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Она кусок стекла, относиться к ней с уважением





m e a n i n g  b e h i n d  t h e  m a d n e s s

Ana | a n a s t a s i a; introduction.

Solniska | s w e a t h e a r t; motherly love.

Camka | d o e; it's just business...

Little One | d a u g h t e r; fatherly love.

Volkov | w o l f; it runs in the family...

Brat | r u s s i a n  g i r l; that attitude won't take you anywhere.



a n a s t a s i a

age | 23

dob | 05.28.95

pob | kaliningrad

zodiac | gemini

residing | new york

sexuality | bisexual

status | not looking








 ... the wolves are out hunting tonight ...


let's take a ride.


Ana was born in Kaliningrad, Russia, on May 28 1995. She was a happy-go-lucky only child that her parents adored. Soft blonde hair, electric blue eyes, and freckles that seemed to dance in the sunlight. When she was three, her parents struggled with the bankrupsy that was happening all over the country. They struggled to find food, lost their house, and her mother became very ill. They were given rations and shelter by willing homes and eventually lived in their old beat up truck for what seemed like years. Ana dreamed that she would be able to live in America someday, and it came true... somewhat.  

Her mother kissed her forehead, tears on her cheeks and covered her five year-old with some bankets and other miscellaneous things. She headed out with her husband into the night. Little Anastasia sitting in the dark, cold floor of her parents pick up, hiding for what seemed like hours.. Until it started up again, but it wasn't her family. She heard two men in the front talking in a language she didn't understand. But she sat, quiet as a mouse, until she fell asleep. She never saw her parents again.


It's been 18 years since she's been away from home, and the ground she steps on now feels like freedom. Those dark five years are over, but she's no where near where she wants to be. Those two men she heard driving her parent's truck? Yeah they have been on her ass since they brought her to America. She realized quickly that business is business and she was the trade. Her parents fucked her on that one. But with good intention. She's out of that filthy, hell of a country, and able to start fresh. Eventhough she was on the streets until she was 14, she grew up good. Independent, strong, and level headed. A family that owned a small diner took her in, and gave her a job. Blessed with kindness, she now has her own little apartment at age 23, in Farmingdale Long Island, New York. Living with her black american bobtail cat, Lyutsifer.






"Holy mother of what the shit?!" her colorful mouth got her into places she never should be walking, but that pretty little mouth of hers sure got her out of it. Ana is one hell-of-a smoothe-talker. She gives off such confidence and finess that it makes them drool. 

"It's just business, darlin'"

 A fancy way to say she's nothing but merchandise. When Anastasia got brought to America, she was put into a sex trade. Where all the fun kinks took place. People paid to fuck her up. She was beaten to a pulp, ribs broken, lips bloody, hair pulled out of her head, raped, stabbed, you name it. But she had one hell of an attitude, and a feisty sense of humor, she was almost pronounced insane. 


How did she get out you might ask? By escaping of course! That's why Dumb and Dumber are out for her neck. It's been almost a decade and she is finally starting to feel safe again... Should she?


"05.28.18 | Camka, it's been a while. I think your old man would love to see his Solniska all grown up. You should pay him a visit at the old dog pound on 7th Ave. 

0330 - don't be late."


A letter that arrived on her 23rd birthday from an unknown address. Which meant that it had to be dropped off at her doorstep personally...


Oh how time flies by...












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General Rules Apply

Page Rated R


{ B L O G  P O S T S }

To get a better understanding of Ana's past life, I'm in the makings of a miniseries of blog posts. Please read them to understand Ana's backstory a little bit better. Blogs are rated R with a readers advisory. Thank you.

{Part 1}







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Ⅰ. Она кусок стекла, относиться к ней с уважением. | She is a piece of glass, treat her with respect.

Ⅱ.  Lyutsifer. | Lucifer in Russian.

Ⅲ. Where all the fun kinks took place. | Ana uses dark comedy to help cope with what she's been through. She isn't supporting pedophiles or rapists or psychopaths and their sexual urges... She's just been through a lot.


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About the Writer (OOC)

A few things to know... The face claim that I chose for this character is Bryden Jenkins. Anastasia is my original character; please with all do respect do not kill her, kindly appreciated. Last but not least, Copyright © 2018-today All Rights Reserved.

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