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YouTube Video Autoplay Fix

Alright, so everyone is aware that the site has been suffering an autoplay problem, I might have a fix for that.

Recently Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. has made an update to stop YT videos from stopping that from happening. 


So to (possibly) fix that here is something for you to do:


1. Depending on the browser that you are using type in:  ChosenBrowser://flags

Example 1: Google Chrome: Chrome://flags/ |  Opera: opera://flags

Example 2: 



2. Go to the search option and type in autoplay and this should come up:


3. And click No Gesture Is Required:


4. Relaunch your chosen browser and ta-da! That should fix it!



 Do give this a try and please let us know if this is a fix for it!

Happy writing and listening!


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