Aria Diane Gunter

24 years old

Humanitarian | Vegetarian | Hippie Gypsy

Single | Pansexual | x0 Romantic Interests


Aria's childhood was completely normal. Her father worked in the oilfield; her mother was a nurse. She had a younger sister, Andrea. Though Andrea was younger, the sisters were close in age. As they grew and began finding themselves, Aria found herself often being treated as the black sheep of the family. She volunteered for PETA and after learning the disturbing truth about how animals in the beef and dairy industry were treated, she vowed to be a vegetarian. Being a vegetarian in a meat eating family was difficult for her. Her father was an avid hunter during the hunting season. Her mother didn't understand why Aria would make the decision to eat vegetables and fruits instead of the perfectly good meat she had cooked. Aria was often looked at with disgust at the dinner table. 

As Aria entered her senior year and her sister entered her junior, things changed for the worst. Aria slept with her first woman. Andrea and her parents called themselves Christians and when the word got out of what Aria had done, Andrea went straight to her father. The turnout was not good. Aria was kicked out of her home and

moved in with her then girlfriend. 

The summer following graduation, Aria and her girlfriend broke up. Homeless and single, Aria took to the streets where she met a gypsy man named Ryder. They decided to see the world. They loaded all of their belongings up in his piece of shit mustang and traveled America and Canada. The romance was short lived when Aria found him cheating on her with a prostitute. Ryder left her in Nevada with no money, no food, and no means of travel. But, Aria prevailed. She joined a group of travelers where she found her passion of protesting and music festivals. 



Height: 5'6" 

Weight: 122lbs

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Build: Slender

Sexual Preference: Any

Skills: Pick pocketing, evading police, singing, can throw a hell of a right punch

Character Traits: Observant, Bubbly, Loud Mouthed, Quick Tempered


Still under construction 

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