• C H A I T A N Y A •

October 30, 1994


Orkney Islands, Scotland

Single || Gay

1/3 Scottish 1/3 American 1/3 French

Chimera {Werewolf/Raiju}

"It's better to be safe than sorry." 

FC: Nick Robinson

• T E N N E S S E E •

July 4, 1672


British Colombia, Canada

Single || Demisexual 

1/2 Canadian 1/2 English


"Don't you have anything other than blood on the menu?"

FC: Alex Prange

• C H É  

August 20, 1987


Connecticut, USA

Single || Straight

1/4 Italian 1/4 Irish 1/4 Slovak 1/4 English

Shapeshifter (Mountain Lion)

"Down kitty."

FC: Matthew Daddario

• H A T T I E •



Jacksonville, Florida

Single || Bisexual

2/3 European 1/3 Native American 


"I'm the type of girl that could hurt so bad and still look at you and smile."

FC: Barbara Palvin

• L U N A R I S • 



Atlantic Ocean


1/3 Atlantic Salmon 1/3 Barracuda 1/3 Human

Luna { moon } Mermaid

"I wanna be where the people aren't!" 

FC: Traci Hines



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  • When she begged her to stay, it was like a switch had click inside of Kanesha, she hated when Hattie beg, it broke her heart to see the woman beg her to stay, plus she could care less about work right now when the woman of her dreams was begging her to stay with her tonight. Of course she didn't have to if she didn't want to but when she beg for her to stay, it gave it away and Kanesha was willing to stay with the woman tonight if that was what she wanted. Though she hung on to every word that rolled off Hattie's tongue, did she felt something that night despite them being complete strangers? Did she feel anything then and right now? Did she feel anything when her lips were pressed against hers? Did she feel anything at all right now standing here with her....truth be told....she did. Kanesha felt something, something that she had never felt for so long, was it for real or was gonna be like the last time when she had this feeling. She was so scared but at the same time, she felt something for Hattie, she wanted to be with her but she was scared to do just that; she didn't want anything bad to happen should she decide to be with her. Glowing lavender eyes stared at her for a moment before she turned her attention away from Hattie, biting her lips gently as she nodded her head slowly to her.

    "Alright, I'll stay."

    If that was what Hattie wanted then she'll stay, she'll give her all her time, besides it wasn't like she was looking forward to going back to work anyway to begin with. Whatever Hattie wanted to ask her, Kanesha was willing to give her answers, but was she able to give her all the answers that she was seeking for? There was one thing she didn't want to tell her, a secret more like it really but she knew that she would eventually have to tell her otherwise, there would be problems between the two of them later on down the road. Kanesha followed her into the building, upstairs like she asked her to, Hattie was currently apologizing to her about the kiss earlier in the truck but Kanesha just shook her head. If anything, she shouldn't be sorry for something that her body had no control of, it just caught her off guard is all, but should she do it again at least Kanesha would be ready for it.

    "Its alright besides....I enjoy kissing you..."

    She smirked a bit at Hattie, shoving her hands in her pocket; that night six years ago, she started to think back to that night from beginning to end. She didn't say anything at first, she was in thought for a moment...had it really been six years that Hattie was yearning for her touch again, to have sex with her again? The kiss in the truck was more then enough to send Kanesha over the edge and not have taken Hattie right then and there in her truck and she didn't care if they were out in the open where someone could have walked by and seen them. She brought her hand up and rubbed the back of her neck, a soft sigh passing her lips before she turned her gaze towards Hattie again.

    "To be honest....I did felt something that night....I felt something just now when you kissed me...I just...."

    How could she say this? How was Kanesha suppose to tell her that she wanted to see her for so long but she was too afraid to approach her, what she wanted to tell Hattie was how long she wanted to feel her touches again, to feel her skin under her fingertips, she couldn't deny it anymore. Kanesha had fallen for her...hard at that. But the problem was that she was just so confused as to what she wanted...she needed answers herself but for now, she was just so confuse and didn't know what she was doing exactly, it was one of those moments where she would let her brain do the talking and let her body make the actions that she was too scared to make right now...

    "I wanted nothing more....but to see you feel your touches once more but....I was just too scared to see you again; I know I'm a coward and after all that time, I finally show my face....some person I am huh..."

