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She was born in a land of ice and snow, on the coast of Alaska. Mountains, forest and the aurora lights were the back drop of her childhood while the dark, reflective ocean was the fore front of her childhood. Kalia was blessed to be the daughter of Tapasuma, a inuit diety of reincarnation and the ocean. Yet, Kalia learned at a very young age that every blessing is just a curse in disguise. Being the decendent of a death goddess meant seeing ghosts.

And these ghosts often brought nightmares and dark whispers with them.

She'd often find herself staring out her bedroom window, to the forest, staring at the shadows. They'd whisper for her to come out and play.
The only thing holding her back from wandering into the forest was Kalia's older half siter, Katsuka. 

Katsuka was the voice of reason growing up. She pushed Kalia to be perfect, in order to avoid harsh feedback from their parents. She taught Kalia everything that Kalia knows, and was considered the golden child of the family. She often took charge of every situation. Whenever Kalia was in trouble, Katsuka would shape shift into Kalia's form, and take Kalia's punishment. Then she would throw it in Kalia's face that Kalia didn't listen to her.

But one day, on Kalia's 15th birthday, Katsuka listened to Kalia. "We can go to the forest. I know how badly you want to see what's out there. We'll have to sneak out at night though. Mom would be mad if she knew what was happening." Kalia was excited and so hopeful that she could help put the spirits to peace in the forest.

The night came. Kalia and Katsuka wandered in the forest, chasing spirits all night long. Finally, they realized a storm was coming. On their way back, they slipped into a ravine, but found shelter in a cave.

Two weeks passed. The storm raged on and on.

Katsuka was seriously injured. All the shapeshifting powers Katsuka had were pretty much useless, as she was injured in the fall.

As soon as Kalia saw Katsuka injured, she realized that Katsuka wouldn't live long. And Kalia thought she would die too, without food, and doubted that her parents would find them out in the ravine. 

The spirits started to whisper to her. Kalia didn't want to die. She didn't want to be a spirit in the forest.

When Katsuka finally shuddered a horrible, dying breath, Kalia felt overwhelmed. She was so hungry, so cold, and so scared.

Two weeks, with no sun. Two weeks, with no food. Two weeks, and it was a miracle she hadn't freezed to death. Two weeks of the ghosts.

She gave into what the spirits were saying to her, and finally, devoured Katsuka's flesh.

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After Kalia was found, she was resented by Katsuka's mother, Sedna. Sedna ended up sexually abusing Kalia, until Katsuka/Kalia's father, Shachigo, took Kalia to Japan to train as a Shinto Gate Gaurd- with her being half yokai. She quit her training 3 months before graduating, and instead, decided to pursue her art and travel the world.


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Kalia is often described as a kindred spirit and the life of a party. She likes being the center of attention, as it validates her. (Plus, she's a saggitarious, so it makes sense.) 

While she tends to go with the flow, making her seem as a flexible, inside she is a very anxious and sensitive person. Kalia needs a safety net, which has proved to be her family, over and over again. Her co dependency on her family has ruined many relationships outside of it.

Her anxiety - which stems from the need to impress those around her in order to keep them in her life - has left her to be a perfectionist and clean freak. Her outfits are often planned ahead, room kept tidy, and workspace kept confined. There are many times where she gets frustrated with an art piece and ends up scrapping it until she gets it perfect. Because she takes first impressions seriously, it is hard to change her percepetion of a person.



𝐌𝐎𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐑  — ❝ Tapasuma ❞
𝐒𝐈𝐁𝐋𝐈𝐍𝐆  — ❝ Katsuka 

𝐌𝐎𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐑  — ❝ Sedna
𝐅𝐀𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐑  — ❝ Shachigo ❞



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    Storms were nothing new, he lived through more of those than he knew how to count. Strangely enough, the presence of one didn’t deter him much, despite the fact one separated him from his long-lost pod. Hurricanes often gave him a rare opportunity: To venture further on land with a low risk of being seen since humans would seek shelter. The only issue that worried him was being struck by lightning.

    Having followed this particular storm for miles on end, the waters became increasingly shallow as it made landfall, which wouldn’t be a very pleasant experience for the local population. It didn’t take him long to catch up and approach the coastline ahead, which was already getting ravaged by rough waves and violent wind, no beach goers to be weary of. The only concern was that one house just a short distance away.

    Amongst the crashing waves, spinal fins would stick up, along with armored, azure scales. Slowly but surely, the aquatic reptile made his way ashore, now walking on all fours since the waters were far too shallow by this point. It wouldn't take long for Tempest to haul himself onto land, where his trek would lead him towards the house.

