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About the Writer (OOC)

Hi, I'm Jaimie, I was Mazikeen but after life got so busy I was unable to remember everything so I am starting over.

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  • "Hello Auntie Maze. What new tricks do you have to teach me today?"




  • Trixie became saddened momentarily, defeated perhaps at hearing Lucifer was not there as he was the only one who could cheer her up and her mother too, or she would like to think he could cheer up Chloe too, especially with today, and what it meant for the Decker family.  The young child seemed grateful however that the woman before her seemed as nice and welcoming as Lucifer was, so she made herself more comfortable if it was possible while speaking a truth in return.  "He cheers me up, I guess.  My Mom is a little sad today, I don't like seeing her like that, and I thought he could cheer up her too."  Rather than think about how Lucifer was not there there, a sweet smile was given to Maze as tiny legs swung back and forth while Trixie sat on that stool.  "I'm Trixie. What's your name?"  If no response would come to Trixie's words just moments ago about her Mom, and why she was here, Chloe Decker and Daniel Espinoza's daughter continued a conversation with the woman, asking her own questions too while sitting there without a care in the world, the young child feeling at home wherever she ended up, it seemed.

    Thankfully she was with Lucifer, or at Lucifer's establishment rather, otherwise who knows what could have happened to the little one, if she had decided to go anywhere else, meaning if she, or they had never met Lucifer.  That not on Trixie's mind clearly, the worry plus more that her parents felt currently (though it definitely on Chloe's and now Dan's, the mother of his child having filled him in, the two of them now out there looking for their daughter, and or on their way to her, if the off-chance she would end up somewhere else if Lux happened to not be enough for Trixie, and they should receive another UBER alert).  Falling silent then, the little one prepared to hear Mazikeen's response once more and whatever else came her way.  Smiling happily on occasion to her new friend.

    Twenty minutes to half an hour it would take for Chloe Decker to arrive at Lux, Dan Espinoza not too far behind.  Rather than wait on him however, the blonde's vehicle soon slowed down before it came to a complete stop and was parked in front of the Lux establishment.  Following the engine of it stilled, and her seat belt removed, the woman opened that car door hurriedly climbing on out, closing and locking the vehicle behind her without looking back once.

    Light though hurried footsteps carried the good off duty detective off of the sidewalk and into Lux's front doors, which from there she slowly made her way towards Lux's main area, the dance and bar scene where Trixie would be with a woman Chloe had never met before.  The two had not seen her yet though as Chloe was not even close yet, nor had she been sensed as far as she knew, so it was Trixie and Mazikeen still having their conversation and moment perhaps.

  • [Lux will do just fine. Due to Lucifer’s presence there and not to mention almost the central area of activity Mephistopheles could be drawn to it. I like it.]

  • My darling Mazikeen, so glad you are back! You were missed my llama friend! <3



    When you've settled and I'm back from a writers block we should definitely discuss!



    Stay gorgeous, hun! This pink guy is just for you <3

  • ||True, and you're welcome ^^ though I don't think we got the chance to plot on your first page. Did you want to try out a scenario from the show or go a different route? If you want we can go off of the two both being bounty hunters. Maybe they have the same target and run into each other, while trying to see who can claim the individual first? If you have anything in mind you're more than welcome to let me know.||

  • 9032160278?profile=RESIZE_584x

    The not-so friendly demon bounty hunter is offline. 

    Scream at the beep

  • [No worrie, it happens to us all at some point, and yes. Do you wish to add anything to the plot from before?]


    The week that had been, definitely not an easy one on the current off duty detective, it not simply work related, well not all of it but a more personal matter hitting hard, especially today since that day had arrived.  This day Chloe Jane Decker was living currently, it not easy by any means either, and the day had only just started.  What did today mean for woman? It was the Anniversary of the death of John Decker, Chloe's father.  Having asked her Lieutenant for time off months ago, a personal day had been granted for the woman, the current off duty detective making most of the what the day would bring, to the best of her ability at least.  With Trixie still sleeping currently, the woman knew it would be time to wake her soon, though it could wait as well.  (Little did she know that her daughter had made other plans, ones that were already in motion, and that would come to light for Chloe shortly now).  In that moment, the woman was standing tall in front of her full length, oval shaped mirror, the woman checked that everything was place, every inch of her outfit, from her hair, to her casual, yet going out attire, shoes included, nodding to herself as she whispered under her breath, "You're set Decker. You'll be fine," she reassured herself, the woman giving herself a pep talk as she closed her eyes briefly, the image of her father, of him alive, well and smiling coming to her behind closed lids.  He embraced her then and there too in one swift motion as he pressed a kiss to her forehead, it one of her many memories of, and or with him.  One emotion or several would be be seen across her features throughout the mirror as they would also pull at her heartstrings, a single tear or two slipped past from her closed eyes.