  • "Hattie what is-"

    Kanesha didn't get a chance to finish her sentence as a pair of lips came crashing against hers for a moment; Kanesha didn't have time to react or anything, she just stared at Hattie wide eyed and whatnot, her lips pressed against hers, the feel of Hattie's lips against her own brought back memories, that spark had ran through her body for an instant before her lips left hers. Honestly, she didn't want the kiss to end, her glowing lavender eyes staring at Hattie, biting her lower lip gently as she wanted to do nothing more but to kiss her again but she kept herself under control for the time being. Hattie wanted her to come inside the building, now she didn't know why but if it had anything to do with that kiss then by god she'll go inside with her. Kanesha didn't waste no time in opening her side of the door and getting out her truck, shutting the door behind her as she waited for Hattie to grab her things from the back so she could help her inside the building.

    "Hattie, what's going on? Why am I here....not that I don't wanna be here with you or anything but..."

    "I'm getting some weird vibes Kanesha....she's acting weird now." 

    "Yeah, no shit Captain Sherlock!" 

    "Keep your guard up..." 

    Her lips had a tingle sensation on them from when Hattie had kissed her, a feeling that she had long for since she ran into her again; all Kanesha wanted to do in that moment now was to just hold Hattie close to her and kiss her and never let her go ever again; but...there was a reason behind all of this. She wouldn't be brought out here just because, there was a reason behind all of it, Kanesha knew this and she had an idea why she was here....did Hattie want a repeat of their one night stand? It was considered the oldest trick in the book in Kanesha's eye, a way to get rid of someone or to forget about someone is by having sex with them one last time in hopes that it will help the situation but it wouldn't and Kanesha knew this all too well. Kanesha looked up at the building for a long moment before she looked over at Hattie and just followed her lead, like before she didn't want to jump the gun or anything and to make herself look like the fool or anything.

    Flash back... 

    Her skin was decorated with marks, marks that she thought she would never see again upon her smooth skin, marks that were left behind by the other woman that night, the scratches on her shoulders from her secret, one night lover; the moans and screams of pleasure through out that night. She remembered it all and it was like sweet music to her ears when she heard her say her name the way she did that night between the sheets. She sighed softly as she leaned back in her chair in her office at work, running her fingers through her hair as she swirled around in her little chair, clicking her pen as a means of keeping herself under control right now. She couldn't get her out her head ever since that little one night stand, she wanted to so badly see her again, to taste her and to kiss her once more, to feel those lips against her own but alas, she didn't have the courage to run into the woman again, not like this anyway for that matter. Her skin was covered with hickies in various parts but lucky for her, they could be easily covered up with clothing and whatnot which was a good thing.

    That same night in bed, she had dreams about her one night stand lover, dreams that seem to have felt so real to her but weren't, those kind of dreams that would leave her waking up in a sweat and wondering if what she was dreaming actually happened or not. It was starting to get to the point where Kanesha couldn't tell the difference between a dream and reality, she wanted to make it an reality but at the same time, she knew that Hattie wouldn't want anything to do with her after the little stunt she had pulled on her that morning. Probably waiting by her phone for a phone call or something from Kanesha but Kanesha never returned any phone calls or never even bothered to try and meet up with the woman to see her again. There she laid in her bed at night, staring up at the ceiling of her bedroom, those glowing lavender eyes glowing brightly in the darkness of her room, she slowly closed them for a moment as a soft sigh passed her lips before she slightly opened them again...if only she could turn back time and redo that night over again....

    End of flashback.... 

    Kanesha walked inside the building, looking around before she turned her attention back to Hattie yet again, she had this questioned look on her face as to 'why are we here? what's going on' kind of look on Kanesha's face; that kiss that happened in the truck not long ago wasn't without reason. The marks on her neck from earlier when she had picked her up were gone she had picked up the scent of another on Hattie, it was clear to Kanesha that Hattie was a taken woman but still, why was she here with her and why was she doing this...there had to be some sort of reasoning for all of this!

  • Kanesha didn't say anything, that night all those years ago, it was starting to bring back fond memories for Kanesha but it also brought back memories of that night when she claimed Hattie, their bodies tangle together with the white bed sheets that laid across the naked bodies covering various parts of their bodies; she had thought for a moment that she forgotten about it but she didn't but it still didn't make any sense in a way, but why was Kanesha here with her exactly? All she was doing was dropping Hattie off right? Unless there was something that she was missing and this was about to turn into something that would soon be out of her control, something was telling her that it was about to be one of those situations where most people would regret things but this was something that Kanesha was sure that she wouldn't regret. What she did regret was letting Hattie go all those years ago...

