regard for his own wounds, he brought a hand between himself and the stranger and shoved them apart with incredible speed and strength, at the same time his charcoal wings drew from his back and snapped around him through the water, churning the sea in a mighty torrent as he rose into the air.  Though he did not go far. 

    He was shirtless, wearing only a pair of low hanging black jeans, his wings slowly beating the air to keep him afloat, some few feet above the water.  Each sweep of them creating ripples beneath him, more than the water that dripped from his soaking form.  Slowly, he pushed his fingers through his sopping black locks and smoothed his hair back across his skull, tipping his head, and parting his lips to breath in the fresh sea air for what felt like the first time in too long. 

    Then, his anguine yellow eyes found the man.  

    His saviour.

    " Why have you interfered? " He asked, having yet to remove his hand from the massive, black hole within his guts.  Around rich his charred flesh was slowly healing.  It wasn't that he wasn't grateful-- he was-- although his gratitude was a rare thing.  But he did wonder whether the being knew what he had unwittingly gotten himself involved in, just by laying hands upon Dakarai.  By aiding him, even in this small way. 

    " They will look upon this as a defiance of their will.. " he said, softly, in a low Southern drawl, and then he faltered, scowling as the next beat of his wings brought agony slicing up the side of his body, down his spine.  He tipped, and for a moment thought he was to fall in the sea again.  But he righted himself with a powerful snap of his wings and rose another foot higher from the water. 

    " I would hate for you to think I'm not grateful, for I am, but.. I need to ask more of ya.. "


  • Harlow smiled as she sat there transfixed on her little goldfish. “ I will get you home soon sweetie “ she said softly. Sighing she lent back against the seat running her free hand over her face. Thankful at the point that she had decided not to wear makeup. A yawn left her parted lips making her realise that it was getting on in time. She glanced down at her watch taking note that it was 9 pm. Dam where did the time go she thought to herself. 


    Getting up she stretched her arm above her head her lace singlet riding up to reveal her toned tan stomach. She quickly pulled her singlet back down before moving away from the seat. She took all but two steps when she kicked something. Looking down she noticed a wallet and set of keys. Bending down she picked them up. Taking a quick look around she then proceeded to open the wallet to hopefully find out who they belonged to. Pulling out the license she took note of the picture. “ Greek God” she muttered to herself. Biting her lip she scanned the crowd for the rather tall and handsome owner. 


    Once she had found him in the crowd she made her way weaving between the people towards him. Biting down on her lip softly as she approached him. How does one talk to a shark she thought will a slight laugh. Once she reached him she gave him a gentle tap on his well toned back. “ I believe you may need these” she said with a slight blush creeping up her cheeks as she held out his wallet and keys. 

  • The first flash of lightening rolls a blast of light down the seashore. Black still haunts the sea but the sand appears a blackish-blue and the rocks a very deep copper. It's mere seconds of light, but it's enough for Zach to see breath on the presumed corpse. His innate nature to assist and help overrides his sluggishly drunken mind. Zach steps forward, but is startled by the second flash of lightening and freezes. Around him is an overbearing sound of water crashing against the shore - the 'shhaa-ing' of the pelting rain and the slosh of wet sand under his shoes. 

    He watches as the figure rolls onto his back; it's movement that absolutely confirms the man is not dead afterall. "Are you okay?" Zach asks, leaning up on his toes for a better look without actually coming any closer. There's no telling if he'll get bitten should he come in too close, so he keeps his distance. Anybody who is crazy enough to strip naked during a stormand attempt to take a dive is most definitely not in their right mind. Zach is reminded of the one news story of a man who ate bath salts and went on a biting spree. He's not ready to be a snack.

    "Hello?" Zach repeats when he gets no answer.

    "Poseidon’s trident!"

    "Umm.." Zach tilts his head, the motion making him aware of how soaked he has become. Perhaps the water sobered him up a bit, or the idea of possibly running into a dead man did; but now he doesn't feel like catching up with the rest of his teammates. They are long gone anyway. When he sees what vaguely looks like a hand waving at him, Zach scrunches up his nose and squints in his darkness. And when referred to as 'land-boy', Zach straightens his back in surprise whilehe watchs Caspian struggle to get his footing on the sharp rocks. Zach presses his lips together to avoid letting loose a small laugh.

    Once the otherma starts approaching, Zach begins to walk back. He waves his palm forward and say, "that's okay, just, just stay over there." A nervous laugh wrapped up in diselief escapes him in the same fashion as a sigh. It's quite hard to avoid looking at Caspian's dick when it's freely swaying between his thighs, so Zach looks all the way up to the sky. "Why are you out here like that?" he asks, rolling his head to look across the beach toward the boardwalk that he came from, "and why do you keep calling me land-boy?"

    Zach had thought this man was injured, and yet he seems to face no trouble in approaching him with a wide smile. Even with all the cuts gracing his skin. At that moment, Zach starts to wonder if he's about to be murdered. What a way to go; wonder if he'll make the news...

  • Harlow smiled biting down on her bottom lip as she watched the tall handsome man disappear from view “ Greek God” she muttered to herself. Shaking her head she ran her fingers through her long blonde hair. She laughed watching a group of young kids rushed past her squealing and laughing. She loved kids and hoped that one day she would be able to have a couple of her own. Pushing her hair back behind her ear she pushed her hands into the pockets of her shorts as she made her way through the crowds in search of some cotton candy. She had a sweet tooth that would one down be her down fall. 


