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Paragraph, Multi-Para, One-liners

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Violence, Realistic, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action

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  • Heh. Sure you havn't.

    And what if I was worried? Just a little... Got a habbit of running off like this after promising a girl a ride? 

  • × Woooow, Yeah that's not doing much to convince me they aren't a little gay for each other xD You fucking better ♡ ×

  • “Oh really.  Define best behavior. I would love to know what you consider to be good behavior on a day to day buisness. “


  • × Would you believe me if I said I missed you already? No? Well here's something I think you'll like that I plan on throwing at your Facebook page as well. Have some cute bromancey shit that we still need to finish when I get back. Love yoooou ♡ ×

  • Didn't go down on that pretty dyna of yours did you? 

  • “Haven’t heard you on the police wire for a while. You been keep off the radar or finally on a semi straight and narrow? Or is the bad boy biker thug still pulling tricks?”

  • "Dude you're fucking boring. What happened to us.man?"

  • "Hey, fucknuts. Still touching dicks with Negan?"

  • "Hey baby blue eyes, what's new? Still having a lovers quarrel with what's his face?"

  • "Oh-hohoho, I'm real, Tiggy! I'm very real! Why don't you come closer and see? Come join the clown, Tigs. You'll float! We all float down here. Yes, yes we do!"

This reply was deleted.


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