CSS not showing up? [Update Sept.4]

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With the recent glitch we have had, some members may have noticed that after saving their profile codes and refreshing, their pages show up as blank/default. This is due to a site update where the HTML bar (where you choose to do bold or italics, including images in comments and so on) was added to the Profile Questions section under your settings. Where usually it would be fine, it means that unless you enter your codes under the section for HTML, then they won't show up on your page.


Here's how to fix it. 


1. When you are in your profile settings, you will see this, including your personal codes down below as you type them. 




2. Copy everything in your text box  (Why not put it in a document and save for safekeeping while you're at it), and then hit the HTML option on the toolbar. Once you have, clear out everything in the text box you see (it should look somewhat similar to your code). Re-paste your code into it instead. 



3. Once you have done that, hit 'Update' down below and check your profile. If you have any issues, feel free to comment below in this posting or send me a message. 





Still not working/Is this not your problem?

  • Make sure that there are no Html commands with '<' or '>' brackets in your code!

Such as <p> </p> etc.

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