    A smiled spread across her lips as she finally found what she was looking for. A stall that sold Cotten candy and slushes. After ordering a blueberry slushy and getting a bag of blue Cotten candy she stepped out of the way so those behind her could get what they were after. Taking a long suck on her straw she grimaced when the cold went straight to her head. “ Shit” she muttered softly rubbing her temple. Harlow stopped to watch a family on the bumper cars. She laughed watching as the mother got rear ended by her son. So cute she thought watching the happy family in front her. She felt a twinge of jealousy in the region of heart. She missed her family everyday. But life went on and so she had to live. Sighing she turned around looking for something to do when she spotted the one game she was good at and the write she loved. 


    She shoved the last of her Cotten candy in her mouth the putting the wrapper in the trash can. Wiping her cold wet hands over her shorts she walked towards the ring toss. She was good at this game and with the prize being a gold fish she was more then happy to play. Harlow greeted the older lady running the stall with a smile.  “ Hello love. Would you like to try your hand at winning a lovely gold fish?” The lady asked. Harlow smiled nodding her head. Again she wiped her hands off on her shorts before taking the rings the lady held out to her. Taking a deep breath Harlow focused on the first ring in front of her. She gently tossed the ring watching as it spun around the pole making its way down. “ One down love” the lady said with a smile. Harlow grinned as she repeated her throw twice more, each landing neatly around the poles before her. Grinning Harlow clapped her hands together with excitement as the lady handed her a little plastic bag filled with water and one bright orange gold fish. “ Thank you” Harlow said as she walked away watching her new pet swim around inside its bag. 


    Sighing softly Harlow chewed on her lower lip as she looked around for some where to sit down for a moment. After wondering around aimlessly she smiled as she noticed the benches at the end of the pier. Tucking a stray hair behind her ear she sat down on the bench holding the bag with fish up to better look at it. “ Beautiful. You will do well in my little tank” she said to herself. 



  • His lungs twisted inside his chest, burning with the need for oxygen.

    But subconsciously he knew there was none to be found, not where he was at the moment.  Discomfort aside, the body might need air. 

    But he does not.

    So he sinks, and sinks into the growing blackness.  A rock because he wills it so, or perhaps he's just full of water with the hole in his guts.  Maybe he couldn't swim back up if he tried.  

    He opened his eyes, quickly aclimating to the darkness.  There was little for him to see, since everything to him looked pretty much exactly the same.  Dark.  Up was left and right was down as far as he was concerned. 

    One might find a situation like this more than a little disconcerting.. but Dakarai? He was only relieved.  Though he could sense life all around him, and a strange sense of hunger, he didn't think anything below the surface would take even the mildest interest in him.

    He was wrong.

    Feeling.. something coming at him at incredible speeds, his sharp slitted eyes searched the darkness for signs of movement, waiting.  Wondering in part if the Seraphim had decided to follow him down and finish what it's started.  Allowing him to recover and strike again would be incredibly foolish.  

    But they never were very smart.

    He wondered, in the back of his mind whether or not he had enough juice left to fight.  He'd been on the verge of victory, when his brothers pulled a fast one on him.  Striking from behind.  He should have seen it coming..

    Rage filling him yet again, he gaze at his ruined left side; his skin was charred and blackened, peeling off him in flakes.  The burns were nearly everywhere, his arms, half his face, his chest and back and both of his legs.  His clothes were in tattered, charred ruins.  But he was healing with every second.  The round, fist sized hole in his gut though? That would take a little longer for him to heal.

    He could not speak, and he was too exhausted to try reaching out with his mind.  So he continued to wait, and search the darkness.

    And he continued to heal.

  • Keeping a close eye on shark as it finished its meal Harlow whimpered. Poor baby but that was the way the world worked. You eat to survive no matter whether it be people or animals. The water finally started to return to the beautiful blue, the sea life slowly started to come back out of its hiding holes. Smiling Harlow spun around watching the great white dive down deep. She loved sharks, that was the main reason for her choice in career. She reached out mentally wanting to touch the beasts mind but found something she had never come across before. The brainwaves from this shark are far to different to just be a common great white. Frowning she took off following the shark making sure to keep a safe distance and well hidden so hopefully it wouldn’t take note of her. 


    With a strong flick of bright blue tail she swam a little closer to the shark. It took her a few moments to realise just how close to shore they had gotten, frowning to herself she slowed her paces as she watched the sharks form slowly change. Wide eye she watched as the tail reformed into two long strong legs. “ What the fuck” she muttered to herself shaking her head she quickened her pace back towards the shoreline and home. She pushed herself up right quickly looking around to make sure she was alone on the beach. Once sure that no one was going to see her she stood up letting the water drip down off her naked form as she walked towards her little cabin. 


    She picked up her clothes as she pushed open the door to her safe haven. Stopping she stood in the doorway looking back at the ocean, her mind wondering back to the shark or man or whatever it was. Never in her life had she come across anything like it, it fascinated her on the deepest level. Sighing she grabbed the towel hanging on the door as she made her way to the bathroom. After a quick shower Harlow throw on a pair of denim shorts and a white lace singlet. Grabbing her phone and wallet she rushed off out the door. 


    The sound of the fun fair could be heard for miles and there was no way in hell Harlow was missing out on it. This would be the first year she had been home while the fair was on, normally she would be on a boat out in deep water studying the breeding habits of great whites but this year it had been put on hold by government officials. Harlow smiled as she stood looking around her at the full car park and hoards of people, never had it been this busy or packed before. Kids of all ages rushing past her laughing and smiling as the chased each other. Out the corner of her eye she court a glimpse of the male she had encountered early, the very male who had been a shark but a few moments ago. “ My god” she said as she stood staring in his direction. 


    Biting her lip she looked down at her feet, a stain of red covering her cheeks. “Dammit Har stop looking” she snapped at herself. 


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