ℌ𝔬𝔯𝔱𝔢𝔫𝔠𝔦𝔞 "ℌ𝔞𝔱𝔱𝔦𝔢" ℜ𝔬𝔰𝔢𝔫𝔟𝔢𝔯𝔤

Hattie Rosenberg

Qualified Bartender, ex-Butterfly and Secretary.

Taken under wing by Frank Castle  


FaceClaim: Barbara Palvin




𝔐𝔦𝔫𝔢𝔯𝔳𝔞 "𝔐𝔦𝔫𝔦" 𝔈𝔩𝔪𝔢𝔯𝔰 


Dr. Minerva Elmers.

Qualified Pediatrician, Psychologist and General Practictioner. 

 Bound by heart to Negan Morgan

Broken into submission to Mac


 Child/ren - Eliana Morgan

Currently pregnant




FaceClaim: Candice Swanepoel










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  • U p d a t e : 

    Walking a thin ass line right about now. My sleep patterns are whack, I don't sleep enough and I'm really suffering for it. I have backed up replies, I see this, but if you could be patient that'd be great. I will get to them as soon as I've taken enough mental health days to recover. 

    I'm sorry if this inconveniences anyone, but my health comes first. Always. 

  • :: Licks, Nuzzles, & purss as Riptor says "hello, long time no see" in so many words with her affectionate actions. Like that of a puppy or kitten :: <3

  • (All these gifts. The magical items.  They are things her mother did for her girlfriend slash wifey poo. Blaire wanted to do something Nice for Mini. So she used the spells her mother taught her and made some stuff for her.  The chocolate and money was something she acquired  hands on without spellcraft involved.  Though there was a fair about of blood and screaming when she got the money. Heheh Anyhow. Blaire just wants to help Mini out. Offer female companionship for when she needs a little "girl time" or break from the Guys. If the other wives don't like her. Least she knows one of Negan's other children don't hate her guts or mind being friends with her. :p


    Talk with ya later. If you are still playing Maddy or whoever. We can take the storyline with Kai and alter it if you want. To continue the  story with Maddy  and Damien or one of the Degans.  If you still play her. If not. No worries.

    I am also perfectly fine if you just want to continue the Adventures of Blaire and Mini and see how far down the rabbit hole goes )

  • The following day if she went outside, she might be alarmed to see a hyena waiting for her outside the house. It wasn't your normal one either. This one was all black with red spots. A variation of the brown spotted hyena. Course it was because it was a hybrid demon hyena she made from crossing a normal hyena with a Hellhound.  Part of her playing Dr. Frankenstein or Moreua, the island guy with the animal like human things. 

    Around the next of three creature was a mini mail box letter box type thing. The name" Blaire Morgan, the Sexy Bitch Degan."

    Was written on the mini mobile mailbox. Apparently she forgot to think how to have Mini respond since she didn't really have a place of her home. Not per say homeless just that she didn't need one since all her belongings she just kept in a storage shed at her mother's condo and often lived there. In a way.  Hotels and motels she would crash at though as a demon, part demon. She didn't need things like sleep, oxygen, food, water, or a roof over her head. So having a stationary home felt unseeded. 

    She thought  about a cellphone bit really had no real friends to call. Sure she was a social butterfly. She crashed college parties and went to clubs and party circuits but she didn't have any "real friends." Namely cause she didn't find any humans "worth a damn". But Mini. Well she was someone who was important to her father. At least. That was the assumption she got from him. Just like Mia was important, her own mom, who Negan called Zozo, for some reason.  Turns out Zozo is a real demon, one who haunts Ouija boards. Is evil. And Fucks with people. Pretty much her mother's semi defining character traits. 

    There was a reason Blaire's mother chose Negan to be her baby daddy and it wasn't cause he was a walking ray of sunshine. She was every bit a cruel and sadistic as he was. Yet just like him. She was cabable of love and loving those she cared for. Just as Negan is with those he cares about. Course if anyone met them side by side. They would see many similarities between the two that it would become fairly obvious to anyone. Why those two "hooked up."

    Blaire was very much like her mother compared to the rest of her sisters. Her brother was mostly a chip of the old block and was almost a Negan Junior. In how he dressed and behaved. Though unlike father, Damien didn't care to have a group of "minions" following his orders and living like a King. He was just fine being a contract killer and killing people for money. And seducing women when the mood strikes.  He could be a momma's boy at times. Only in the sense that he loved his mother dearly and pretty much always did anything she asked of him. Though to be honest, most of her kids did since she did not ask for much from her children and hardly asked them for anything they wouldn't normally do themselves , anyway.

