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February Madness Giveaway! [Closed]

Not into the lovey dovey thing this month? Neither are we. For the whole month of February we will be giving away Steam game codes! That's one code a day for a total of 28 games!

Here's how it works!

Everyday at a random time (different time each day) a question will be posted on this discussion (so bookmark it!), An admin will put a random trivia question with the date that corresponds. First person to comment below with the correct answer will win the game key of the day!


- Admins and their Alt accounts may not participate. 

- You can win a total of 4 times (4 days) 

- Most of these questions are trivial and silly, lets all just have fun!

- Please respect that all these games are donated to the site for everyone's enjoyment, no matter how petty or amazing the game is.

- Game codes will be sent Via inbox unless requested otherwise. 

- All questions are selected based on CST time.

February Giveaway!

Day 1. How many member names start with the letter "N"? This excludes symbols, strictly 'N'

Prize: Quantum Break | winner Frank Castle | Reward sent


Day 2.  What is the title of the first ever Blog posted to Wrealms?

Prize: Amnesia (The Collection) | Winner Fiction | Reward sent


Day 3.  Post a cat photo as a comment to win!  *Kei was here*

Prize: H1Z1 (Includes H1Z1 Trickster Crate Key) | winner Frank Castle | Reward sent


Day 4.  Who was the runner-up for the last Valentine's Day Contest? (Hint, check Hall of Fame under the 'Home' tab' for the 2017 winner )

winner Kanesha | Reward sent

Prize: Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter


Day 5. Where do flamingoes get their pink color? (Bonus if you post with a flamingo pic)

Prize: The Long Dark | winner Kaine Khvadi | Reward sent


Day 6.  What date does the 2018 Valentine's Day Blog Contest end?

Prize: One Piece: Burning Blood | winner James Harris | Reward sent

*** BONUS PRIZE: Post an " Ω " Symbol to claim the BONUS 2nd game of the day!

*** winner | Kanesha | Reward sent


Day 7.  How many legs does a praying mantis have?

Prize: Slime-San ? | winner | Lars | Reward sent


Day 8.  What blood types can B- receive from? (Name all that apply)

Prize: Nex Machina | winner | James Harris | Reward sent


Day 9. How many Veteran Writers are present on the site?

Prize: Sheltered | winner | Lars | Reward sent


Day 10. What is a more common name for a "Dromedary"?

Prize: Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin | winner | AGNES | Reward sent


Day 11.  How many calories per serving are there in a regular sized bag of Cheetos?

Prize: Black Mesa | winner | Frank Castle | Reward sent


Day 12. Post a picture of a dragon.

Prize: NBA2k17 | winner | Kanesha | Reward sent


Day 13. In Norse mythology, what are the names of the two ravens that sit upon Odin's shoulders?

Prize: Slime Rancher | winner | Elijah Sharpe | Reward sent


Day 14. On average, how many hours does a dog sleep per day?

Prize: Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition | winner | James Harris (Done) | Reward sent


Day 15. Explain how a fly is able to walk upside down (Yeah science!)

Prize: Space Run Galaxy | winner | Ancora Calisti | Reward sent


Day 16.  Post a picture of a llama wearing a hat.

Prize: Undertale | winner | Malachi | Reward sent


Day 17. How many pieces are in the Lego: Star Wars 'Death Star' set?

Prize: Stories Untold | winner | Elijah Sharpe | Reward sent


Day 18. What is the average weight of a full grown male hippo? (Any unit of measurement accepted)

Prize: Husk | winner | The Mind's Eye | Reward sent


Day 19.  Post a picture of an exceptionally fat cat.

Prize: Project Highrise | winner | Nemo | Reward sent

*** BONUS PRIZE: What was the official release date for Skyrim?

*** | winner | Nemo | Reward sent


Day 20.  What animal is printed on the bill for 10,000 Colones in Costa Rica?

Prize: The Flame In The Flood | winner | Jevidiah Hoffman | Reward sent


Day 21. Post a picture of a jellyfish.

Prize: Etherium | winner | Jevidiah Hoffman | Reward sent


Day 22. What are the names of Henry the 8th's six wives... IN ORDER?

PrizeSteamworld Heist | winner | Elijah Sharpe | Reward sent


Day 23.  Post a picture of a small pig wearing rain boots.

Prize: Flat Heroes | winner | Dr. Samuel Hayden | Reward sent


Day 24.  What is Shaggy from Scooby Doo's real name?

Prize: Inside | winner | Dr. Samuel Hayden | Reward sent

 *** BONUS PRIZE: "What is 'Chaos Theory'?"

***Prize: Life Is Strange | winner | Wiccan | Reward  sent


Day 25. On what date was the book: Alice In Wonderland first published?

Prize: The Banner Saga | winner | Jevidiah Hoffman | Reward sent


Day 26. Post a picture with three penguins in it.

Prize: One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 | winner |Anzu| Reward sent


Day 27. Post a picture of Lara Croft from the original Tomb Raider game.

Prize: Tomb Raider | winner | Lars | Reward sent

Day 28. Post the names of three members whose names start with 'K'

Prize: Civilization VI (main game) | winner | AGNES | Reward sent

"Civilization VI - Australia Civilization & Scenario Pack" 

AND: "Civilization VI - Vikings Scenario Pack"


Conclusion: Post a picture of the moon.

Prize: Dark Souls III | winner | Kanesha | Reward sent




That's it, folks! Thanks for participating, and happy writing!


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