Update Notice 9

Hello Wrealms Members! 

  Today we've pushed out a few small tweaks that we believe were needed, Below you can see what we've changed!

  • Changed "Full Name" To "Character Name" On profile sheets. Now when people sign up they won't be confused! Character name will be the first thing presented. We didn't see the point in having both  "Full Name" and "Character Name" on the profile section. 
  • Changed the color of the scroll bars on the Homepage. This was requested from many members. The color is currently magenta but may be changed later by one of our admins that is much more creative than I. This will make navigation of the Homepage when on Mobile a little more smooth.
  • Our website is currently under a 2-week process called SEO. We've hired a worker with Admin powers that has the ability to boost our google rank. Over the course of the next month, we should see new faces and better ranks for the future! Please do not message her with your website issues. She is NOT and Admin and will not help you.
  • Our voting link is back up on the Homepage! Votes reset every month on the 1st. By voting you raise our rank, ultimately bringing in more faces to write with.

Upcoming events:

  • Inktober: An artistic event hosted by our one of our Admins 
  • 2-Year Anniversary Giveaway: It's that time of the year again. On October 15th Wrelams will have been in existence 2 years. To follow tradition, we'll be giving away a special something on our Anniversary.  

- Wrealms Staff

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  • More info on Inktober can be found right here

    Inktober '18 [Opens Oct. 1st]
     Calling All Artists! For the second year here at Wrealms, I challenge you to Inktober.       The rules are simple: Complete one drawing using ink…
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