    In any case. Blaire was a mini Degan=  A Demon Negan. And a mini Zura aka Zozo.  Since Mini has children with Negan. That meant those offspring were her half siblings on the father side. So one reason why she reached out to Mini, was to get to know her "future " siblings. When they were all Grown up of course and able to "get into fun trouble."


    The other reason was she felt like she could do with a few Gal pals and why not pick one of Negan's flames to start with.  After all, since they could put up with Negan and his ways. Blaire figures Negan's baby mommas might be able to put up with her as well. Since she did act like him at times. Other times, she was a carbon copy of her psychopathic mother.  A reallllll head Case they both were.  

    So Blaire sent her pet to Minerva to pick up any letters she might have written back. Their was another gift waiting for Minerva as well. A duffle bag. Which had a burner phone she could use to call Blaire, if she so choose, already programmed in. It was labeled as "The Blaire Bitch" in the contacts.  Aside from the burner. There was a couple Gs in the bag. Couple thousand dollars. Little speckle of blood was on the bag. One could guess a duffle bag full of money and a burner phone, often  meant it wasn't obtained in any legal form.  Beside the phone and money was some baby clothes  and kids clothes with a note. 

    " Magic clothes. These clothes are made so as a baby grows, they grow also.  So you don't have to worry about constantly buying baby clothes if they change sizes a lot. The same goes for the children's clothes as well. Bonus. I made them stain and tear proof. No need to worry about getting blood stains or zombie brain matter, or other stains, out of the clothes and no worries about the clothings getting full of holes and ripping from wear and tear.  Along with the diapers and the money. You can totally ask how I got it. It involves myself getting "captured " by human sex traffickers  and later making them "puppy chow" for my fur baby I sent to you. You should have heard those screams. Ahhh. Music to my ears. Anyhow.  These items should help with your current offspring and any future ones you may have. I know daddy isn't the overly romantic and affectionate type but I know he cares and it's best baby stuff like this is done by a woman anyhow. Cause let's be honest. Most men are clues when dealing with babies and kids. The mechanics of it. More or less.  Us moms Gotta stick together. Course my children are more of the fur legged, furry variety. Which is just how I like my children.  Anyhow call me anytime. Day or night. My baby won't harm you so don't be afraid of her. She is a mommy too. Pregnant right now matter of fact. Once you are done giving any mail to her. Just pet her on the head and say "run on home" and she will.


    Our first and last meeting was cut short but hope to see you again in person. If you are not scared of hanging around a demon that is. Half demon. I would like use to be friends or something.  Enjoy the gifts. Hope they come in handy. If you like the chocolates. I'll be sure to send more. I dunno what your plans are for baby formula and baby prenatal stuff and vitamins and all that "food stuff." So I stuck to what I know. Magical clothing and one magical drink.  If you need anything. Just holler."


    Love, your (insert word here), Blaire Morgan. 


  • Owing~


  • 317840166?profile=RESIZE_710x-Uff.-

    "See? You do enjoy my company, ya fuckin' bitch."
    Mac often tended to ignore her visual distate for him. Especially since he can get her screaming like a banshee and it makes her loathe the junkie even more. The one thing the Morgan clan had in common, is the men can read people well. That and body language doesn't lie.

    "Aye; You ever find out the gender or what?" Mac was genuinely curious. It was his first offspring.. He should know some shit, he supposed.

  • 4102750?profile=RESIZE_710xNegan watched as she nearly walked away. She clearly was upset. And if Kitten was upset, then he was too. "Wait..." Negan called out. Praying to grab her attention once again. Fuckin' Mac. He oughta kill the bastard, if he wasn't his fuckin' blood relation. "Um.... It's not safe for you to be out there all alone.. And Ell misses her mother... Maybe um... Maybe we can work it out.." Negan softened whenever he saw her.

    He wasn't about to let Mac win in this situation. That guy was a methhead. And a very good one at that. A thought, albiet fleeting but it made sense. Maybe she could have the baby and let someone else raise it. And then, Kitten and himself can get started on something better. A new chapter. "Baby, come back. Talk to me..." Negan pursued further.


