G R A N D S O N . O F . F E N R I R
"...the Midnight Wolf." 

Age: Unknown

Eyes: Umber

Hair: Inky, midnight black

Height: 183cm

Weight: 203lbs

Dress Code: Whatever is comfortable

Hobbies: Movies, music, reading, travel, food, spending time with his mate

Likes: Kaine, sex, working with his hands

Dislikes: Hunters, constantly moving, haunted houses, horror movies (he's a total sook)

the boy was of no importance until they learned of his lineage; a direct descendant of the great wolf, Fenrir. 

His name wasn't always "Jack".
It was the name his mother had given him at birth.

But not all was right with the child and his mother - unable to handle the pressure of an unnaturally off-putting child - would relieve herself of the world, abandoning him to the American wilderness in which he would have to fend for himself. Jack's growth came as a surprise. He grew faster than most and during the summer solstice one year, he learned of his form shifting abilities.


 It was the monster birthed from the loins of a mortal woman and the great wolf, Fenrir.

Across countless reincarnated lifetimes, the midnight wolf has taken to hijacking the bodies of mortals, residing within them during the nine month growth within their mother's womb. Once born, he acquires everything he needs to become a part of that partcular family group. In this lifetime, he was the orphaned infant left with an adoption agency in the Mid-West of America. The Dawes were a beautiful middle aged couple that had spent years trying to conceive a child of their own. With no luck on the home front, they turned their attention to adoption. 

This time around he was given the name Jackoby, or Jack as he prefers.

Lover  Boyfriend  Fiance

Jack was never afraid of love. In fact, his wolf craved the touch of another. To feel that connection with someone. Anyone. Constantly on the run, Jack’s never found the time to build the foundations for any kind of relationship; friendship or otherwise. But one fateful evening, Jack found himself swept up in the world of one, Mr. Khvadi.

Starcrossed, they were destined to be together.

Kaine & Jack.

Christmas Day. 
December 25th, 2017. 
The day Jack decided to take their relationship to the next step. With a sparkle in his burnt umber eyes, Jack took a knee in Kaine’s Los Angeles apartment and proposed. Kaine said yes!

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  • It was hard to believe Jack was here to begin with, and even more so that he would be home much more now. It tickled him inside, Kaine rarely gave such a happy smile yet here he is, absolutely beaming at Jack. “Of course I’m okay with this, Jack. As long as you are, I am.” He said, bowing his head some to connect his forehead with the others.

    After all of the smooches are said and done -regrettably- and he straightened out some. “Want lunch? I don’t know if you ate or not.” He offered, never once having an issue with cooking for Jack.

  • Once they embraced Kaine shuddered softly, the touch almost too much for him to cope with. He missed his lover, missed this physical contact- can touch starved be a thing? Who knows. All he knows is that he has his arms wrapped around Jack and had mutual feelings about never letting the male go. How he missed him so. Kaine needed a moment to bow his head into his lovers neck, softly drinking in that familiar scent.

    “Love...” He returned affectionately, his chin lifted as Jack peppered him with kisses, Kaine’s fingers lightly running up and down the length of Jack’s back. “I love you more.” He said, although saying that as much as Jack had would have been quite odd to him.

    As Jack moved away, Kaine reluctantly let him go and allowed his arms drop to his sides. He is all smiles, even if it was a rather tired expression with it. God, he loves this man. The news brought a look of surprise to his face, as well as a swell of happiness in his chest. This calls for another hug, and Kaine does so be leaning in and giving Jack a passionate kiss at the same time.

    He parted after, letting his arms relax a little so his hands would be at rest on Jack’s hips. “That’s great! Are you... are you sure you’re ok with that?”

  • No detours to the local bar, or taking the long way home. Kaine simply walked home at a sluggish pace, deciding he will get there when he gets there. It is about two hours at the most, the door opened with a quiet groan and he stepped into that lonely little apartment. He kicks off his shoes and lets them tumble which way they want, rather than placing them neatly upon the rug at the doorway. The jacket he wore is also tossed onto a hanger in a haphazard fashion. The closet at the entrance is shut and he wanders further into his apartment.

    Kaine is running on fumes, so he had decided the couch is the best space for a snooze. He might as well do something productive after, maybe dusting, reading, or cooking himself a meal. One thing at a time though. He flopped chest down into the couch with his arms bear hugging one of the decorative pillows on either side. He pushed his head into the pillow before lifting his head and propping it up on the arm rest. Slow and steady his sleepless eyes began to shut, and soon he would fall asleep.

    There was a voice in the hallway, something of a jovial tune that left Kaine absolutely still. No... it can't be. Kaine twisted his body so he can sit up and keep an eye on the door.

    He couldn't believe it, his beloved is home earlier than anticipated. That does not matter much, he stood up almost slack jawed. Then he is rushing to Jack for a hug.

    "Welcome home, love. "

  • Down, boy.

    Play nice, and I'll give you a belly rub.

  • The apartment just is not as lively as it is with his fiance around. It has become so... depressing. Kaine seldom stops by the apartment simply because he can smell him. His Jack. It should be comforting, but it really is not after the weeks go by. Dinner for two becomes dinner for one, and one side of the bed has a ghastly chill to it in the morning when he longs for the warmth of a warm body. One could say he has become rather dependant on Jack for the simple things like touch and comfort. God, he knows he shouldn't be so... what even is this feeling? It isn't grief, and then it is.

    Kaine flicked the cigarette to dispatch the growing bit of ash at the end, after which he takes a long, lung filling drag before exhaling and letting the smoke spill out of his mouth and into the night air. He then decided he had satisfied that craving and crushed the end of the cig upon the concrete of the bridge he sit on.

    Time to get going, he supposed. With some effort needed to coax himself to move, he does so with absolute care that a long drop off lay before him. He might not die from the fall, but it will still hurt. Usimg his hands he grasps the metal bars of the fence and pulls himself up and over, the over bit rather uncomfortable due to the ends on the fence. He huffed when he landed upon the road. Not many people out, so he started to walk with his hands in his pockets.

  • Colorado Street Bridge, Los Angeles. 3:24 am

    The sky is clear, but nearly no stars twinkle in the glare of the city lights. Kaine had a rough night; of nightmares, drinking, and self destruction. So, he decided that he would go to a place he considered something of a ‘haven’ when dealing with troubles. Now, he has no intention of offing himself here, despite the bridge also being known as ‘suicide bridge’. This, of course, would contradict what someone might think seeing a man perched on the ledge outside the fence that would normally discourage climbing over it. Here he is though, sitting calmly on a slim ledge on the outside of the bridge.

    Kaine’s feet dangle as he stared out at nothing in particular. He sighed, reaching into his pocket to pull a carton of cheap cigarettes out and placing the filter between his lips. Some digging in another pocket would produce a lighter in which he cupped his other hand over the end of the cig and lit the lighter up. He takes a long drag, clapping the lid of the lighter shut and then tucking it away once more.

    His free hand raised and he lightly pinched his nose, squeezing his eyes shut a moment, like he were trying to shake off some sleep that had still clung. Funny thing that, he got about two hours of sleep tonight, seven in total between two days. This sucks.

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