    "Hattie...if this about that night during Spring Break then....I'm sorry, I shouldn't have left you like that, that was my fault, I know that I must have made you feel so alone that morning when I left..."

    This was the first time in years since she spoke about that night to Hattie, Kanesha really was sorry about that night, that night was what Kanesha would call magical. She couldn't deny the fact any longer, it was clear that Kanesha had fallen head over heels in love with her, but it was because that Kanesha loved her that she thought it was best to leave and forget about her. As much as Kanesha tried to forget about Hattie, she couldn't...Hattie was constantly on her mind day in and day out, always wondering how she was doing or what she was doing of every second and every hour of every day. She turned her eyes back to the road again, her eyes held slight sadness int hem, it was somewhat of a dark time for Kanesha around the time when Kanesha first met Hattie that night, but she didn't regret anything though, if it was up to her, she would want a repeat of what happened that night over and over again so that she could enjoy every single moment of it over and over again.

    Instead of 45 minutes, they arrived in Miami in 30 minutes with a couple of minutes to spare really. The place hadn't change a bit since the last time she had been in Miami, everything looked the same all this time, she kinda wonder why she never came back to Miami and now that she was back again, her mind begin to race as to what happened during Spring Break around this time. Her patrolling on the beach with her coworker and running into Hattie the first time on the beach with her friends, the second time she ran into her was during the following night at a local club, partying it up with her friends. Of course Kanesha kept her eyes on her the whole night, both having one too many drinks as they took their little private party back to her place. It was amazing that she could still remember the apartments that they stayed at that night, pulling in as she parked her truck and reached over and turned off the engine, removing the key from the ignition as she sighed softly, leaning back in her seat for a moment before turning her head to look at Hattie..

    "We're here..."

    Just then, Kanesha had this sudden urge to kiss Hattie right now...well, more like make out with her in her truck right now, there was a reason why Hattie wanted to come back her besides as to what she had told Kanesha, she felt that there was another reason why Kanesha was brought her, she kinda had an idea as to why she was here but at the same time, she wasn't too sure and didn't want to jump the gun too soon and make a fool of herself...

  • "I....something told me to come here so I came here, just get in the truck..."

    Kanesha was determined to get Hattie in the truck so that she could take her wherever she needed to go, she unlocked the doors for Hattie should she decide to get in the truck and leave it at that; though she could tell that Hattie was a bit hesitate about getting in her truck at first, thinking that Kanesha may kidnap her once she was in the truck but no. Kanesha was still on the clock but that wasn't her concern right now, her glowing lavender eyes turned away from the woman, glancing the rear view mirror once more before she heard the sound of her door opening, seeing her put her bags in the back as she climbed in, shutting the door behind her. Kanesha didn't say anything...apparently she was talking too much but of course that wasn't going to keep Kanesha silent or anything, she was still going to try and talk to her regardless for that matter, at least they could be on good terms with one another right? Kanesha always hated ended on bad terms with people, sometimes she may never know when she'll need those people in life so she always liked to end on good terms with them in the long run.

    "Miami it is then..."

    That was all she said before she put her truck into drive and drove off from the drop off zone of the hospital, Miami wasn't really a far drive for her, maybe a 45 minute drive from where they were but Kanesha could cut that time in half since she knew shortcuts and backways on how to get to the destination much faster then taking the usual route there. Her arm had brushed against Hattie's arm lightly , at first she tried to play it off like always but then....she felt fingertips running along the length of her arm. Kanesha kept her eyes on the road, god her touch was driving her insane right now, but she told herself to stay in control and keep calm; next thing she knew and thank god that they were now at a stop light, Hattie had grabbed a fist full of her shirt and yanked her towards her. Kanesha stared at Hattie with eyes slightly wide for a moment, before she nodded her head lie....Kanesha found this to be very kinky...

    "Okay okay, I'll take you there just chill..."

