• C H A I T A N Y A •

October 30, 1994


Orkney Islands, Scotland

Single || Gay

1/3 Scottish 1/3 American 1/3 French

Chimera {Werewolf/Raiju}

"It's better to be safe than sorry." 

FC: Nick Robinson

• T E N N E S S E E •

July 4, 1672


British Colombia, Canada

Single || Demisexual 

1/2 Canadian 1/2 English


"Don't you have anything other than blood on the menu?"

FC: Alex Prange

• C H É  

August 20, 1987


Connecticut, USA

Single || Straight

1/4 Italian 1/4 Irish 1/4 Slovak 1/4 English

Shapeshifter (Mountain Lion)

"Down kitty."

FC: Matthew Daddario

• H A T T I E •



Jacksonville, Florida

Single || Bisexual

2/3 European 1/3 Native American 


"I'm the type of girl that could hurt so bad and still look at you and smile."

FC: Barbara Palvin

• L U N A R I S • 



Atlantic Ocean


1/3 Atlantic Salmon 1/3 Barracuda 1/3 Human

Luna { moon } Mermaid

"I wanna be where the people aren't!" 

FC: Traci Hines



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  • "Alright, I'm off the clock! Catch up with you bastards later!"

    She grabbed her coat since it was freezing outside tonight, her coworkers bid her a good night as she waved her hand and walked out the door of the police station. It was one of those days that Kanesha wanted to do nothing more but go home and sleep the rest of the day away and just wake up the next day as if nothing ever happen; outside, she put her jacket on her arms, zipping up her jacket a bit as she cleared her throat and made her way over to her parked truck, setting the alarms off her truck as she unlocked the doors and got inside her truck, starting it up as the engine roared to life. She turned on the heater in her truck and waited for a moment for her truck to warm up before pulling off into the night. She tossed her bag in the passenger side of her truck, locking the doors as she leaned her head back against the head rest of her seat, closing her eyes for a long moment as she got lost in her thoughts. After what today entailed of her to do, she wouldn't mind going to a bar or something and having a few drinks, though she didn't really feel like going to the house and changing out her clothes either, so it looks like she would be wearing her work clothes to the bar, plus she would hope that no trouble would happen if people say her wearing her uniform and still think that she was on duty but that hasn't stop people from causing trouble these days.

    Once her truck was warmed up, she put it into drive and drove off the lot and into oncoming traffic towards the bar; she kept her eyes on the road as she drove, turning on a bit of music so it wouldn't be too quiet in her truck or anything as she came to a red light which made her come to a complete stop. Her cell phone had rung, she fished it out her pocket and seen that it was her daughter Moon calling her, a small smile spread across her lips as she slid the green button across her screen and placed the phone up to her ear.

    "Hey Moon, what's up? How's work?"

    "Ugh, work is work mom, you know that. But I'll be getting off in the next couple of hours, did you cook?"

    "I made some pot roast, that's okay with you?"

    "Sounds good, I'll see you in a few hours, love you mom."

    "Love you too sweetie."

    She removed the phone from her ear and placed it in the cup holder, the light changed to green and she press the gas pedal and sped on off down the road to the bar. It looks like that her oldest daughter was pulling another all nighter again tonight, though she does work hard and Kanesha was very proud of her. A soft yawn escape from her lips, shaking her head a bit, should she really go to the bar now or go another time? She should go another time but something was telling her to go there anyway and have some drinks and be merry for tonight. With Christmas pretty much upon them and all, it was a good thing that she had done all her Christmas shopping beforehand before things got hectic around the final days of Christmas. Most of the stores were packed as people were trying to pick up last minute Christmas gifts for their children and love ones, not to mention that most stores will be closed on Christmas day. Her glowing lavender eyes glanced around as she drove, the only sounds that were coming from her car were the music from her radio and she wasn't really even listening to the radio.

