Update 1

Hello Wrealms Members!

As you can see, earlier this morning we changed the chat system to one you all may seem pretty familiar with. Now we'd like your opinion! This is the Ning 2.0 Chat system. It was just recently enabled to be used in Ning 3.0 (So recent that our host has not even made an announcement about it yet.) This is very basic from features that can/will be added to this chat system in the future. 

Pros of Ning Chat: 

  • Member integration (No need to make an account and log in. The site does it for you!)
  • Much more simple and smaller
  • You can customize this chat with CSS codes or hide it completely from your profile.
  • Free! This chat is part of our plan for our website meaning we don't have to pay for it extra (Good for Wrealms budget!) 
  • Bigger text limit than Chatwee

Pros of Chatwee: 

  • Much more upated
  • More emojis
  • Separate account from the site.
  • (This chat does cost us every month)

We'd like to hear from our members what you all think is best for Writer's Realm and what you all would prefer as a chat system! This is your site, lets build it the way you want it.

Upcoming features: Still in the works but definitely on their way.

  • Even more profile customization (Yes a whole editor, not just CSS anymore) 
  • More Chat features
  • Polls
  • Member ranking system
  • Better System Monitoring - No site downtime!
  • Video sharing
  • Threaded Comments and Forum style comments. 
  • Comment approval system
  • Music player??

We thank you for being a loyal Wrealms member! Please Contact any admin with your opinion or email us at writersrealm888@gmail.com, you can also leave a comment down below!

- Staff

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