ℌ𝔬𝔯𝔱𝔢𝔫𝔠𝔦𝔞 "ℌ𝔞𝔱𝔱𝔦𝔢" ℜ𝔬𝔰𝔢𝔫𝔟𝔢𝔯𝔤

Full name: Hortencia "Hattie" Rosenberg

Nickname/s: Rosie, Rose, Swallowtail (the Butterfly Lounge)

Age: 30

Date of Birth: March 29, 1989

Place of Birth: Jacksonville, Florida

Current Residence: Hell's Kitchen, New York

Eye color: Hazelnut brown w/flecks of sky blue

Hair color: Chocolate brown

Height: 5’10

Weight: 148lbs

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Romantic Interests: Frank Castle (aka the Punisher)

Relationship Status: Taken

Child/ren: None

Build: Slender w/ample curves in all the right places

Complexion: Lightly tanned, barely visible smattering of freckles

Distinguishing features: Sculpted eyebrows, sharp cheekbones,  full lips and deep Cupid’s bow

Favorite color: Pearlescent sky blue

Least favorite color: Rose gold

Favorite music: Indie/Rock alternative and covers

Food: Anything healthy; salads, fresh fruit and vegetables, homemade dips and fruit infused water 

Drinks: Smoothies, Mudshakes, Water, Whiskey

Literature: Anything pertaining to world mythology

Mode of Transportation: 2016 Kia Sportage, midnight blue with advanced Sky technologies

Habits: Biting her lip, picking at her fingernails, stubbing her toes.

Hobbies: Carnivals, spectating ice hockey games.

Education: Kindergarten and middle school, high school and a half-year of freshman college

Religion: Agnostic

Finances: A dead end job that provides no real enjoyment

Childhood: to be added!!


FaceClaim: Barbara Palvin



𝔐𝔦𝔫𝔢𝔯𝔳𝔞 "𝔐𝔦𝔫𝔦" 𝔈𝔩𝔪𝔢𝔯𝔰 

Full name: Minerva "Mini" Elmers

Nickname/s: Mini, Kitten (Negan), Cunt (Mac), Doc

Age: 29

Date of Birth: September 19, 1990

Place of Birth: -

Current Residence: Undecided

Eye color: Powder blue w/ flecks of silver

Hair color: Natural blonde

Height: 5’10

Weight: 152lbs

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Romantic Interests: Negan Morgan (married-ish) & Negan's cousin, Mac

Relationship Status: War of two worlds - complicated

Child/ren: Two; 3 year old Eliana (Negan's spawn) & Unborn child (Mac's spawn)

Build: Willowy, whimsical, athletic toned legs, full breasts, narrowed waistline, currently pregnant

Complexion: Pale, scarred in some places, otherwise untouched

Distinguishing features: Oval face, striking eyes, high cheekbones, soft jawline

Favorite color: Purple and green

Least favorite color: Black

Favorite music: Anything that helps her to chill out

Food: Anything - no allergies known

Drinks: Water, tea - herbal, coffee - lattes mostly, no alcohol

Literature: Mostly medical volumes and encyclopedias

Mode of Transportation: N/A

Habits: Clumsy - sometimes, sassy mouthed and a bratty attitude

Hobbies: Reading to her daughter, Eliana

Education: Kindergarten through to college, then medical school to become a doctor

Religion: N/A

Occupation: Medical professional all-rounder

Childhood: to be added!!


FaceClaim: Candice Swanepoel






𝔒𝔱𝔥𝔢𝔯 𝔄𝔳𝔞𝔦𝔩𝔞𝔟𝔩𝔢 ℭ𝔥𝔞𝔯𝔞𝔠𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔰 

▸ Experiment RX#39
Genetically mutated Indoraptor shapeshifter
Age: unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Obtained from 'the Island'
Currently being held in a secured facility

latest?cb=20181112061330&profile=RESIZE_710x▸ Emily
Self-Resurrecting "Immortal" Human
Age: 23 (Physically) 56 (Biologically)
Date of Birth: September 9, 1963
NYC Bomb Squad Technician
Current Residence: New York City, New York


latest?cb=20181112061330&profile=RESIZE_710x▸  Madeline Lincoln
Age: 28
Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia
Bartender at the Hellebore Roadhouse
Current Residence: On the open road
3651300006?profile=RESIZE_710xlatest?cb=20181112061330&profile=RESIZE_710x▸ Felkan Bronx
Age: Unknown
Place of Birth: The Moors, England
Animal Caretaker
Current Residence: England



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✓ - Negan Morgan
✿ - Methhead Mac
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✓ - Frank

✓ - Trotsky






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  • Alright, sorry for the absences!

    There's been a lot of really bad bushfires here at the moment and also
    I've been in the process of finding a house with  friend of mine.
    So a teensy weensy bit busy atm. 