    To check for any human presence, a series of clicks parted from his maw. When the soundwaves bounced off the surfaces of that same home, all he could sense was- an animal? A large one from what it sounded like. If that wasn’t strange enough already, the roaring made him snap his gaze towards where it came from.

    Being much, much larger in size, the sea drake found himself gazing down. Why this creature didn't flee from his presence was beyond his guess. Believing it to be nothing more than another poor mammal to prey on, the corners of his maw curved upward, forming a toothy grin right back at her. 

    Both for amusement and because he enjoyed making a potential flee for their lives, his jaws split apart to release a loud, quaking roar, which drowned out the sounds of wind. With how intense it was, the windows on her house cracked until the young drake was finished. Upon doing so, he began stepping towards her direction, only to gradually speed up into a charge.

    If the female didn't act quickly, she was either about to be rag-dolled or become a chew toy.

  • Like the page, let me know if you'd be interested in writing together sometime and we can plot something out!

  • I'm gonna put most of my old threads on pause. Thank you for your patience. I'm writing Kalia in private messages.

  • Although there was a crisp chill hovering within the forest as they walked, Roman did not seem to be bothered by it. He wasn't exactly dressed for cool weather and he certainly did not enjoy the cold, but he was focusing the majority of his attention into remaining on high alert. If the past few years have taught him anything, it's that underestimating others was his weakness. He'd be damned if he let something like that happen again.

    Roman blinks slowly at Mouse's words and turns his head to look at her. A gradual sombre frown takes over his features as he digs a hand into his pocket and retrieves a cellphone. He mindlessly scrolls through the device, speaking softly, "now that you mention it... I do have three other dates scheduled in today," he pauses, looking up at the forest ahead before snapping his gaze back at Mouse, "how long do you think this will take?" His smirk and a playful glint in his eyes is the only indicator he gives to show that he is joking.

    Roman tucks the phone away and continues forward.

    The fog turns denser with each step. No matter how hard Roman squints he can't manage to see much further. In search for the comfort of being able to identify his surroundings, Roman reaches his energy out into the forest around him. There's not much to find other than Mouse's spiking paranoia at his side - now closer than it was a little while back.

    "Witches burn easy."

    Roman turns toward the whisper, eyes settling on Mouse alongside him. He stops to turn around in search of an owner to the voice only to find more trees and fog. Laughter breaks out among the trees, and Roman crosses his arms over his chest as his curiosity grows. He does little else before a hand snakes onto his shoulder. Without flinching, he cranes his neck to peer over his shoulder at the fae who'd emerged from the fog suddenly. Contrary to Mouse's flaring anger, Roman is exploding with colours of fascination. He smiles at the fae in a warm manner.

    "Yo!" Roman calls.

  • Hi, thank you for the request. If you'd like to write sometime let me know, we can plot something out.

  • Noita was greeted by the women, who bowed to her even in the thick, suffocating fog. Dolai stood beside them, invisible behind the dense mist, her white chiton fading into the surroundings. "We will have to sneak her through Athens, to the ports," she said, almost darkly, knowing the risk. "I will go, but we will need more than just I."

    "I volunteer as well," a blonde woman by the name of Ariadne spoke up. Dolai nodded, scanning the murky silhouettes for anyone else. Was there an extra person? She squinted, before shaking her head, dismissing the thought. She could hardly see, and it wasn't far fetched that one of the members had brought another. 

    "I suggest two more come with," Dolai said. "In two nights, there will be a ship leaving for Knossos on the isle of Crete. We should depart a day before. As far as a meeting place…" Her words tapered off as she looked to Noita.

  • Noita's humorous comment about learning witchcraft a few years ago did not go unnoticed. For a god or an archfey, years flew by in what felt like weeks. Maleficent did not pay much attention to time. She stopped counting the years centuries ago. The old bird probably did not even know how old she was. For someone who no longer aged, there was no point. The sorceress kept her eyes on her new acquaintance as Hades smiled at her. He enjoyed her company immensely and she was a friend he had not seen in ages. Maleficent assumed the underworld could be rather lonely at times. Persephone was unpleasant company and the majority of his pets did not exactly provide any meaningful conversation. This one was different. Noita was not created for the sole purpose of serving Hades. She had her own life before it was tragically cut short.

    Hermes, the name sounded familiar. Maleficent had met a few gods over the years, but Hades was by far her favorite. Was Noita human before her untimely death? The question crossed her mind as she listened quietly sipping from her glass of wine. The so called Mistress of All Evil did not teach. She felt it was a waste of her time. Helping others was something she did on rare occasion. Maleficent had to benefit in some way.