    If Kanesha didn't know any better, she would have pull over on the side of the road and have had her way with Hattie right then and there in that moment, the way she grabbed her shirt and yanked her...there were some things that Kanesha wanted to do to her in that instant when she did that; though she wasn't going to let Hattie get away with it either see things like that couldn't be left unattended really, she got something started and Kanesha was bound to finish it whether Hattie liked it or not. The light had changed to green and Kanesha press the gas pedal and drove off towards Miami. The whole ride was silent at first, though every now and then Kanesha would look in her rear view mirror before glancing back at the road again as she drove.

    "You uhh...don't have to worry about the hospital bill, I'll....take care of it..."

    Smooth Kanesha, real smooth on your part; a soft sigh passed her lips, running her fingers through her hair gently as she bit the inside of her cheek, thinking for a moment about something. It was somewhat written on her face that she was in deep thought about something but it wasn't nothing important or anything honestly. But then, she started to think about why Hattie wanted to come to Miami, what was out there exactly? She didn't think that she was staying in Miami but elsewhere, probably because she didn't want Kanesha to find out where she stay which she could understand but it wasn't like Kanesha was going to stalk her or anything like that. Kanesha was a bit curious as to why Hattie wanted to come out here in the first place...Kanesha wanted to ask why too but she was pretty sure that she wasn't going to get a straight forward answer from Hattie...

    "So....why am I dropping you off in Miami again?"

  • Noon..


    After what happened last night, Kanesha had went straight home, didn't bother stopping by nowhere nor did she go back to the hospital due to the simple fact that Hattie may not want to see her after the ordeal she went through; though she got up the following day...well...that same day, as soon as she got to the police stationed she got an earful from her boss about what happened the other night at the bar, how she almost got the whole police department in trouble for her actions but she really didn't care, someone had to do something right so no one was stepping up to the plate to help out Hattie from her attacker at the bar so she had no choice but to do what she did to the bastard...he was asking for it simple as that. It was around lunch time that she decided to step out the station for a while to get some fresh air or to spend some time to herself for a bit.She was driving along the street, where she was going was still unclear to her, probably to a local coffee shop or something, but then Hattie popped into her mind again, she wondered if the woman went home yet or if she had a ride home at least or something...something in the back of her head told her to go to the hospital just to be sure, of course at first she didn't want to but she knew that she should go to at least make sure that Hattie was alright or something.

    She turned into the parking lot of the hospital, driving towards the front of the building and standing there was Hattie, though she had figured that she was probably waiting on a cab or something to take her home; Kanesha didn't know why but she didn't like the idea of Hattie being alone for whatever reason so she figured that she would get her a lift home since she was on her break. She pulled around to the front and parked her truck, reaching on her side, she pressed the button that would roll down the passenger side window to reveal herself to her. Her glowing lavender eyes stared at Hattie, at first she didn't say anything for a moment; she kinda thought that Hattie would have told her to fuck off or something and that she would take a cab home but let's be honest here, Kanesha wasn't about to let her take a cab home, she was willing to give her a ride home so that the two of them could at least try to talk through a long and silent drive...

    "Get in. I'll give you a ride....I'll take you whatever you wanna go."

    That was all Kanesha said, she was willing to take her wherever she wanted to go which would probably be back home where she could be comfortable instead of sitting at the hospital in longer. She glanced in her rear view mirror before turning her attention back to Hattie and notice something about her that wasn't there before when she had left last night. On her skin were light red spots, it was barely visible for someone to see but Kanesha had good eyesight, and where those spots were located on her body could only mean that someone know, kissing up on her, leaving behind their mark on her body. That did not settle well with Kanesha, to know that someone else was touching Hattie in that way, it sent a wave her anger through her veins but she kept calm of course, besides it wasn't like her and Hattie were dating or anything but still, she didn't like the idea that someone else was trying to claim what was hers....sorry, not claim but...someone was trying to take something from Kanesha and she wasn't going to allow it to happen.

    "Look, I know you don't want to see me again and all but....just let me take you home, at least I'll know that you made it home safe and sound.." 

  • Those words....those words were like knives stabbing her over and over again, but what did she expect right? They share a night together and Kanesha just up and vanishes the next morning with no word or Hattie had every right to be upset with her, she had every right to tell her to leave the room, she really didn't need to be there anyway right? Kanesha didn't say anything, she just stood up from the bed slowly and begin to make her way towards the door. At first she was hesitate about opening the door because she knew that if she walked out that door again...this could be her last chance to make things right again but it was very clear that Hattie didn't want to see Kanesha right now....or probably ever again. But at the same that she thought about it, this would have been the exact same reaction that she would have gotten from Hattie if she knew the actual truth about Kanesha right now. She grabbed the door handle and turned it, pulling the door open as she walked out her room, closing the door behind her gently...

