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Better the Demon She Knows

WARNING! 18+ content below.




His touch. His laugh. The twinkle in those haunted grey eyes.

I’ve never seen him in a state of vulnerability. Until now. Slouched over the balcony railing of that shady motel, his dark hair mussed in that utterly sexy ‘just fucked’ manner. His train of thought lay elsewhere, his posture stiff and unyielding. I tiptoe across the carpet and slip out onto the balcony, wrapping my arms around his midsection and burying my face between the blades of his shoulders. He twitches, the muscles drawn tight beneath the skin as he flexes responsively. I breathe a sigh of relief when he doesn’t pull away. Words go unspoken, the silence creeping in like a damp fog.

Moisture accumulating on the skin. Maere would never admit it, but he enjoyed our little meetings. I purposely made myself available to him despite my father’s threats. I was young and dumb and I rebelled against the laws he’d set out for his children, myself included. His skin is littered with scars, and tattoos. Hours of work punched into his flesh. I wanted my lips on every single inch of colored skin, starting at the replicated devil’s wings curled up on his back. I lay my hands upon his hips, fingers tucked just inside the waistband of his shorts, the pads touching the groove of those sex lines.

“Maere,” I whispered, resting my forehead against the vertical curvature of his spinal column. 

“Kaephir.” He whispered back. 

My whole body broke out in goose flesh, my lower lip wobbling. The way my name rolled off his tongue left me in tatters, every stitched seam unraveling until I’m completely exposed. I… loved this man. I loved him and it was complicated. Our situation was a dire one, but I refused to let someone else dictate who I could and could not love. Maere was mine. “I love you.” 





Kae. So innocent. So beautiful. My soul be damned. I wanted her for eternity. Her body melted against mine. And for a moment I thought I was dreaming. But her heart… It had a beat I could dance to. One that made my own skip occasionally. Her arms secure themselves around my waist and I’m a goner for sure. The way she touches me sets me on fire from the inside out. And it’s not just my internal temperatures that I’m talking about. I think about what last night meant for the both of us, and immediately wished I hadn’t. We’re not supposed to be together. Angels and demons.

My body goes rigid as she slithers those hands south, dipping them beneath the waistband of my shorts, tracing her fingers along the lines of my muscles. Fuck’s sake, I’m rock fucking hard. Again. She has this hold over me that keeps me stiff. I’m sure she can feel it too. Knowing she’s within touching distance. I’m throbbing. And leaking. Preseed drips into the fabric of my boxers, going to waste when it could be going down her throat.


I clenched my jaw, muttering angrily to myself. Where has my self control gone? That’s right… TO MY DICK! That rat bastard. How come HE gets to have all the fucking fun? I breathe in deep and my frame comes alive, the threaded muscles twitching beneath the taut skin. We’re standing in the same position as we had done three nights earlier. When the rain came down by the buckets. When I almost threw her out on her ass. I didn’t want this to be a permanent thing. I’ve never taken to any of my previous conquests, so why start now, right? Wrong! The bitch blindsided me when she turned up the next day, begging for my cock down her throat.

Who was I to say no to a flawlessly beautiful face. So, we fucked. And fucked. And fucked some more. Until I found myself tangled up in the covers with her, my face in her hair, inhaling her scent, and wishing she would stay. But alas, by nine that morning, she’d showered, dressed, made me breakfast – bacon, eggs, and some sourdough with real butter – and left. I wanted to hate her. But the more I thought about it, the more my cock defied me, begging me to jerk off to the thought of my hands in her hair, her plump lips wrapped around my thick girth. Damn, that woman could deep throat too. Took me right to the root of my shaft more than once.

She showers me in affection I don’t deserve. And when she whispers my name, I come alive. That feeling of security, of acceptance, of – dare I say it – love overwhelming me. I come undone. That hard exterior I’d been fronting all along shatters and I crumble, breathing hard. My body bows and she would know in that instance that I’m hers. “I know,” I exhale, trying to regain my composure. “I love you too.”

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"Closed Until Further Notice..."

“Closed until further notice…” 

Alice’s expression shattered. Closed? But the way into Wonderland was never closed! Heart hammering against her rib cage, she closed the distance between herself and the grotesquely twisted and gnarled trunk of the tree overshadowing the Rabbit Hole and — with some effort — ripped off the rotted plank nailed haphazardly to the wood. The scrawl carved into its damp surface barely illegible. Appearing beside her, pocket watch set within his tiny white paw, was the White Rabbit. Squinting, Rabbit rose up on hind legs to peer at the plank, his little pink nose twitching excitedly.

“Do you know anything about this, McTwisp?” 

“I do not! But we are late. Late, late, late for a very important date.” 

Now was not the time to be reciting the usual monologue. Discarding the plank in the nearby bushes, Alice then turns to face McTwisp, visibly shaken. Wonderland was home. Or was. The Rabbit Hole was nothing more than a tuft of grass upon a moung of freshly disturbed earth. A tiny daffodil had sprung up within the center of that grass tuft, its thin green stalk bent slightly to the right. 

“Come, Alice. We cannot stay here! There is danger afoot.” the crimson glare from McTwisp’s beady eyes swivel from left to right, as thought searching for the impending danger. Alice could neither see nor hear whatever it was the Rabbit was sensing therefore she didn’t seem as alarmed. 

“Come on!” 

The White Rabbit plucks out that pocket watch, flips open the casing and peers at the hands spinning uncontrollably around the cream colored watch face. Latelatelatelatelate. 

“Alright, alright. Hold onto your waistcoat, Rabbit.” Alice huffed, biting her lip. 

The atmospheric pressure surrounding them would shift and the skies would darken beyond intelligent reasoning. While Alice is otherwise distracted by the sudden turn in the weather conditions, McTwisp went about surpassing her and pouring something into the mound, reinforcing the earth and making sure that Wonderland would be inaccessible to anyone, and anything. The luminescent blue liquid acquired directly from the Vale of Tears thrums gently, giving the mound the appearance of the earth breathing. Once all the liquid has been emptied and the breathing ceases, McTwisp caps the vial from which it was poured and slips it back into the hidden inner pocket of his waistcoat, patting the exterior material with a satisfied dip of his head. Alice, oblivious to what’s just happened, turns on heel and pouts. 

“I don’t like this, McTwisp. I need to get home. I need to get back to Wonderland. And so do you!” 

“Here, drink this…” McTwisp retrieves another little vial from his pocket, looking as innocent as ever. His ears twitch almost as excitedly as his nose as he offers it to her. “Trust me, Alice.” 

Trusting the Rabbit was the last thing poor Alice should’ve done. Uncapping the vial, Alice tips her head back and downs the clear liquid. There’s a warm, almost numbing tingle at the back of her throat as she swallows. No sooner had she returned the now empty bottle would she be able to feel the effects take ahold of her. Fwump! Her eyes slip shut and her body takes on a weightlessness. For a moment it feels as though she’s flying. Or falling. Falling seemed a more appropriate description. And then… complete darkness creeps in, consuming her mind.




Alice awakens. She’s back in the good doctor’s office. There is a clipboard sat upon the squared lap of Dr. Bumbleton, Alice’s therapist and the resident pervert here at the Asylum. He seems pleased with the day’s findings, his tongue clicking absently against the roof of his mouth as he scrawls his notes. “That is all for today, Alice.”

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