"From the dawn of time we came; moving silently down through the centuries, living many secret lives, struggling to reach the time of the Gathering; when the few who remain will battle to the last. No one has ever known we were among you... until now."


The Rules:

No Immortal may fight on Holy Ground, no matter who regards it as Holy
Immortal combat is one on one only — no outside interference
Mortals must not learn about Immortals — if you are killed, you move on
When only a few are left, all Immortals will feel drawn to a distant land, to fight for the Prize — this is the time of the Gathering
In the end, there can be only one — the last one will receive all the power of all the Immortals who ever lived


December 25, 1787



the Highlander

Lady Van Helsing


Master huntsman of the Van Helsing Society

Origin: Human

First Death:

Stabbed by Alexander to trigger her immortality at her prime


Professor Lawrence Van Helsing


Van Helsing Society,  MI6, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Nightstalkers, Torchwood,

Sir Malcolm Murray, Sherlock Holmes, Quincey Harker, Rachel Van Helsing, Vanessa Ives, Connor Macleod, Captain Jack Harkness, Ethan Chandler,  Prince Dakkar / Captain Nemo 

Enemies: Jack the Ripper, Johnny Alucard, Professor James Moriarty ,the Invaders,  the Great Old Ones, Victor "Helios" Frankenstein


 Originally hailing from highland stock, Catriona grew up an only child and was raised as the son her father never had. As such, she was schooled in swordsmanship from an early age,and continued to hone her skills, later in life challenging the gentry of England in their exclusive sport. While living in Scotland in her pre-Immortal days, she was a woman who lived the life she really loved traveling. Her life would change forever after meeting her first Husband, Alexander.

 First Death:
The term 'First Death' usually refers to the literal first death of an immortal which triggered their latent immortality. These deaths are, as far as is known, usually violent, and always unnatural. Without a violent first death to trigger their immortality, pre-immortals will age and die as other humans.

Catriona ‘s First Death

Two years have passed and Cat and Alexander would marry and become husband and wife. After the celebration, Alexander would really change Cat’s life forever. He tries to murder her as she sleeps to trigger her Immortality, but she wakes just in time to know that he is the one who stabs her. When she resurrects, in horror she flees while Alexander tries to take her head.


When an Immortal is beheaded, there is a powerful energy released from their body which is called a Quickening.

Catriona ‘s First Quickening:

Later she encountered her Immortal husband Alexander again. After some quick pleasantries, the two fought, with each of them hiding in the shadows to attack the other. Despite Alexander temporarily disarming Catriona, Catriona was able to gain back her sword and slice off Alexander’s hand. With no weapon to defend, Catriona was able to take Alexander’s head and his Quickening.


After besting a male opponent in a fencing bout, Catriona shocked the gathered men by unmasking herself as a woman. This impressed Vanessa Ives who had come to meet her at the urging of Ferdinand Lyle to seek her help in dealing with a modern incarnation of Dracula, a subject familiar to Catriona from her work as a thanatologist. She is in league with Sir Malcolm Murray and later became a Master huntsman of the of the Van Helsing Society.

Appearance and Personality 
Catriona is a beautiful woman in her thirties, with fair skin and a reddish hair bob. Catriona is an indomitable woman who eschews normal social conventions by wearing men's clothes and devoting herself to activities deemed masculine by the standards of the time.


Skills and Abilities.
Historian: Catriona is a capable historian, very knowledgeable in areas that others would readily dismiss as myth or folklore.

Swordmanship: Catriona is a very capable sword fighter, very creative in finding unconventional ways to beat an opponent even in disadvantaged positions.

Thanatology: Miss Hartdegen is a thanatologist, focused on the study of death and its associated rituals.


Catriona suffers and dies from wounds exactly the same way as ordinary humans do, however, she restores to a healthy state after dying. The only way to permanently kill her is decapitation. She, like other immortals, are able to sense when another immortal is near and when she kills another immortal, she gains all of their knowledge, memories, and experience. However, as an immortal, Cat is not allowed to fight on hollowed ground such as churches and graveyards.

 Catriona in The Game:
With no real interest in winning The Game, Cat instead focuses on staying alive, and so has minimized the number of duels she fights.  Her life is not as well documented, and so many of the Immortals that Cat killed have been unidentified.



