Update Notice 12

Hello Fellow Writers!

Today we have some smaller fixes coming your way. These will be key features that we believe will accommodate newer members as we start advertising Writer's Realm globally! So sit back, relax and check out these updates!

  • In order to get into the swing of Advertising wrealms, we've created a Facebook Page!(different from the random group that was created years ago when the site first began.) This allows us a lot of advertising options on both Facebook and Instagram! We'll regularly be posting on there instead of in the Writer's Realm group! We've also enabled this where members can post their own stuff! We'll be looking for a few page admins in the future! Feel free to post Memes, Looking for RP posts, Faceclaims and anything else you wish! Let's keep that page active and keep wrealms active! Our first ad is already live! Please LIKE this page and invite your friends!


  • We did some minor Icon adjustments that probably aren't even noticeable!


  • As many of you can see, we've reverted back to our old Member Page. With this revert comes new features! There is now an "Advanced Search" section which will allow you to search for specific members by the Species. - For the time being, we've removed the Veteran Writer's tab from the navigation bar on the Member's Page as well.


  • Along with the new Member's Page upgrade, we've added some new tabs that you might like! You can now see which members are actively accepting threads and are currently closed. To add your self to one of these lists. Head over to the Profile Questions page and choose your answer!
  • We've decided to remove the Bug section from the home page. For the most part, this was not used as us admins typically answer and fix all bugs found via inbox communication.update-notice-12.png"?profile=RESIZE_710x

Upcoming Patches!

  • Even more Themes, CSS and HTML codes for everyone's use!


  • Design the Moon Event! Get Ready!


  • Chat system - Let's get rid of that filter!


  • An inactivity filter that will sift through some of these inactive members!


  • Possible removal of Wrealms minimal Lore - We never really cared for lore on here anyway but felt it was nessicary. If you'd like to create a lore page and group feel free to but we believe wrealms will be lore free and open adventures for everyone!

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