    When she did arrived to the bar, she could tell that the place was packed tonight, damn it was freaking crowded and Kanesha doesn't do well with crowds either but at the same time, she wanted her drink all the same. So, she pulled into the lot and found a parking spot which was further in the back under dim lightening really which was fine with her, she put her truck into park and killed the engine, opening the door as she got out and shut the door behind her, setting the alarm on her truck as she shoved her keys into her pocket. She kept her jacket on, even though she really didn't need to for special reasons, but she didn't want to draw attention to herself either. She made her way towards the doors of the bar, but before she could opened it, a male who wasn't watching where he was going had bumped right into Kanesha which made her stumble back a bit but she caught her balance in the end, she then turned her eyes to the male, glaring at him as if she wanted to murder the dude right on the spot.

    "Hey! Watch where the fuck you're going next time dude!"

  • Out of all the relics in China, none was more famous than the Imperial Red Jade Seal of Emperor Qianlong. It was an almost dark red blood, considered to be extremely rare, but that’s not what made it valuable. Nine dragons had been carved into it, each representing masculinity and power, and underneath was an inscription written by Emperor Qianlong himself, the man who rose China’s population up to four hundred million:

    “Treasure of the imperial brush of Qianlong.”

    At some point, this relic had sold up to 12.4 million euros, about 14 million in American dollars. This would be considered the 28th time it had been sold since the start of 2017. And of course, the seal had a classical box it was transported in. On each corner of the golden lined glass box that held the seal was the classical little Fu Dogs, sitting. While most thought of this for decorative purposes, the truth laid in Chinese culture. One of the Fu Dogs had been appointed as guardian of this relic, perhaps by Emperor Qianlong, once upon a time. And what good would this Fu Dog do when a thief came for the relic?

    The thief being Anke, of course. Unlike the Fu Dog, Anke did not live up to the behavior of her animal part, a snow leopard. Snow leopards were one of the least aggressive big cats. Infact, there is no recorded document of a wild snow leopard ever attacking a human. Her aggression and greed came from her human side. The things most often labeled animalistic about Anke happened to come from her human genetics. The only part of a snow leopard, that even Anke couldn’t deny is that they could be like ghosts. One moment you saw them, another moment a snow leopard could have you thinking that it had never even been there.

    Perhaps that is why Anke thought it would be good for her to sneak onto the ship that the jade seal was on. There were multiple wooden crates, filled up with rice, but Anke had one of her men spray paint the wooden crate that would carry the plate in a semi-transparent white paint. The white paint blended well with the light wood.

    Everything was going to plan. Anke had snuck aboard, pretending to be a guard, dressed up in a black co-op military outfit. She had a badge from her mole on the inside, and a gun that was self provided. The experiment didn’t trust big jobs like this to her girls. No, if she wanted this job done, she would have to do it herself. While the moon swells up in the sky, Anke pries open the crate with a crow bar, and reaches inside for the decorative box the seal is in.

  • Oddly enough, even printing companies held those weird work conventions. Why? Frank, who was just Frank, had no idea. More often than not it was to show off new printers, or more environmental friendly papers, or, just Frank's favorite part, panels on how to be a better salesperson when it came to selling things like paper or copying machines. Frank didn't need it, his numbers were very good, never low, never terribly high, but just right. His boss never complained so that was nice. 

    His boss was nice too, her name was Mary Sue, weird as it was. Mary Sue was her first name. She had no middle name. Her last name was Cane. She was forty years old with graying blonde hair and soft blue eyes. She was married to Gary Cane, they had three children together; Leah, Daniel, and Rebecca.  Frank had only met one, but now he was going off topic. This wasn't about them, this was about the printing company convention and what a weird thing it was.

    It was, in fact, very weird, and after awhile Frank had to remove himself from it all. Too many printers. None of them looked that good anyways. You know what did look nice? That tiny diner across the street where it advertised breakfast foods that came with Real Canadian Syrup!  Frank didn't know what the difference between real and fake Canadian syrup was, after all, this was his first time here. Perhaps he could ask, or... no. They'd laugh at him. He'd ask anyways. 

    There was a sign by the door that said seat yourself please. The place was small, surprisingly not that busy, and Frank grabbed a booth closet by the door. He felt safer by the door, he didn't know why, but he did. An easy way to get in and out he guessed. The place smelled nice, like bacon and pancaked and Real Canadian Syrup! 

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