Update 5

Hello everyone! A bit of a smaller scale update rolling out this evening. It goes as follows~

  • The 'testing music' section has been removed. It had been in testing for the last few months and sad to say we were not pleased with it. 
  • We've done some tweaking on the home page in order to make things a bit more user friendly they go as follows: Global comment section rules have been removed and placed in the Terms of Service section. We've also highlighted the Terms of Service section a bit more for newcomers to see. Removed Admin pannel that explains a bit about each Admin. It really wasn't serving much of a purpose. 
  • We've removed the Sponsor section all together- momentarily. Soon we hope to expand and hopefully build more sponsors to support the site.
  • All Home Page sections now have titles. 
  • Created a tab for Closed Events. This way people can still look back on things from the past! This can be found under the Annoucement section, either under the Home page tab or on the Home Page itself.



Upcoming updates:

  • Fixing spam filter. 
  • Sponsor system. 
  • Small quick fixes.

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