Catriona Hartdegen (to Vanessa Ives): It's Catriona, please. Or for you, Cat. As in cat o' nine tails.

- Ebb Tide

Catriona Hartdegen: As you see, I've been doing my own research on Dracula. Sadly, almost every assumption you have is wrong.

Vanessa Ives: But I, I've been--

Catriona Hartdegen: Superstition, myth, and unfounded prejudice informs every page here. These are small-minded peasants and poets and theologians trying to make sense of something utterly inexplicable to them. So they invent any assumptions to fit their fears. Dracula can't walk by day, he doesn't cast a reflection, he can only be slain by a stake of consecrated ash wood. There's no sense to any of that. You may as well read the Bible for its history which, it goes without saying, is a fool's errand fit only for idiot children.

- Ebb Tide

Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

single and looking

Character Appearance

Catriona is a beautiful woman in her thirties, with fair skin and a reddish hair bob.

Character Personality

Catriona is an indomitable woman who eschews normal social conventions by wearing men's clothes and devoting herself to activities deemed masculine by the standards of the time.

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Anime, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adventure

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  • (Hello, thank you for the invite.)

  • (i am very happy to hear your words about us being a family to you my dear Rachel. :) they warm me a lot. And i know they will warm the others as well. :) I probably have mentioned this to you before but i will do it again just to be sure that you know this. Both me, Raina, Neil/dracula, Velvet,  Lucian, Sookie/Genie, are all on facebook too and we are connected to one another there, which helps us all staying in contact and to follow one anothers lives outside of the RP world. So if you are there too you should add us that way we can better be there for one another :))

  • (My character has changed s but a few times. Back on rolepages I played a vampiric doppelgänger of Lexxa Singh, Descendant of Khan Noonien Singh. Later I clone the details of that character into a new one which later I split into two characters. One being a half vampire half wereleopard that was a hunter turned Anti hunter, now hunting vampire hunters and the like. 

    Then this one. My space pirate like Lexxa was. Who is a Vampire Enhanced Tomorrow Person. Genetic human offshoot with psionic Powers. I had Dracula as father and sire of them but changed this time around for Cassie. 

    Instead I went with her father’s last name of Bathory to make her a descendant of the Blood Queen, Elizabeth Bathory. Based on the historical figure. Also going by Dracula’s wife in the Vampire Hunter D bloodlust movie.  Where Dracula has the wife known as the Bloody Countess Carmilla aka Elizabeth Bathory. Who had a bloodlust that surpassed even Dracula. To the point he later stakes her due to not liking her bloody thirsty way or something. According to the movie and manga anyhow. 


    So for the new story. Cassie was not turned by Dracula but by Dracula’s wife, Carmilla.  Sorta based of Carmilla Karstien as well.  So Cassie was turned by Carmilla who also was her distance ancestor and thus makes her kinda like possible great X number grandma. She was turned cause she was a member of the Homo Superior, the Tomorrow People, Human like being a With psionic Powers. So she figured a vampire made from such a species could become very powerful and wanted to make a new breed of vampire comparable to Dracula’s direct bloodline. 


    Later on Dracula finds his wife’s attest creation and shares his blood with her for her to adopt his bloodline as her own as well. He also then adopted her as his own daughter and later on Dracula and Carmilla vanished one day. Leading Cassie to think she was abandoned and causing abandonment issues within her. 

    Story little different for when I put her in comic book marvel or dc setting where I now have her as part Homo Magi and having gained magic powers upon her blood sharing with Dracula and learning his dark magic spell craft and the like. 


    So that is the main impertinent info and since she “loves” her adoptive vampire parents and is fiercely loyal to them and their memory. I think it would make sense for our two characters to be enemies at the start at least.  How would you like them to cross paths? I still play Cassie as a bank robber, vampire pirate = vampirate, or just Rogue slash Thief in general.  Who uses her vampire and psionic Powers to steal things regular human thieves would have great difficulty in doing. 



  • (Sure. Not sure when is a good time but we can begin discussing and planning something now if you like. )

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  • (Thank you for the friendship request, my dear Rachel. *hugs you deeply* And welcome back. I will send you a pm. )

  • (Hi there Rachel, i was hoping that might be you, how are you doing my dear? its been so long since i have seen you, but you were never forgotten by the group. We actually missed you quite a lot and was always hoping that you were doing well :) )

  • (Thank you for the invite)

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