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  • Eve quietly got in the car, helping Jason with bags where she could. Hoping to help alleviate some of the pain in his shoulder. She wished she could take the pain away, but she couldn’t. Instead she found herself inexplicably drawn to the man. He’d been the first human in this city that she found herself trusting. Found herself wishing well for. 

    If you wanted him to be safe, you’d leave. You know they’re after you. Part of her conscious told her. She knew it was partially right. He would have been safer without her, but now that they had men after her? They’d target him too. Use him to pull her out of the dark, and she’d come willingly to save him.

    She knew that already. She found herself staring out of the window, looking about until they made it to the cabin.

    As they stopped, Eve got out of the car carefully and followed Jason inside. She allowed herself to look around, running her hands across the counters and objects, looking around. As he spoke she found herself turning around to smile at him.

    “It’s lovely. It looks like a good place to raise a family.” She paused. “So I feel guilty my problems led us here.”

    She frowned.

    She moved closer to him, stopping a few feet in front of him. Slowly she moved his shirt to check the wound. He needed proper bandaging, but for now it’d work. When she was satisfied she took a step back but smiled at him again.

    “Thank you.”

  • Eve’s cheeks flushed as he kissed her cheek, she hadn’t ever really experienced that before, and she wasn’t certain if she liked it. She bit the inside of her cheek and gave him a small smile before watching as he took his shirt off.

    She blinked in shock, having not expected his body to look so...bruised and scarred. So much like hers had at the hands of humans who only wanted to use her. Maybe he understood her much better than she’d thought he did. She frowned but nodded as he told her they were just memories now. 

    Some part of her wanted to find who had done this, and do the same to her. She didn’t understand why.

    “Alright, I apologize. This will...hurt.”

    Without questioning it, Eve leaned forward and touched around the area where he’d been shot. With her thumbs, she spread the skin open a little, her eyes changing again she looked in. She frowned, seeing no bullet, what kind of bullets were those? It didn’t go through it should still be there.

    She swallowed, leaning back, her eyes shifting back to normal, she tore a piece of her shirt to use. Lifting his arm up just enough, she wrapped the shirt around his shoulder, tightly to use as a bandage. She tied it off and ran her thumb across area, gently, frowning in concentration. She didn’t say anything for a moment.

    “We can go.”

    She seemed to have something on her mind, but wasn’t speaking it.

  • Eve seemed to consider his words, though a little hurt that he seemed to laugh. Maybe it was partially because she’d lost many people and things to this war she seemed to constantly find herself in, or perhaps, it was a sense of care she seemed to develop for Jason. Regardless and either way-

    “Alright.” She nodded. “This cabin, we can lay low there for now, are you certain you’ll be able to make it there?”

    She seemed concerned, if anything, more for his safety. He was human, she wasn’t treating him as a fragile creature. More so, a fellow warrior that needed treatment as soon as possible.

    “Could I bandage you up before we move first?”

  • She could smell his bleed, hear his heart beat, but- she didn't react. Didn't allow herself to. She didn't want to give him a reason to be afraid of her. She didn't know him, if at all, but she cared for him. He cared for her and that was enough for her. She let him lead her back to his apartment, silent as they entered.

    She stayed out of the bathroom as he cleaned his wound. She wanted to be respectful. As soon as he came out and spoke, she didn't reply for a moment, instead glancing at his wound. She eyed it before pushing herself off of her seat and approaching him with a small smile. 


    She moved to fix the bandage he'd placed on his wound, so it would be more comfortable. She smiled at him again, taking a moment to check him over and avoid eye contact. When she was happy she took a step back and pressed her lips into a thin line. She frowned, for a moment, in thought and sighed.

    "Jason," she started. "It'd be much safer if I left on my own. You've gotten seriously hurt and I- I don't want to see that again."

    She sighed.

    "Why? Why would you do that for me?" She looked him in the eye. "It seems to go beyond just- doing what's right. It was...a little reckless and I am thankful. Just concerned."

  • Eve reacted, almost instantly, to Jason’s voice. Like his was the only one she could really understand, a weight that grounded her from losing control. She flung herself back up to the ceiling, claws digging into its material and hid her face in her shoulder. The bang went off not even a second later and the men were blinded, Eve looked again and found Jason.

    She crawled to place herself above him, watching him fight and taking in the battlefield. As she let out a groan, her wound still healing, a few of the men found her and started to take shots. She ignored them virtually. Jason was an ally, someone she could trust, he was fighting with her, she felt the need to do her best to protect him.

    As he called out the two men above him, she dropped directly in front of them. They stopped and stared in fear as she stood up. She didn’t give them a chance, she shoved one off of the catwalk. If he wasn’t dead he would be out for a while. The second man, however, she grabbed by the vest- Jason's shout of pain alerted her. Her head snapped to him, she found him bleeding, injured, trying to crawl to a new position. 

    Her eyes set on the ground firing at him. Dragging the man she had, by the vest, closer to the group on the catwalk- the man who had shot Jason focused on her. Shouting in both anger and fear, she shot at her, a few shots hitting her- legs, torso, but none seemed to really phase her. Once close enough, the rest of them but two would focus on her.  She lifted the man she had, by the vest, he begged- and she tossed him. Directly at the small crowd. 