    "You could have told her....she would have understood us..." 

    "No she wouldn't! She wouldn't have understood one ever understands us and you know that." 

    "She may would have been never know." 

    "Look, its done now...what's done is done. She doesn't want to see us anymore, I fucked up like I always do.." 

    She pushed herself off the door and walked down the hallway towards the exit of the hospital; she had a point though, she did fuck up like she normally does but she couldn't put the blame on no one but herself for getting herself in this situation. If only she could go back in time and fix everything she did, she would but this was something that she couldn't fix, this was something that she would have to deal with and suffer for the time being. She pushed opened the double doors which led her back to the waiting area of the hospital, since it was late at night, there weren't many nurses stationed tonight for the grave yard shift meaning that they normally don't usually have many people that they need to watch over at night. She thought for a moment...walking over to the front desk, a nurse that was sitting there typing something in the computer had looked up at Kanesha and offered her a smile.

    "What can I do for you miss?"

    "Umm...could you give me the release form for the young woman I brought in please?"

    The nurse nodded her head as she got up from her chair and gathered up the paperwork that was needed to be sign. She came back and handed the paperwork to Kanesha he accepted the papers and stepped to the side just in case someone else came up the desk to ask a question or something. She grabbed a pen and clicked it, she started to sign Hattie's release papers so that whoever came to pick her up or whenever they let her leave, she or the person didn't have to worry about signing her release papers or anything. Making sure that she signed everything, she handed the paperwork back to the nurse at the desk who gladly took the papers from Kanesha and read over the papers and made sure that she sign them all. 

    "Alright, she's all set. Thank you miss, is there anything else I can do for you?"

    "Also...could you send her bill to me? I'll pay for it with no problem and can you give her this..."

    Kanesha pulled out a card from her pocket and grabbed the pen that she had used and wrote something down on it before she clicked the pen and handed the card to the nurse as she bid the woman a goodnight and headed out the building and into the cold air. A heavy sigh passed her lips as she reached into her pocket and pulled out her keys and made her way over to her truck, unlocking the doors as she opened the door and got inside the truck, shutting the door behind her as she placed the key in the ignition as the engine roared to life. She leaned back in her seat, closing her eyes as she begin to get lost in her thoughts for a moment. How could she been so blind...Hattie had fallen for her, that much was clear just by looking in her eyes...the hurt and anger that was present in her eyes. She opened her eyes as she put her truck into reverse and backed out, she then put it drive and quickly drove off from the hospital and back home to collect her thoughts...

  • She was so used to people just parting for her, her path being clear in front of her. Up to this point, everything that she wanted was always in reach. But this was the outside world, not the world that Lua was used to. This wasn’t the island, and she wasn’t an entitled goddess here. No, she was just Lua Razkin, a thick woman with tan skin, freckled face, and ebony hair that was falling in un-tameable waves down her back. And this place?

    ‘This is the Canada of the North America,’ Lua told herself. The cold was so unfamiliar to her, but she had time to adjust to temperature drop, back when she had washed up on the shores of Alaska.

    But her adventure started before that, back when she threw herself into the sea after receiving a vision from her spirit mother. At some point, she had blacked out. Then, she woke up, and found out she was in a place called Alaska. It was there, with the help of a few young explorers, that she slowly started to learn about the world outside what people knew as ‘the Bermuda Triangle.’ From experience, she learned more about places off her island, then she had ever learned from books that had washed up on her own beaches. After the help of those humans, she had sold her necklace, not the cross one, unknowingly, to people of the black market. It was a magical relic that made her rich, and so currency was no longer an issue. And after a short heartbreak, she wanted to escape Alaska. Somehow, she had bought a random ticket to somewhere, and navigated onto the plane, and now?

    Now she was singing softly to the tune of the Hamilton Soundtrack, one headphone in her ear on the B.C transit bus to a cafe. People had shoved past her, rudely, not that she minded. On the radio, there was the news rolling. The words of earthquakes and increase floated in the air, but Lua didn’t seem to be too worried.

    “Love doesn't discriminate between the sinners and the saints...

    It takes and

    it takes and

    it takes.