    Murmuring under her breath, "I love you Dad, I miss you so much.  Trixie and I will see you soon."  The deepest of breaths would be sucked in, to then be released as shade of cerulean hues reopened.  Fingertips gently lifted themselves up and dabbed or wiped those tears away that had become visible.  Then moving herself from the mirror, gentle footsteps carried her towards her wardrobe as she slid the door open.  Shuffling coat hanger after coat hanger across the rack until she came across her red coat.  Pulling that hanger out, the woman retrieved her coat, to then place the empty hanger back, the woman closing the door soon after.  Slipping the garment on almost immediately, palms then smoothed out the front of that coat after it had been put on, she then reaching for a nearby scarf, one that would match her outfit, the woman placing it around herself to then wrap it securely around her neck.

    Exiting her room soon after, the woman headed on over to Trixie's room.  Once having entered inside ever so slightly, the blonde saw the bed empty, and no sign of Trixie anywhere.  "Trixie."  Her uncertain filled voice called out, but no answer.  A few more attempts later, the same silence filling the cottage.  While attempting the cool, calm and collected scenario, the woman putting it down to Trixie playing a game with her, not it was anything but that.  Now she could not help but to become panicked and all levels of worried, the woman hurriedly left her daughter's room to make her way to the living room / kitchen area where she scooped her cell from the kitchen counter about to text, or call Dan.  Before she was able to do that and worry him too, something else grabbed her attention.  What she saw in plain writing and in a text caused her mouth to drop open slightly and then some while she sighed, her racing heart and thoughts then able to settle some, but only ever so slightly.  Shaking her head as she partially mouthed, partially hush whispered, "What?! She grabbed a ride on my Uber account. And brought herself to Lux."  When did her daughter learn to do that? When did her daughter have the time to mimic her mother's movements, if she did learn them from Chloe? Shaking her head however, now wasn't the time to think that as those train of thoughts could wait, but Lux and her daughter could not wait.  Getting to her daughter had to happen right now.  With those every day necessities / essentials on the woman (from cell, to purse plus more), Chloe walked herself towards the front door ┈┈ Without wasting another moment, the woman exited the cottage and locked it behind her. 

    Following her home having been locked, Chloe Decker rushed towards the waiting vehicle, not wishing to waste valuable time. Keys would already be in hand, the automatic lock / unlock feature being pressed on, consecutive beeps sounding as it indicated it was unlocked successfully.  On arrival to the driver's side door, Chloe reached for the handle, opening it as she slid herself on in immediately.  Pulling the door shut behind her, the woman then reached for her seat belt, tugging upon and fastening it, clicking it into place.  From there, the keys were slipped into the ignition, she starting the vehicle's engine.  After sitting in the started up vehicle, she let the engine warm up first and foremost, waiting a few seconds to a minute at the most, before then being on the move, her drive towards Lux in progress.

    × × × ×



    Just as Chloe Decker had received the notification of what Trixie was up to, and departed from her beach cottage, Trixie Espinoza had arrived to Lux.  The youngster put on her best smile and thanked the driver, she now climbing on out from the Uber ride to then head on inside the Lux establishment.  It would not be too long at all from there that Trixie had stepped away from the sidewalk and made her way into Lux.  Walking around the place as if she knew it like the back of her hand, the young doe eyed beauty would find those stairs and direct herself down them before she arrived to, and hopped herself up onto one of the stools at the bar.  Noticing someone there, someone new, she smiled to the woman's back while speak across a greeting, and accompanying it, a question.  "Hello, is Lucifer here?" Not a single ounce of shyness or anything else for that matter.  She simply had asked, to then sit back and await a response.

    × × × ×


    Meanwhile back to Chloe Decker, the woman hoped to reach her daughter sooner rather than later.  What she would be faced with in time? Only with her eventual arrival to and inside Lux would that be revealed ┈┈ Time however, and her current drive could not move fast enough  ┈┈  Until she saw Trixie again, until the little one was safe and sound in her arms, there was no rest for the blonde, that there meaning, no stopping this search.

  • ||Ah yes, I remember you. Sorry to hear that you lost your info but it's good to see you back. I hope we can try to plot again sometime if you ever want to.||

  • Hi, mazikeen, I saw your post, I too am looking for writers to go on adventures with.  I like fantasy and action rpgs a lot, and I have several ocs that I could use! :) message me or something if you want to get down to scribblin'

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