Male | Age: 143 | Species: Ganado | Sexuality: Asexual | Height: 5'7"

 Likes: Guns, Weapons, People who buy guns, Money, Blue Fire
Dislike: Other Ganado, People in general, 

Appearance: Wears a black tattered trench coat, a large dark brown backpack, black combat boots, and a purple cloth wrapped around his face covering most of it excluding his eyes. When he is selling items, he opens his trench coat to show off his weapons for sale. This includes a large number of holsters as well as secret pockets to hide his selection if needed.

Training: The Merchant is not known for his shooting skills for a reason. No training what so ever.

The Merchant is a man who can find you the most difficult to find of weapons. From rocket launchers to knives, he is the best in the business. He takes pride in his ability to get what his costumers desire. Keeping the customers happy is low on his list of priorities, however,  instead wanting money more than anything else. You can ask him to find a certain rare weapon for you, but if you don't make it worth his while, it is unlikely to happen.

However, he will haggle prices up if it is extremely rare-- even if he likes you. He isn't one to give sales out nor giving items away for free. 

He also has a tendency to show up out of nowhere without warning. The Merchant's sometimes scares the individuals he wishes to sell items to, mostly because he will show up right behind them and tell them to follow him down a dark alley. Those brave enough will get a nice weapon for a price. 

The Merchant also has a keen liking towards blue fire. How he manages to ensure all the fire near him is blue instead of a bright red remains a mystery. However, this is the easiest way to find him when you are in need of weapons.

Before being known as The Merchant, he was a well-known arms dealer. The leader of the Ganado, Osmund Saddler decided he would be needed in their cult to grow their weapons. For some reason, the parasite did not stick, instead, it only morphed half of the man known as the Merchant. Since the parasite only caused damage to a portion of his brain, his outward appearance is that of a Ganado. While his outward appearance is that of a Ganado, his mind tended to stick to his old ways. 

His lack of devotion towards Osmund is seen through his clear distaste of his fellow Ganado-- selling weapons in order to get them killed. While he is not stupid enough to do it himself, he also manages to make a profit by letting others try. Selling to both sides as well as helping others attempt to destroy the Ganado is a plus in his book.

After the death of his fellow Ganado as well as Osmund Saddler, The Merchant decided to travel around and gain more customers to earn more cash. This also allowed him to gain access to more weapons.

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  • "Quality guns, perfect guns, I think you run a legit business."

  • Bennett stares at him with a raised brow. She isn't sure what to make of this... It brings her of the days of buying concert tickets from a guy on the sidewalk. 

    "Hmm, got any candles or anything that could make me entertained?" 

    She puts both hands into her back pockets and leans forward with a grin. 

This reply was deleted.

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