    It didn’t kill any of them, but it did knock them over.

    She took advantage and vaulted over the edge, sprinting at the rest of them as soon as she landed. They panicked and fired, Jason would have to lay flat on the ground so-as-to not get hit. She ran shoulder first into the first one. He flew across the room, hitting his head at an awkward angle. If he wasn’t head- he would be soon. The second man, she grabbed the barrel of his gun and bent it before he could use it. He dropped it and tried to swipe at her with a knife. She bent backward, out of its reach, before reaching forward before he could react and gripping his throat- she tore it out. He died instantly.

    As the four men she’d knocked over began to stand up, she decided. She couldn’t take these men out while worrying about Jason, he was already injured. With a groan, as one of the men shot her lower abdomen- it didn’t do much the adrenaline was still there, it just hurt -she turned back and sprinted. The men chased after her, but she could outrun them. She vaulted over the railing and ran to Jason.

    Without a warning, she grabbed the collar of Jason’s shirt and dragged him as fast as she could. The men weren’t fast enough. 

    She slammed a fist against a heavy metal door, it swung open, and she slid Jason out of the building.. There, she stood, watching Jason for a moment. Regret in her eyes. She couldn’t talk while in her transformation but seemed to convey guilt for what she was doing. She reached forward, slamming the door shut, and twisted the handle at an angle. Jason wouldn’t be able to open the door. 

    The door would remain closed, the sound of fighting would continue for a few more minutes. It would only end with her yelling, a mixture of pain and anger.

    Then the sound of the door handle being fixed, it would open, and there would be Eve. Bloody, breathing hard, but looking like her normal self. There was a notable wound on her neck, from a bullet, bleeding but slowly healing. She gazed at Jason and took a step forward.

    “Are you alright?” She was more concerned about him.

  • Eve, herself, was blindsided by the suddenness of the assault. One moment she was frozen, Jason hugging her, and then suddenly they were separated. They were on opposite sides of the room and she felt the world spinning. She saw the men swarm the room and swallowed, pushing herself up before she herself was surrounded.


    And before she could react, or push these men away, Jason was taking the men on one by one and with ease. A few of the men on her turned to him, beating him down, and Eve felt true fear for him. He was one of them. Why were they hurting him? Something- more primal built into her chest, even as the men backed her into a wall.

    She saw one of the men attacking Jason reach for a gun and she reacted.

    Eve rushed forward, shoving the men surrounding her aside. Most fell to the ground and struggled to get back up. She launched herself right at the men attacking Jason. Her claws extended, her skin darkened to an unnatural grey, her eyes shifted to black and blue. 

    She fell backward with two men beneath her, without thinking, her claws dug into them several times until they stopped moving. Blood splattered across her. She turned on her heels, towards the remaining men who continued to beat Jason. She grasped the collar of Jason’s shirt and yanked him away, sliding him to the opposite side of the room.

    One of the men trained his gun on her, shooting her shoulder, she only flinched back, turning back to snarl at him like it hadn’t even really affected her. He panicked and tried to shoot again when she descended upon him. It didn’t work, however, as she grasped his hair, turning his head forcefully and latched herself onto his neck.

    “Kill the damn thing!” One of the men panicked, trying to aim at her. 

    She dropped the now dead man, and launched herself towards the ceiling and latched onto it. She leaned back, snarling at them. The last few of the men swallowed, unable to actually attack her as- anytime they had she’d attacked back. She stalked closer.

    One of the men aimed his gun at Jason.

    “Make her stop!” He demanded.

    Eve dropped from the ceiling and grabbed the man’s wrist, bending it back painfully. He cried out and grasped his vest with both hands. He shook his head, pleading with her not- and she threw him as hard as possible out of the windows they’d busted through. Another man cocked his gun.

    Eve, this time, as quick as she could, she placed herself in front of Jason and locked her jaw. She stared the men down.

    They’d attack again, but when they did she’d be the first to take a hit. 

    Protect Jason, some part of her told herself.

  • Eve chewed the inside of her cheek as she thought about HOW to reply to him exactly. He’d known of her world for sometime, that which was not human, but hadn’t truly been in it. SHe wasn’t sure how to explain it in a way that would make sense- because at times it didn’t even truly make sense to her. She didn’t know how to respond to being called beautiful either.

    “Humans-” She let out a breath, “-if they understand what I am, they know they can use me as leverage to get what they want. Or sell me for a ridiculous amount. It’s entirely too tempting, and, I do not mean this as an offensive thing but, humans more than any other creature are the first ones to give into temptation.”

    Eve paused, moving to take a seat furthest from the door. She crossed her legs and gave Jason a small smile. 

    “Vampires think I’m an abomination, that my existence is against the rules of nature, the world- and that is quite ironic, isn’t it? They’re dead. Something that shouldn’t be allowed to walk, and yet they do. Still, they hate me.” She sighed. “Lycans, just, are power hungry creatures. If they possess me and understand how to use what I am, they have a heavy advantage. They don’t care if I’m dead or not when they do it.”

