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Flash Fiction Contest - Results

Thank you to all that participated in this contest- hopefully, it was seen as an enjoyable challenge!

Entries were voted on with three general criteria in mind: Storytelling, word usage, and overall impact on the reader.


Congratulations to our winner,

as well as second place honorable mention:



First place: Agnes



The War


In ancient lands, lived a horse and a stag.


They were sworn enemies by birth, equal in strength and size. The horse had an idea, and asked man to aid him in war against the stag.


The horse was victorious, but was chained to man forever.


What will you give up for power?









Runner Up/Honorable Mention: Exoria



There was a slow beating heart of an ailing warrior, mercifully pierced by steel.  A sigh of relief heaved, drawn to be the last. A fading sight focused on a girl's face streaked with tears.

“Dad, you know I love you, right?”

For the ages that passed, Argenthys knew she never said it near enough.






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  • < Whoohoo!  Congrats guys! :D  Also, thank you Omega for posting this contest!  It was fun! > 

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