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  • Frank Castle really didn't need any other ulterior motives when it came to Hattie. Above all else,he adored her. He craved her very being on an emotional sense. He owed it to her to cave into what she wanted.
    "Clean slate,okay? You wanna be together,we'll be together. I'm just nervous as all hell for your safety. I know what I am.. I'm wiped from the government and everyone thinks I'm this.. Sociopath or some messed up bullshit like that. I'm not just some random serial killer. I just want the bastards who don't do anything but hurt people for no damn good reason."
    Ah. He was rambling again.

    "I'm sorry,Hattie. I'll do whatever it takes to make this work. I just want you happy." It was evident that she cared about him,which.. Makes precisely one of them. He'd be lying if he didn't adore her. The idea of hurting her and him being the cause of it,just wasn't on his list of things to do. Find memories of the two battling right and wrong with one another until one fateful night they gave into carnal urges. And ever since then,it was hell for him. Knowing that she loved him and he loved her,too. But afraid to take that leap of faith considering his faulty lifestyle.
    "We'll do whatever you want,okay? Promise." Frankie boy never faultered with his promises. That shit was iron-clad. He was aware that she had no intention of replacing Maria and the kids. She had her own vices and her own feelings,thoughts etc etc.

    She had done nothing but help him and get him feeling that slight normality. Even trivial things such as drinking coffee and having a good conversation. When he wasn't waging war on the rest of the world,she was keeping him calm. Castiglione was a ghost in the system,but at least she made him feel alive. Something that no one was able to accomplish given the circumstances.

    She wanted a kiss? Oh hell,he was going to give this woman a kiss that'll knock her stiletto's off.

  • (Hello :)

  • (Hattie or Minevera were the ones we were discussing before. Malachai is good to go. Unless we want to do some assassination plot in which case I would use Yuri. )

  • Negan,eyeing the young blonde,rather intently as she kept close,peering at her,then back at their baby. "She's a carbon copy of you." he murmured with a breathy snicker. Thank goodness for that,really. No doubt in his mind the question of the paternity of this little angel was his,but she,in fact... Heavily looked like her mother. Could the world handle such beauty as these two,he wondered? Sucking in his bottom lip,softly cooing and kissing Eliana's crown before leaving Mini's side to pace around with his daughter. It must've been complicated to have done this by herself. Then again,women had been doing this for years,and she was no different. She was equally as strong and intelligent as any other woman he'd fallen for. Rocking Eliana to sleep in his arms,he peered back up at Minerva. "Fair 'nuff. We need to talk,Kitten." he added simply.


    Nothing good.. But nothing bad,either. Just wanting to be on the same page with her,really. Negan wanted to understand what she wanted to do with their relationship,if there was any,still. Sweet little Minerva had plenty of time to calibrate her thoughts,desires,wants, and needs while she was away. Many people dealt with shit storms differently,and as much as he hated that she left at all,he needed to respect her space. 
    However one thing would forever be painstakingly clear. Minerva was and always will be his.

  • Ah fuck.

    "No no no... Please.. Please stay." his tone a hoarse whisper as he swallowed thickly. His bottom lip quivering as he saw them both fighting for... Nothing,really. The answer was so simple. And losing her was a battle he knew would consume him. "I-I'm sorry. I know I'm an asshole.. I've put you through one hell of a storm to deal with. Let me protect you." he murmured,unsure of what that meant,all he knew was that if she walked away,that meant Frank Castiglione would never see her again. He can't promise her the sun,the moon and the stars. That's not his bag. But he is the kind of man who held honor and respect,and whatever feeling he has for her,was the last he'd felt for anybody.

    He felt conflicted,but not in a way that he wasn't already leaning in her direction,in the way that he was feeling there was a possibility- a sliver of chance,that he'd be safe,too. And that was a rare thing for soldier. Licking his lips,he peered at her through darkened tawny hues. Those pale,cerulean orbs that twinkled up at him as he saw her eyes well up with salty droplets that would make him lose his mind if he is ever the cause of her pain. "Forgive me,please." He mumbled,coming closer to press his lips to her cheekbone as he remained close. The gap that separated them now inconsequential to the lingering thoughts they both held for one another. Frank isn't going to bother holding off anymore. As far as she was concerned,he was there. He had no idea why she cared for him the way that she had,when he wasn't anything but this violent brute who loved war.

    She was right to make him choose. This wasn't some batman-bullshit where he'd come fly in and leave whenever he pleased,after confusing her,making her fall and fly away because he had issues. In retrospect he felt it was slowly dimmering to be the same ordeal,but not one he wanted to resonate with his psyche.


  • Jesus. What was he supposed to say to that? Everything he could ever hope for in a woman,other than Maria was standing there right in front of him. No... He wasn't blind to this.. Not at all. And he wasn't completely foolosh,either. The issue was plain and simple. He's walking dead. The man who awaited death to come to him,but he seemed to keep on kickin'. In his frame of mind.. Death has near-Frank-experiences,not the other way around.
    Swallowing thickly,his mind muddled from emotions,fighting the urge to flip his shit,because really.. This was supposed to be him,saying this to her. Something was clearly wrong with this picture.