    Looks like a lot of people have put threads on hold or something. Mmkay.

  • (Page is looking good)

  • Yes indeed. Let’s do some plotting. Possibly Eretria and Emily? Double E  E & E heheh

    Also feel free to continue the banter with Blaire and Mini if you want. I will be back on Kai pretty soon. Likely after I see the new terminator. If you still wanted to continue that thread or not. No biggie :p

  • 3676870055?profile=RESIZE_710x


    “Hmmm The Degan - Blaire,  forgives you for your absence. As do I. Welcome back. ;) “

  • 270703727?profile=RESIZE_710xThe men that had remained posted outside, had peered over at the little woman with the swelled tummy. Uncertain if this was one of Negan's conquests or otherwise. One Savior had furrowed his brows as he stalked towards the iron clad gates. Rifle laid against his chest as he nodded up at the young blonde. "Yeah? The hell do you want?" He acknowledged the barefoot preggo. Who was she? And she looked like she'd been through hell and back. She appeared exhausted and desperate for food and water. Pulling up his CB, not giving the little woman a chance to answer, he opted to commission Negan's word on the matter. "Hey.. Negs? We've uhh.. Got a situation down here. Over."
    Negan had just finished up playing a Sonic the hedgehog game with Eliana. She'd thrown one of her stuffed toys at him as he chuckled from winning a game when she was supposed to. Fiesty just like her mother, he thought. The CB called for his attention and Negan was quick to chime through. "I'll be down. Five minutes. Over and out." Switching off the radio, he'd kissed Eliana's temple and restarted the game for one player for El then let her be, closing the door behind himself.4103891?profile=RESIZE_710x

    Sauntering down the corridors, he'd finally graced the outdoors with his presence as the tune he had whistled, slowed upon reaching the gate. Arching his brow, a little confused as to what in the living hell had happened to his Mini, but god damn... She looked like shit. Twirling his index in a circle, indicating the gate to roll open, he shook his head. "Jesus...The fuck happened to you? You honestly look like shit thats been dragged through hell and then was spit out back up here to me. What the fuck?" he hadn't noticed her tummy yet, he was a tad busy looking at what the cat dragged in. Lucille was on her perch in his bedroom per the norm lately, and as the gate open, he was quick to usher the little woman in and gesture them back indoors. His hand along the small of her back as he led towards his main room.

  • 3655788698?profile=RESIZE_710xIt felt like moments when he'd disappeared into the kitchen. The little Butterfly was used to adrenaline packed adventures and not playing this house wife game. She was used to something that had excitement and blood and guns and kink. He's heard word about a heist going down in Cuba, if he did his math correctly, these sons of bitches were heading out there in about a week. And leaving in three days, would give them plenty of time to fuck around before they were on the job. She was tough. And it's no wonder why. She had to put up with affluent young self entitled pricks on a nightly basis. All that pent up frustration would no doubt fester until the point of no return. So... Why not train her? 

    And train her he had. She was a curvy, beautiful fighting machine. The odd couple needed to rouse themselves to action once again. He was confident in Hattie's skills, more so that he wanted to bring her along with him on this endeavor. To see the fire behind those limpid pearlescent hues was enough to keep the marine happy, and her not feeling gloomy. Typically he was good at maintaining secrecy but as of late, he was transparent to the Butterfly. Hopefully she wouldn't have been able to tell as to why he sauntered off so quickly.

    "Hattie.."-he called out,-" Did you see where my duffelbag went?" She knew the one. The onyl duffelbag he'd ever owned had his artillery hiding within the confines of the leather bag.

  • You have chosen your fate!

    Now my senpai, let us do the cuddles, eating the popcorn and watching dinosaurs go RAWR RAWR RAWR

  • :: Makes Raptor Mewling noises. ::





  • 3641363650?profile=RESIZE_710x

    Walkers hues looked down towards his wound grinting his teeth at the slight pain before he than looked towards the woman reaching out as if she were wanting to help, Walker slowly reached down lifting the woman securely to her feet before he than spoke out "We will camp out at the cave sides tonight, head back home at day light." With that being said Walker ripped an older black t-shirt of his tying it tightly to secure the wound the his upper right side of chest, but there was no time in cleaning or doing anything at this moment.. what they needed was shelter for the night and away from the major towns and cities.

