• C H A I T A N Y A •

October 30, 1994


Orkney Islands, Scotland

Single || Gay

1/3 Scottish 1/3 American 1/3 French

Chimera {Werewolf/Raiju}

"It's better to be safe than sorry." 

FC: Nick Robinson

• T E N N E S S E E •

July 4, 1672


British Colombia, Canada

Single || Demisexual 

1/2 Canadian 1/2 English


"Don't you have anything other than blood on the menu?"

FC: Alex Prange

• C H É  

August 20, 1987


Connecticut, USA

Single || Straight

1/4 Italian 1/4 Irish 1/4 Slovak 1/4 English

Shapeshifter (Mountain Lion)

"Down kitty."

FC: Matthew Daddario

• H A T T I E •



Jacksonville, Florida

Single || Bisexual

2/3 European 1/3 Native American 


"I'm the type of girl that could hurt so bad and still look at you and smile."

FC: Barbara Palvin

• L U N A R I S • 



Atlantic Ocean


1/3 Atlantic Salmon 1/3 Barracuda 1/3 Human

Luna { moon } Mermaid

"I wanna be where the people aren't!" 

FC: Traci Hines



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  • Ahh,there it was. He really wasn't very good showing his sweet side,now was he? The gentle affection she showed towards him felt like recharged pulses within his chest. That small bracket of a kiss was enough to send his cheeks ablaze from her supple lips that posed on his knuckles. The very same that would beat a living person till he witnessed their souls ascend from their limp bodies.

    She was a tad too good at making him calm that storm that was brewing in his cerebellum. Feeling slightly more at ease,he grasped her slender digits tighter,playfully twirling her closer as he dipped his head,pressing his lips atop her own.
    It wasn't her fault he was this way. It was one tour too many that left him cold,but at least he held honor. One of the select few people that would hold his respect,and Hattie was on that plateu.

    "You don't need me to promise you a dance." he murmured huskily,a ghost of a smirk was given across his rugged features. "Wanna... Forget the coffee?" The subtle ice breaker. It had been a while since he'd seen her. The two undoubtedly having their own things to take care of,but he always found himself gravitating back to Hattie.

  • "Figured it'd be worth a shot." he purred. Averting his gaze briefly as they interlocked fingers. A feeling that grew a little too uncomfortable to him. Not because of her,but mainly because of her safety,since anyone that knew him,seemed to be in a deep pile of shit amongst other things.
    "Coffee sounds good." He added. "You gonna make it fancy for me like last time?" Castiglione recalled all too well that sugary liquid that danced on his tongue from the previous encounter.

    He was a difficult man to understand. His late wife Maria often calling him a man-child,since he was rather temperamental. Keeping her safe was a main priority in his life. That bodygaurd conquest was a viable option for her,if ever need be. That and he wanted to be close to her.

  • There she goes,taunting him with those limpid pearls as sable lashes flutter indecently. "I like the dancing we did back at your place..." He recalled,her dented halo wasn't fooling anybody. The curvaceous figure that flaunted about as he closed the gap between the two. "Thinkin' you need your own bodygaurd. Don't want the same shit to happen again,like last time,yeah?"


  • "Hey doll. How's shit with the Butterfly room? Maybe I'll come back and visit sometime. Or have you found better work?"
    Teasing? Possibly.

  • OWING: 

    Frank Castle - Hattie

    Amir - Lunaris

    Cosima Brightly - Hattie

    Lily Wolf - Che



    Malachai - Hattie

    Imagine - Undecided

    Sugar & Spice - Chaitanya


    Kanesha {new thread} - Hattie

  • |. Little woman owes me a couple of replies. -.- #BrAt

  •   If she'd been coming here, it could have been for years and no one would have known. This was Amir's property, and oddly it had stayed his property aside from a few trespassing kids here and there. The home that sat in the distance was huge, yet extremely run down. Abandon. The territory was fenced in with tall 16-foot fences. Yet over the years they'd begun to wilt and depreciate, leaving small gaps for peering eyes to do their deeds. 

      This slice of paradise didn't seem all that great anymore, but with a water front view it wouldn't be so bad to fix up. Amir watched the whole thing unfold. The redhead struggled to pull herself upon the shore, tail fin and all. Once there she proceeded to curse in whatever language she was speaking. His people as well had a language of their own. To the human eyes it wouldn't make much sense. Though to a Starcaller, it was just another day. 

      A she peered up at him, two cosmic silver hues bore back. This of course was followed by the every so slight raise of a brow on Amir's end. He'd met merfolk before on rare occasions. They were all the same, graceful, elegant, yet completely oblivious to what was going on around them. For this reason, Amir never took any as his servants, nor was he known to linger around them long in the past. 

  • Cosima’s gaze was oddly focused on nothing. Or at least, as nothing as it could be. It trailed toward the pavement, toward her feet, her heavy boots that were not near silent upon the ground. She knew the woman was there, but chose not to acknowledge her presence until at last she spoke. And with the words curling from her cherry painted lips, Cosima raised her eyes and crossed her arms tightly over her chest.

    “Sort of. Not really.” Was the response Hattie received, the fae’s brows furrowed in thought. Her voice was quiet, but rough around the edges,  and she spoke in a languid, lazy way, the words rolling off her tongue easily and calmly. As her stormy gray eyes lifted to take in the woman before her, a frown creased her own pale lips.

    “What is this place?” She asked at last, letting her fingers reach out to brush against the concrete wall Hattie leaned against, before dropping, slowly, to her side.

  • (Florida sounds fine and I hope my starter for your blond bombshell, was alright.   Hmmm I can set up a starter and they can cross paths somehow. )

This reply was deleted.

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Amir - Lunaris
Cosima Brightly - Hattie

Lily Wolf - Che
Malachai - Hattie
Imagine - Undecided
Sugar & Spice - Chaitanya
Kanesha {new thread} - Hattie"
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