Update Notice 8

The visual update for the Writer's Realm Homepage is finally complete. It was long awaited and even longer needed. Below is a list of other features we have been modified and added!

- Full visual update of the Homepage in order to make things more user-friendly and less cluttered!

- Our usual yearly background change!

- HTML layouts have been removed from the Coder's Unite group due to inability to spread the same permissions needed to apply them to all members

- We have added our logo! If you don't like this on your page there is a code in both the Global Comment section and the Coder's Unite group.

- There's now an Event's Section in order to make things less confusing and more organized. (MEMBERS CAN MAKE THEIR OWN EVENTS) If you have a giveaway you'd like to host or a chat event, or anything else, feel free to post it in the Events section. All events must be approved by an Admin before they will appear.

- Sponsors have currently been removed from the homepage while that section goes under renovation. They will soon have their own page for users to browse.

- Icons have had their shape changed slightly

- The Donate button has been revamped in order to make donating more user-friendly. All donations are appreciated!


Upcoming Updates

- Renovation of Profile questions 

- Blog and Inactive account clean up

- New Voting links for members to vote for Writer's Realm

- New user categories (More badges!)

Upcoming Events

- Inktober.

- 2nd-year Anniversary Giveaway.


- Wrealms staff.

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