    An hour or so passed before making it to the cave sides, deep thick forest surrounded them all with a large cave over looking the tree tops miles and miles away from the town and cities they were all just near. The sun lowered slowly into the sky while rain began to pour heavily down upon the forest around them, while they all had settled into the large cave they were going to stay in for the night before heading back out in the morning.. Walker sat down slowly onto the ledge of a rock before un-tying the t-shirt that was applying pressure onto his bullet wound, taking off his layers of clothng along his upper torso Walker sat there letting Jason do his work.. although he wasnt a doctor nor knew anything about the medical field before all of this he spent years preparing himself for if anything as of such happened and anyone needed medical attention. One of the men had given Minerva food, though it wasnt much it sure would give her malnourished frame what it needed and was lacking. The little bag was filled with different types of nuts and seads, along with sun dried fruits & other small things .. though it wasnt a five star meal it would certainly do what was needed until they all had gotten back to camp tomrrow.

    Jason had cauterized the wound with a heated tool to stop the bleeding as well prevent any type of infection from setting in, of course after making sure the bullet did have a clear entrance and wasnt still in within his flesh. It was fucking painful, and any man that tried to play it off being shot wasnt painful nor the cleaning and fixing up afterwards wasnt just as painful was a lying prick of an asshole! Walker didnt make noise other then grint his teeth, his jaw clenched tightly while he sighed heavily shaking his head.. Though this of course hadnt been the first time he'd bee shot of course being Walker was in the marine core and took a couple bullets in his time, it still didnt make this experience any fucking easier. Walkers green blue irses glanced over towards Minerva slowly, he was sure by now she may have been able to feel much better giving her body the rest it needed as well getting some more food and water into her body it was lacking.

  • Opening his hues the sun beamed through the trees, Jason stood watch while Walker and the other four men got some rest for the next few hours being it was much needed on long travels such as these. After collecting their things it wasnt long before they were all back on their feet traveling towards the town just a few miles out from the actually ctiy. For months the others have began wearing thin, becoming scarce being human kind that did survive were in groups hunting back and taking them out one by one.. But of course, it wouldnt be long before the others just sent more down and start all over again.



    Hours passed while the late evening was near, Walker and his group stood inside of the tree line overlooking the town looking through the scopes of there rifles or a pair of binoculars in hand.. They've hadnt had much luck for months in finding much of anyone around, though that was tough for Walker being it wasnt easy just bringing anyone they didnt know in. Soon something could be heard, the shuffleing of feet coming much closer every second that passed.. Walker lifted his binoculars slowly while him and the other men around him armed ready for anything at any moment. Walkers greenish blue irises slowly glanced upon a figure that was alone, lifting his hand for his men to hold their fire he waited and watched carefully. A slightly tall but very thin blonde woman walked slowly down the road, Walkers brows frowned curious as to why in the hell she wasnt armed and ready.. Though she had her protection she seemed exhausted physically, causing her to mentally not be aware of her surroundings like she really should be walking on the road in plan sight for whomever could be out there.

    Walker kept his hand lifted while he closed his fist slowly, his men obviously keeping their guns in hand but not directly aiming them towards the woman. With a slow sigh passing his lips he looked around towards the town, though he wasnt sure it was clear.. he couldnt just let her walk out their becoming whomevers next shooting target. Walker looked towards his men speaking clearly but not to loud "Going out, keep clear." Walker than held his gun lowly incase he needed it, but not high enough to make the woman fearful of him. Soon Minerva would see a large male coming out from the treeline, his one hand still on his gun while the other was held up meaning her no harm.. He was very tall standing at the height of six foot three, with blondeish sandy brown hair and green|blue irises that looked kind but of course strong and powerful in a way. Voice low he glanced around before stopping before the woman, but of course not to close.. "Ma'am, you should really watch being out in the open." Walker lips parted when he spoke, his voice deep coming from within his chest.

    That was when it could be heard, something Walkers heard more times than he could count.. Within these years of the world going to shit and being in the Marine Core it would always be the most distinct sound to his ear drums Click-Click The loading of a firearm BOOM That was when it shot off, Walker ran forward before jumping infront of Minerva before his very large frame took her towards the hot concrete where they had both fallen towards the ground. Minerva would than hear guns going off behind Walker as he covered the woman underneath of him, though he didnt know her she still was a female.. He'd do what he felt was right and protect a woman before himself. Soon the gun fire came to a holt while the only thing that could be heard was his and hers breathing, Walker looked down towards Minerva about to rise off of her before his hues focused on the drops of blood trickling down onto her arm coming from the upper right side of his chest where the bullet had embedded through the flesh of his bed and clean through his chest slightly along the collarbone area "Fuck" Walker cursed under his breath before slowly lifting himself up, a couple of the others laid a few feet behind Walker & Minerva while his men ran out from the treeline quickly knowing Walker had been shot by one of the others. "Walker!" Jason shouted, Jason was Parkers brother .. Parker the one and only women Walker ever loved that had sadly passed away a few year back. His men gathered around while others kept watch, Walker sighed heavily shaking his head "I'm alright! I'm fine" Blood trickled down his navy green jacket while he than looked towards Minerva.

This reply was deleted.

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