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...Kara Starikov."








On June 18, 2018, as Kara Danvers used some Harun-El to transport herself, Samantha Arias, and Reign to Juru to defeat the Dark Kryptonian, the stone released a torrent of dark magic, which fused with Reign's remains. This magic soon ventured into the Siberian Border and materialized into a copy of Supergirl. The copy, completely naked except for a blanket she was clad in, ventured forth through the snow and eventually approached a group of soldiers at the border.

The soldiers took her to one of their huts, gave her a warm coat and a fur cap in order to cover herself as well as a cup of hot tea to warm up; then one of them tried to molest her by calling her "stray dog" and fondling her, but she grabbed his hand breaking its bones. At that exact moment the Minister of Defense arrived, commenting her likeness with Supergirl and interrogating her, however after a few questions, he realized that she was in a blank state with no memory at all except for the name "Alex".


The Minister, eagerly decided to take the opportunity and train her to be a weapon for Kaznia's Military, nicknaming her "Snowbird" and giving her a copy of "Сбежавший Динозавр" in order to learn to write, read and at least some basic words.

Some days later, Snowbird was escorted into the woods in order to be exposed at the sun and learn the source of her powers, managing to hovering into the air for the first time, however as her super hearing emerged, she became overwhelmed by the sounds and also developed heat vision randomly striking several Kaznia soldiers before the Minister of Defense ordered to restrict her with taser sticks


Meeting "Alex"
Snowbird was then confined into a cell and guarded by the same soldier who tried to molest her some days prior. One night, due to her powers, she heard a young boy scream for help and escaped her confinment to reach the cabin in the woods where the boy, Mikhail, lived, saving him from some thieves and then hugging him and curling into fetal position in a corner of his house. There, after a few hours, she was found by Lex Luthor, who was called by the Minister of Defense in order to help Kaznia's Army to handle her.

Relying on her only memory, the name "Alex", Lex convinced Snowbird to be "Alex" and that they were very close friends before of her memory loss. He got close to her and asked her if she would like to learn how to control her strength, then having a first training session with her, and beginning to instruct, promising her to explain everything regarding her origins and sending her books and other material before departing due to his seventy two free hours away from Stryker's Island Penitentiary having nearly expired.



Later Snowbird started an intensive military and physical training. In one occasion, while she was punching through the rocky walls in a secret mine in the mountains of Southern Kaznia as part of her exercises, she caused an earthquake which created landslides above and destroyed part of a railroad track. After Supergirl saved a Kaznian train from being derailed, the copy continued her work under the watchful eye of the soldiers.[4] She also read the books that Lex sent to her, learning English as well as several notions of politic and economy from Karl Marx, however the book she appreciated the most was The Great Gatsby, falling for the glamorous romance of the novel.




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  • "So. We meet again, Red Daughter."



  • (Thank you for the request and welcome back as the Red Daughter, dear Jules. Sorry my late reply. Been very busy lately with life and the COVID-19 crisis.)

  • Faora rushes into the room with her military coat on. She looks at Kara for many moments, she is clearly near tears. The Red Daughter is alive. She is only the Kryptonian alive Faora Ul considered a friend. Faora wasn’t in love in with her for she knows Kara likes men but for her, in her own twisted way, she is her family. And suddenly she gives Kara a bear hug and starts to cry. Tears of joy are rolling down her cheeks.

    ”I thought I will never see you again. I thought you were dead. “Faora tells her in fluent Russian. Faora let her go, takes a step back. She looks at Kara, smiling a little.”Welcome back, Red Daughter.” Faora, hugs and feelings. It’s a good mix for Faora .She wants to be loved just like everyone else. And she has feelings and a crush on a special Vampire Bride who shall not be named.

  • [Totally out of character:

    Thank you for accepting my friendship request once more darling. I hope you are doing fine these strange days. Best wishes from London]

  • {Thank you for adding me :) }

  • (OMG!  Is it you. Are you back? The Red daughter I was speaking and writing with before? If so. I know me, Raina, and Mina are going to be so thrilled you are back!!! Others too im sure. ::: Hugs tightly:: I missed you!)

    :: Calms herself down::

    Welcome back. I hope we can continue to have many adventures together!



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