    "An accident? How did you die?"

    Naturally Maleficent wanted to know how Noita had suffered. Causing pain and suffering was what the elder fey lived for. She was not driven by power like other sorcerers. Maleficent only wanted to watch the world burn. Hades enjoyed watching her work. Many of the souls he received had the unfortunate pleasure of crossing paths with the dragon lady. When Noita mentioned the fey folk, Maleficent scoffed. The fey were weak. They exiled her many centuries ago. Part of her exile involved the removal of her wings - the only thing she had in common with the others.

    "I was exiled from the fey realm a long time ago." She placed her glass of wine on the table and took a few steps forward. "Black magic mostly. I enjoy curses." Maleficent was known for her curses. Killing someone she disliked was easy enough - too easy. What she wanted was to make them suffer. A curse could create years of pain.

    "What is it you desire to learn?"

    She could always use an assistant.
  • “Predominantly the whole of Greece, a bit in Persia still...and I’m working on getting out into Egypt,” Dolai told her, bringing Noita closer to the crafting table, the aroma of herbs becoming nearly overpowering. “I could definitely use assistance in expanding my little empire…” Her words tapered off at the mention of Hekate.

    “I don’t see why we couldn’t,” she said. In reality, it was Hekate who had given her all of this. The vineyards, the land, wealth, status and even her connections. Without Hekate, she wasn’t quite sure how she would be surviving in Athens. “There are many products that I offer, you’ll need to learn about each one.”

  • The way Roman fidgets with the flower crown perched on his head may give off the impression that he is nervous. He flattens a few petals as the corner of his mouth lifts into an absentminded smile. "Not really," Roman responds when Mouse asks if he were sizing her up, "I am happy to know that you will try to behave, though." In truth, it is Roman who is doing most of the behaving. At times it can be quite the trying effort for him to keep the need to cause trouble at bay. Thankfully, he is rather calm today and is content to simply enjoy Mouse's company.

    "A rollercoaster?" He asks. His tone reflects both surprise and intrigue. While he sorts through his memory and established past relationships with people, Roman's nose scrunches up and his brows pinch down. After a short while, he shrugs and refocuses his attention to Mouse. "Not really," he answers, "I'm usually called much worse." Whether that is true or not, he doesn't appear to be very bothered by it. As Mouse shifts closer to Roman, he straightens up like her close proximity caused him to become tense. He frowns while she looks him up and down; he returns the favour.

    I'm not scared of rollercoasters, though. Of course, Roman couldn't help but smile.

    Wordlessly, Roman follows Mouse's lead toward the entranceway with his arms neatly folded in front of his chest. He's a little out of his element here and decides his best bet is to play it safe and not get too involved. Although he doesn't understand what Mouse is softly muttering to herself as she examines the entranceway, he does enjoy watching her. He notes the way her fingers reach out to delicately run over the stone, the furrow in her brows as confusion melts into her aura and the way her lips sit as she hums quietly to herself. 

    Mouse reaches her eureka moment and Roman's arms untangle themselves as he steps forward to catch a better glimpse of the runes that run deep into the stone. Yet when blood is mentioned, Roman raises a single brow and shifts his gaze toward Mouse just as she is drawing out a small pocket knife. It is no surprise that he doesn't flinch while watching the blade cut into flesh to draw blood. Then that blood meets the runes which Roman had been examining earlier and the entranceway hums to life. Surprised that it has actually worked, Roman takes a step back in order to get a better overall picture. "You know," he starts, placing his hands on his hips, "you're one weird chick." He turns away from the entranceway to acknowledge Mouse, but his playful expression drops at the sight of her. "Are you okay?" Roman asks, half-heartedly lifting one hand away from his hip as if he were going to reach out to her but thought better of it midway through.

    A light smile rests on his face as Mouse explains her rules for Roman in regard to what awaits on the other side of the portal. Although he's heard small tales here and there, Roman is far from being well-informed about fae. It's a good thing he hadn't decided to go looking for them on his own during his time here in Ireland. He nods as she finishes her explanation, "no worries, I'm not about to risk a free coffee from a pretty girl on a dance or a snack." Naturally, he follows her in.


    As if he were mimicking Mouse, Roman shivers as they cross onto the other side. He stares forward into the mist that shrouds the forest but he fails to see much further than a few feet in front of himself. Perhaps if Roman were a vampire or some other kind of nasty creature with super eyesight this would be less of a problem. A small laugh that sounds more like a sigh escapes Roman. "If you're brave enough for a rollercoaster, I'm sure you'll be fine," he says. In all honesty, the atmosphere here makes Roman feel tense. Unfamiliar realms have always bothered him simply because something bad generally ends up happening.