    She looked down to her lap before looking back at him.

    “I am a descendant of one of the oldest bloodlines. To both vampires and wolves. A bloodline so old, my ancestors were both. Corvin,” she chuckled humorlessly at the irony, “my father was a human turned hybrid, Vampire and Lycan. My mother was a very old vampire. I was born out of their love, and for the first thirteen years of my life I only knew of the cruelty of captivity.”

    She took a moment, swallowing a lump in her throat and looking away again.

    “My bloodline, more than others, could give either species the ability to turn hybrid, or-” she frowned, “-if used correctly, make them invulnerable to natural weaknesses. Like silver for Lycans.”

  • Eve wasn’t entirely certain what to think of the man walking towards them, she blinked and opened her mouth- was he mistaken? She was no one, nothing to anyone really, how could he have mistaken her for anything else? She blinked, leaning back as he reached for her. She, was, however, shocked, when Jason stepped in front of her and reached for him first. The next thing she knew the drunk man was face down on the ground.

    As Jason took her hand again, she understood why and let him take her hand. She’d glanced up and saw a couple of police officers walking their way, calling for them to wait. They ran, and Eve followed him willingly, seemingly trusting him completely as she did. She kept up easily, and followed his movements to a safer spot to stop at. She kept note of the directions so they could make it back to his apartment if he ended up being lost.

    As they came to a stop, she didn’t seem burdened by the need to breathe, instead watching him as he took in a breath of air and seemed to be out of energy to run any further. As he spoke, she offered a small smile before glancing towards an open metal door. They needed more cover, if anything, to wait a few minutes. 

    Eve picked up Jason’s hand again without a word, and gently pulled him in through the door. Once there, she’d let go of his hand and turn back towards the door, she pulled it shut, twisting the bar handle with ease to lock them in and keep any humans at least, out. Once she was done, she turned back towards him.

    “It’s alright. I don’t...understand humans,” she paused, “but then again I’ve only ever known the hands of nefarious humans, bastard lycans, and vampires that shunned me.”

    She paused.

    “My mother loved a human once, my father before he turned. I guess I only understand grief born out of love, can make you do things. Maybe that man had lost someone and I reminded him of her?”

    She shrugged, looking around. The building they were in was an old factory. She looked around, lights illuminating the room and them well.

    “This place is oddly beautiful. A testament of time, I think. Rusted, but it has history.”

  • Eve remained quiet on the walk, virtually, just smiling at Jason once before looking around to take in her surroundings.

    This city was something she’d never come across, or at least, not one that seem to be brimming with life. London had always seemed deader, colder, but maybe because she was with her mother then. Jason was so unlike her mother she couldn’t help but think, perhaps he was showing her the parts he possibly could without them catching attention. With that thought, she relaxed at his side almost entirely. She felt safe enough.

    As his hand slipped into hers, he whispered to her and she tensed for a moment. Uncertain how to feel exactly. She glanced around as subtly as she possibly could, and spotted them. Less worried about the police, she found the hunters. A growl built in her throat, until she squeezed her hand and was reminded she was with Jason. She cleared her throat and took a step closer to him, holding his hand firmly but not tight enough to hurt him. He’d get hurt, and she wouldn’t let him get her for her.

    She let him lead her to the bus stop. The moment his arm wrapped around her, despite the heat in her cheeks, she leant into him and laid her head on his shoulder. Part of her truly didn’t know how to feel about this. The other wanted to rip around and tear the hunters apart. Logically, she understood that they had family. Killing them would probably hurt people who didn’t deserve it. Something she didn’t like to do until she had a reason to.

    She turned her head enough to find an officer walk their way. She took in a breath and turned, tucking herself against him further to appear as at least a couple with romantic intention. Her hand slipped to the underside of his jaw, turning his head slightly towards her.

    “Jason. There’s an officer coming.” She whispered into his ear, pulling back with a small smile.

  • Eve closed her eyes, counting to ten as she listened to him. He seemed borderline eager to help her, and while part of her already trusted him- like a broken animal would to its rescuer, she still felt cautious. Just more sure that for now, he had no reason to betray her for money or necessities though she wouldn’t blame him.

    10, She opened her eyes, glancing towards him, finding him closer now. Her eyes were normal, her energy seemed to even itself out. She suddenly became nervous with him so close, and swallowed thickly. Not many people actively got within distance to her.

    She looked down to her lap, moving her hands to fidget in said lap. She thought about it for a moment. Maybe going on a walk would do her some good? It felt like a moment where it would be good to get a bearing, as he said, on her surroundings, and just look. Something she hadn’t been able to do in a very long time. Not since she’d left her mother.

    “Thank you. Maybe a walk would do some good? If you’re not afraid you could be caught with me. I’ve never been in this city before if I am quite honest. I don’t even know the address.”

    She sighed and looked around.

    “I haven’t met a human yet, as kind as you. I don’t know how to feel about it.”

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