Update 3

The Memory Problem!

No, no, its not really a problem. I would like to let everyone know that we are reaching our memory limit for the website ~ Never fear! We're upgrading once again to make sure that everyone is happy, including us admins that have been biting our nails over the memory issues of the site. No storage means no more pictures and no more blogs.. pretty much no more anything. Until the upgrade is complete we have removed several pages. (a lot more than several) from the global comment section. This will be a monthly - possibly more regular clean out that will leave the global comment section with the most recent 10 pages in order to conserve memory usage- even after the upgrade is complete.

We also wish to ask for a vote down below. Pictures.. yes pictures. Possibly a touchy subject. The 'pictures' section seems to not serve much purpose on wrealms considering most people slap their pictures on their profile page (which has an unlimited amount of pictures that can be posted mind you.) The 'Picture' section on user profiles seems to have become a dump area/image hosting area for no reason. It's extremely heavy on memory. While we are upgrading to a higher dose of storage, this section still seems serve little purpose.

Setting up a poll would be too easy. We want to hear your opinion rather than just 'yes' and 'no'. Down below please leave your opinion on the photo section of our website. Should we keep it? or do away with it? and why?

- Wrealms Staff.

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  • I'd like to remind everyone that we are referring to the 'photo album section.' not pictures on profiles will change. you'll still be able to upload as many there as you'd like. - I had a few people ask :) The feed back from everyone is great! We'll keep the discussion open for a tad longer to make sure everyone has a chance to answer that wants to!

    • || I mean... I doubt we really use the photo section nor do we need it. Since everything we have is mainly GIF's anyhow,right?
      I say 'aye' for taking the album section away. It's not necessary since it's taking up space/memory.
      Anything to keep this site working. :)

  • When it comes to Images I dont care much for posting them on the site. If I wanna share them I just put them onto Imgbox. I get links and codes so its easier to embed them to my profile but thats just me. . 

  • I wish I knew a code to insert a picture or YouTube video without having to always send a link. Since I don't says have access to a computer and I'm always on a mobile device of some sort. If anyone knows of a easy
    Code and for making spaces so I can write a blog without it being one run on mess. That would be awesome. As for the picture thing. I can deal if it left. I prob just keep with linking and wait to I get to a pc to post on my page.
  • I can see how people could want to have all their pictures available in one place.
    Personally, I never look at any picture section, other than pictures that appear in comments and on profiles.
    If we're going to look at the technical aspect - it's possible to store all your images in a folder on your computer. There they'll be easily accessible when necessary. I can't speak for others here, but I believe the majority relies on blogs and google dox.
    If it's a big issue, I'd say, I don't think anyone would break down if it were to disappear.

    I say, since it seems like there's more advantages of not having it, remove it.

  • Be gone, memory devourer! We have no need of you here!

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