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Hello fellow members of Writer's Realm! Following the update of the chat system Wrealms would like to push out an event just for the fun of it! Sadly, we've not done the best of job advertising. (Haven't really done any at all.) Did you know that almost every single member here joined by word of mouth? That's pretty good for 300+ members!

To thank you all for your dedication to Writer's Realm, and your patience with our ever changing and updating site, we've decided to throw a raffle. 

  • What do you have to do to enter the raffle? Everyone will be automatically entered into the raffle if we meet our goal.
  • What's our Goal? If we can break 365 members by 5/20/2017 12:00am (cst) - That's a month, you've met the goal.
  • What's the prize? Writer's realm will then throw every account on the site into a drawing for a chance to win an Amazon $25 dollar gift card. There will be two winners for two separate cards.

Rules: Admin accounts will not be added to the raffle.


When the winners are chosen, We will announce it in several areas as well as personally contacting the writers. The winners will have 2 days to reply back with a valid email in which we can send their reward. If the winner does not reply back, we will raffle once again for another winner. 


Like these events? Thank both your sponsors and the people that have donated. All donations keep the site functional and any additional income will go to raffles, giveaways, and events! Thank you for keeping Writer's Realm a float! 


Member Count: 339

Event Closed: 5/21/17

Edit: Although we didn't reach our event goal this time. Writer's Realm has decided to go ahead and give away one of those Amazon Gift Cards. Through a random draw. We've come up with both a 1st place and Runner up winner in case our first place winner does not respond within the time frame given! The Let's Grow Together Event is now over. Stay tuned for more events and giveaways!

Winner: Diya  Ozaki (Runner up, Prize claimed)

Runner Up: Will be Announced if Winner does not reply.

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