  • About a week or two later. A basket would arrive at Minerva's home. Inside was some delicious chocolates and 3 very special items. One was a package of Leak Proof, Milk Absorptive bras. Specially design to recent any leakage and absorb any milk leaks. The other was a bottle of Rose' that was labeled. "Baby safe."  The third was a package of self cleaning diapers. Yup you read the label correctly.

    Inside was a note that read. 

    "Heyyyyyy gurrrlllllfriennnnd. Thought I send you a gift.  When my mom got her girlfriend, fiancé, wifey, her main squeeze, whatever that relationship is set as. When mother got her female lover pregnant. She made some special items for her. There is even some special underwear that stops periods and absorbs all blood flow during "Shark week." But thought that might be too weird for you. 

    So instead. I gave you something else she made. Well all these items I made myself. I just used my mother's recipes, spellcraft type recipes.  To make this for you. One is a special bra that prevents all leakage so no need to worry about ruining your favorite blouse or having big wet marks on your boobs on your shirt when out in public. It absorbs all milk so they won't feel wet and soggy on you. Next we got self cleaning diapers. A godsend for any parent.  These magic diapers clean themselves and can be resusesble.  So no need to worry about going through tons of diapers. Course you still gotta wipe the baby. Can't do everything for you. Though I'm sure mother has a spell for baby cleaning duty. Hehe Duty dooty. Hehe. Last but not least.  Baby safe alcohol. Cause mom knew how many women love to drink and how many hate that they gotta go 9 months sober for fear of birth defects from alcohols , drugs, tabaccoo, etc.  So she made some special liquor, some nice wine that a woman can drink without causing any damage or defects to the growing fetus inside a woman.

    It's going to be a big hit once she gets FDA approval or murders someone to get the patent done and have it ready for wholesale.  Satan only knows how many pregnant moms wish they could have a stiff drink while preggers. It is also good post pregnancy for those who are breastfeeding and don't want to have to go even longer without a drink. These items are part of my baby gift shower to you.

    A bit early but I know a pregnant woman when I smell one.  I can smell you over daddy. I mean. I can smell your scent all over him. On him. Pretty much like all his other ladies. It is how Mom knows of her human lover, not daddy, but her other one, is sleeping around or not.  Incase you was wondering how I know what you was smelling like. Not that I was stalking you outside the house or smelling your laundry like some creepy weirdo. 

    Demon sense of smell, well our demon sense of smell, is very strong. Like a dogs but better. Least in my case and few of my family members. So since I know you are busy and all. I wanted to send you this gift card basket and hope you like it. It is not easy making these magical items I can tell you that but I am the most gifted one in the family when it comes to spellcraft. Anyhow. I think of you as a special friend and wanted to show how much I care and was thinking of you. Father says I need to make some lady friends as he doesn't like me hanging around guys. Unless they are gay AF. Currently trying to find a GBF, like the movie. With those girls trying to get their hands on their own gay best friend.  So anyhow, homegurl. Hope you like my gifts. "

    Much love, your girl Friday. 
    Blaire Morgan



  • Frank could feel like they were drifting apart. She was used to the adrenaline, the adventure. They were supposed to go on this flight to balmy islands and instead, he wound up keeping her cooped up and he didn't take her into consideration. Which was unusual for him. Holding her tight, his large paw cradled the small of her back. The other holding her jaw slightly as he pressed his lips to hers.


    "Tonight's all about you. I promise. You can hold onto my cell, k?" Castle had nothing to hide. And she was the very small select few that he trusted. He had to prove himself to her that he could still be her good man. He didn't want to be in control of his cell knowing that if it was on his person, he'd sure enough answer it. It was nice knowing that he could feel this way for a change. Whatever she wanted... Hattie was going to get. "What do you want, Butterfly? Anything in the world... Within my means obviously.." 

  • - Believe me, I fuckin' know.;) 

    A chuckle snorted from the methheads throat as he watched her pout. Well wouldya lookit that...
    She doesn't like bein' told what to do.. Tough titty, Mac thought.
    Yanking her back toward him, her svelte frame flush against his torso, he tucked her in close.
    A sharp inhale and a sigh of contentment rolled along the curve of her neck. 
    "Come on, baby. You know ol' Mac hates it when you tease like that.. You think Negan's really gonna wantchu back? You're fuckin' knocked up. You'll be crawling back to me before you fuckin' know it. And between you and me... You like the shit I dish out. Don't fuckin' think for a split second, I ain't got no idea. You don't wanna admit it.. But you're sweet on me."


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