    "H... Hattie.. I didn't expect you to do these things for me.. I wanted you to do yourself the favor. The apartment was nice,but it was in a shit neighborhood. The job paid well,but you lost something more dignified. Don't you see? I only wanted you to move on from that chapter,because you deserved more.. You still do.. Fuck,how could you even want a guy like me? I'm walking dead,Hattie. Someone is always out there,trying to kill my ass,and if you're with me.. You'll suffer,too. That's what I'm afraid of. I can't stand the thought of losing you or hurting you."

    Averting his gaze,he sucked in his bottom lip. Those effervescent hues scintillating before his very eyes was enough to make any man melt. He felt like a failure. In all things. He failed his wife and kids,he failed her. The only thing he couldn't fail was a battlefield. After a long pause,he sighed,running his hand through his mussed hair and turned toward her,coming closer as he held her hands within his own. "I'm scared... There's something about you that leaves me terrified. I'm not good with emotional safety.. I'm sorry I hurt you.. You're as good as dead if you and I..." Great. Stammering. That's all this big-headed baffoon needed.
    "I loved my wife and my kids.. But I would rather be in the middle of mud and shit and bombs and firearms going off,and that's something I gotta make peace with. They knew it. The day I came home,they knew. Frankie boy was gone. Long gone and missing his other family back on the battlefield. I can't... I can't handle losing someone else I care about.." He murmured. He wanted to be with her,craved it,in fact. But what did he have to offer her?

    What's he supposed to say?-'Hi,I'm a war-loving sociopath but because I have feelings for you,I'd rather protect you to keep you safe from me?'... He's afraid of losing her because of the ware he waged on himself. His own life meant jack shit to him. And a man with nothing to lose is a man most feared. 

  • They both weren't on the same page. The tightness he'd felt in his chest caused him to wince and turn away. The fuck was wrong with him,lately? He missed her,far too much. But given the circumstances they couldn't be together. He was considered a homocidal maniac on a war path to avenge his family's murder. But never mind the details of how all that shit went donw in the first place. It was the government who let him down. And continued to do so. He gave up everything. And the pain he felt that day was the exact same pain he was feeling then and now,seeing her cry. 'Frank,you fucking idiot'.

    "Hattie.. I.." 'I-what'?-Thought Frank. 'I'm sorry'? I'm sorry,wouldn't fucking cut it.
    "All I know was that you left.. I had no idea what would've happened to you,if anything did,I had no idea.." He couldn't drag this any longer. "I thought of you every day.. You're the first person I think about when I wake up,the last person I think about when I fall asleep.. The person I dream about. And you left me.. Without anything to let me know you were safe." He mumbled. He never thought of her in any bad light. The situation was highly unfavorable,however. "I know,I'm an asshole... I know I can't give you what you want.. I just want to be able to give you what you need."

  • "It's not the same kind of attention,Hattie.. You know that. I didn't throw dollar bills at you to get in your pants,and from what I remember.. Your shithead sugar daddy,thought the same thing. That's where I come in,I protect you,I kill the bastards who do bad shit to good people. I give you a different kind of attention." He murmured,trying to make sense of the ordeal for her. Sure, it wasn't easy.. hell,nothing is anymore. Ever since Maria and the kids death,it had taken a toll on his mentality. He came home and traded one war for another. But enough of his pity party.

    Coming closer only in the slightest,now nervous to approach her. Reason being that,he had insulted her. And her feeling distant now,was his fault. "I'm sorry." Frank added in a quiet manner. "It wasn't fair of me to take that out on you." He didn't want to admit jackshit about his feelings. Firstly,because he was positive he was devoid of such a shit storm as 'feelings' and secdonly,to her,because she managed to course through his veins so easily. He had let his gaurd down and he felt stupid for it.

  • || Don't I know it,Kitten.x

    Negan surprised to be this close to this woman he had fallen so hard for. Not that it was difficult, all things considered.  Her sunkissed glow,long blonde hair delicately caressing her slender shoulders as she gently leaned in against the brooding force of nature. Peering down as the scent of leather coagulating with his musk as his ominous appearance permeated between them. They really were one of those -what-the-fuck kind of couples. He was upset that she left,was upset she did this on her own,was upset that he wasn't there for the birth of their daughter.

    But hey..
    She was back. With Eliana and that's all that mattered to him as of that moment. They would need to talk later,however. This wasn't something he would easily allow to slip by him. Sweet little Minerva must've known that... Didn't she?
    Tucking her closer to his side as his gaze drifted from her crown to the baby,he bit down on his bottom lip."Can I hold her?" He whispered hoarsely."When are you coming home?" He implied,carefully cradling the infant against him as she stirred,whimpering slightly before he cooed.

  • It felt like it had been months since they last intereacted. The pools of blue making his heart flutter all too easily,despite him keeping his aggressive composure. Fuck,how he missed her. He was glad to hear she left The Butterfly Room. Too much drama for a young lady,he'd always felt.But... She did move out of the city.. What did that mean for them? Was there even a chance for them to be an item? He wasn't sure,himself. Always bordering on the egde of sanity and whatever's left of it. Was he ready to move on? He did think of her often.


    Portraying to be heated,as always intended. Castiglione always was a man of honor. And losing touch of someone of her caliber made him worry to no fucking bounds. "Didn't get enough attention at the Butterfly Room,Miss Hattie?" He remarked coldly. Slightly jealous, and wasn't sure if she still thought of him any. Truth is... He knew he wasn't right for her. He knew it all along. But that didn't mean he couldn't take care of her and keep her safe.

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