    Roman moves a little closer to his company as she begins to perform what he can only assume is a ritual of some kind. He looks interested - eyes wide, expression soft and an obvious sign of curiosity sparkling in his aura. The second time around that Roman experiences this surge of power from Mouse, his eyes lift away from her and out to the red string disappearing into the forest. His interest in it doesn't last long, however, because he is quickly looking back at Mouse again.

    That's true. It's honestly a little difficult to be shocked when you're literally an abomination. Roman blinks slowly. Now probably is not the best time to be bringing up the fact that he's a cambion. An unconvincing smile is drawn onto Roman's face while his eyes drift to the left, and slightly down. "Yeah... well," he drags out, "I'm no ordinary guy?" his tone lifts at the end making this statement sound more like a question. "Or something like that," he adds like an afterthought. "Nevermind that, we can talk later. How about we save your go- err, Jack? ... first."

  • Continuing with her zone out, Alice even took to closing her eyes so she took no part in staring at the homes in from of her while others on top and bottom deck bustled to and hummed their richly approval of the home. Some argued the same thing that Alice did, that she would not want to be stared at as though she were apart of the decore of the home as tourists day in and day out went by without a miss each time. New faces, more gawking. How could the people in their homes live like this? Alice could never grasp it. She felt an inch though, for something more than this humdrum boat. It was not passion, not even a little. Not the man that she left at home who had likely left several messages for her sudden disappearance. She had things that she needed to figure out before she could even try to touch on how to handle that. 

    Bastet, who had thankfully grown tired after Alice's many dismissals of the woman seemed to perk up, alert herself so greatly that Alice could feel it straining the boundaries of her mind. "Aye, lass, what the--"

    Be still. The goddess whispered, as though making herself seem smaller. Attention has been drawn to us. 

    Alice clocked her eyes from side to side as though she could see it. "Who?"

    Someone as powerful, if not more than I in my weak state.

    So what, Alice inquired, are we going to do about it?

    Bastet thought to herself, somewhere separate from Alice's own mind that she could not access. I could--


    You would be so stubborn as to not let me out to help? It might be as simple as a talk. These are the gods' lands. I have not been here in eons, they must have questions or hate me altogether. I can speak--


    The cat ruffled in her brain, she could feel the soft prick of claws as she did it. You are a stubborn human child. Very well then. Let us see how you handle this, darling.

    Alice waited for her to rebuttal, to say something. Insult her. She even tried to look into her own head but was only given the visual of a cat with an opal blue eye half-open with its silky black coats shimmery in a gold pearlescent. The more Alice stared the more Bast ignored. Alice decided to leave it then. She felt nothing of this so-called presence and it no longer became a worry.

    "Our houses here I believe run somewhere in the five-hundred thousand range! Don't let that stir you away!" The tour guide said into her headset. "Rental properties are far less, yet with all the cultural luxuries as the homes have! Our hotel is one of them! You will see many similarities of the homes here compared to it! If you act fast this home at the end here can be upgraded to for an easy five hundred-whoa!"

    The entire boat rocked. This thing was far too big to be rocked by something as easy as a heavy wave hitting current. Something provoked it. And when Alice looked down at the water to see it stirring, to see... were those fucking--?! "Bastet what is this?!" Alice shouted as people clambered up to the top to get away from the oncoming crocs. Oh, Alice didn't want anything to do with this shit! Who was she assume the fucking river god or water whatever would be here? Or was it just fucking crocs? "Bastet!"

    You pine now? She purred, then giggled in her own way, you refused my help.

    What is this?!

    A challenge. There was something like excitement inside that hiss of the word that made even Alice's core tingle with it. A fight? With her? Or with the Goddess. Did that matter?

    || "Who can challenge me in a friendly match? I've been bored."

    Oh. Oh, a true challenge. Perhaps that itch that Alice had been hoping to get scratched.  

    With the top of the boat now scrambling and no room to move Alice had to take up what next she could. And yes, the people screamed when she jumped up on the rail of the boat, turned, then let go only at a split second to grab the bottom rail and swing herself onto the deck of the lower level which was now crawling with leather crocs and the man who did not look far in between of becoming one.

    "Friendly," the Irishwoman said as she crouched just a little. She had no weapons, not even her trusty boots with her famed knife in it. Instead, she had herself, but that adrenaline that started pumping and making her shakey with it made her feel like a one-man team. "Ya don' make et seem that way but I'll take it, lad."

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