    And we keep loving anyway;

    We laugh and

    we cry

    And we break

    And we make our mistakes

    And if there's a reason I'm by her side

    When so many have tried

    Then I'm willing to wait for it;

    I'm willing to wait for it~”

    She softly sung out, her words bouncing musically through the air, before the bus arrived at her stop, and she stepped out.

  • "Alright. Fair enough. You did in fact say it first..I'm not hatin' just statin'.
    And trust me.. You don't want to castrate me,princess. It won't end pretty. 
    Show me you're not what you claim to be. For one night,prove me wrong."
    Is he an asshole? Yeeeahh. Can't do nothin' if the other is being nervous or
    shy. And so far they are far from shy. But nothing gets him going like pure rage.

  • "Hey Muff diver. Offer still stands right? Let's go."

  • "It...took me a minute to figure it out but it suddenly came to me as to who you are.."

    Her voice when she spoke was gentle and soft, like a mother's voice when trying to calm a crying baby in their arms, Hattie was staring at the woman who had took her off her feet that night, that same woman that she had shared a passionate night of love making and also...the same woman that had broken her heart in the process when she had left all those years ago after that. It was kinda sad really, Kanesha couldn't even look her in the eyes for a moment because she knew that she had done wrong by Hattie, she had probably waited by her phone for some sort of call from her, some sort of trace that Hattie could follow that would have led her to Kanesha but nothing. Kanesha didn't call her or nothing, yet she had breakfast sent to her room and also paid her room as well, yet she didn't leave a card with her name nor number on it. There was so much that she wanted to tell Hattie, how much she had missed her, how much she wished that she could her hold at night in her arms and never let her go but alas, it wouldn't work out in her favor, it never does so it was best if she kept her distance from the woman even though they have now found each other yet again.

    Her fingers had brushed over Kanesha's hip, that shot of electricity that she felt in that instant...she bit her bottom lip gently as a means to keep calm, after all those years, her touches still had that same effect on her from the night. Soon, her fingers begin to loop through her belt loops on her pants, oh this was about to go south very quickly, it was like she could hear her heart beating in her chest very loudly, when she tugged on them, at first Kanesha didn't move but when she tugged on them harder, she quickly gripped the sheets of the bed and slowly moved closer to her, if she kept that up then there was no telling what was Kanesha was going to do to her soon. When she begin to explain what had happened after that morning she left, her heart shattered into millions and millions of pieces, she never realized that she had made her go through so much heartache all this time, she wanted to tell her everything, explain why what she did but...she knew that if she told her the truth then Hattie would be kicking her out the room right now, threatening her to never see her again or worse, rat her out to a hunter and have them run her out of town again..

    "Hattie....I really want to tell you everything but....I can't. That morning that I left, it was best if you had forgotten about me, if you knew the actual truth about me, you wouldn't be saying these things that you're saying to me right now, I know you won't will be something that you wouldn't begin to understand in this world.."

    Her glowing lavender eyes stared at Hattie for a moment, lifting her head, Kanesha placed a soft kiss on her forehead gently as she laid her forehear against Hattie's, bringing her hand up as her fingertips brushed her cheek ever so gently as she slowly closed her eyes for a moment. It broke her heart to hear Hattie cry, she should feel like a complete asshole which Kanesha does for what she has done now that she learned the truth behind her actions that morning. All this time, Kanesha had been hurting this woman and yet she was trying to forget about her but she couldn't; being this close to her....Kanesha couldn't help but wanting to wrap her arms around Hattie and pull her into her chest and just hug her and tell her that everything will be okay, but it wasn't okay, she held back from doing so as she removed her forehead from hers.

    "Claim her...she wants us to claim her know you want to Kanesha..." 

    She pushed the voice of the white wolf to the back of her mind for now, she ignored the wolf's voice for the time being, for now her main focus was the woman that was in front of her who was having an emotional break down right now. Kanesha honestly didn't know how she could make up to Hattie for what she done, if anything...she didn't regret what happen no, it was the best night and the fact that she even remember that only made it clear that she cared deeply for the woman but at the same time, they couldn't be together, even if they wanted to, she couldn't be with her cause Hattie was a human and Kanesha wasn't a human..

    "Look Hattie....I'm sorry for that day; I should have woken you up but I didn't because I didn't want you to get your hopes up, don't deserve someone like me to begin with."

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