Update Notice 11

Hello, Again Wrealms Members!

Two times within a week! We're on a roll here and bringing you even more features as promised! So let's dive right in!

  • First and we think the most exciting part of this patch would be our new Badge System! This can be located down at the bottom of your Profile page. Don't like the Badge System on your profile? No Problem! The Coder's unite group already has codes fixed up for you! Want to learn more about the badges? Click here!


  •  With the addition of the badge system, we've decided to remove the Hall of Fame page under the member's section altogether. Members that were ranked there have now had their winnings transferred over to the "Contest Win!" Badge. We believe this will cause a little less clutter on the nav bar as well as organize everything a little better!


  • With so many new things popping up on and off the site, we've decided to create a new Sister group to the Coders Unite group. This one is simply called Guides. If you're looking for any information on anything from photo editing to site tips and tricks, feel free to look around! We also encourage you to contribute your own slice of knowledge for everyone else to pick up on!

Upcoming Events:



  • Even more CSS and HTML Themes: NEED MOAR


  • New Event: Design the moon! get ready.


  • Chat system: let's get rid of that damn chat filter!


  • Advertising: Let's actually try this year! (Not the "gettn in my face tryn sell me shite"  kind) - Lookin at you Atlas

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