Realm Updates and Announcements

Hello all and thank you for taking the time to read!

We've been around for a year now and going stronger than ever! We're moving in the right direction and plan to continue making big changes throughout our next year. A few of these include:

  • A Market Place 
  • A VIP status, no this wont effect your ability to access the site nor write in whichever way you'd like. I wouldn't do that to you all. 
  • Music players
  • Comment Approval
  • More Giveaways

I, as the Owner want to personally thank everyone for the participation in our website. Honestly, I didn't think we'd be around this long. You've all given me a newfound inspiration to make this place the best it can be for writers everywhere! What would a 1 year anniversary be without a giveaway? Without Further Ado, allow me to introduce our Anniversary giveaway!

Our giveaway this time is a Kindle Fire HD8 - 16GB

We thought this tablet was fitting for the occasion. 

Wanna look at Wrealms from a new screen? Read some books? Watch some movies? Here's how to enter: 

  • Comment down below stating this is a contest entry. 
  • Also in your comment give us one of your favorite moments/things that you enjoy about our Site/Writing community.
  • The winner will be announced 9pm CST, Sunday the 15th.

Good Luck to everyone! 

There will be only one winner. Admins are excluded from the contest along with their Alt accounts. 1 entry per IP address, we will check before entering multiple accounts!


Edit: The event is closed the winner is - Zoey Ryder

You have until Tuesday October 17th, 2017 9pm cst to claim your prize!

We've sent you a message with more details. 

If the prize is not claimed during this time frame a re-roll for the raffle will take place that evening!


Congratulations! To the winner, and thank everyone for being a part of Writer's Realm.



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  • -This is a contest entry-

    Honestly, my favorite memory of this place is watching it grow from just a few members to the myriad it has now. It was simple, the coding was minimal, and now...its taken on an entity of its own. It's a true home, not an offshoot. It has its personality and its completely different from where I stood before. Despite sitting in the background and the issues I have still with the site, I dont think I'll ever walk away from this place. 

  • Didn't even see this til now

    - This is a contest entry - 

    I like that my crew is here. They dragged me along when they moved and I'm loving ever minute I get to spend on here.

    ○●○This is a contest entry○●○

    My favorite thing is just how accepting and open this site has been. Its comfortable to be here!
    Writing is valued, writers are just amazing and characters tend to be pretty cool too.
  • This is a contest entry.

    I'm still new here. So only have only have one memorable moment. The night I got a approved and everyone was so nice and trying to help me. Then meet all kinds of new people. And look forward to getting to know everyone alot more .
  • Here's my contest entry.

    Since joining not long ago, this site has introduced me to some of the best writers I've ever seen, all of which have helped me improve. It's made me realize how much I missed out on before coming here, should've come sooner. My favorite thing: the community and it's people, a better site could not be asked for.
  • This is a contest entry!

    I know the mods on this site ooc (except for Mar lol), and them announcing the site for the first time as well as their excitement for it to grow was one of my favorite moments ever in my ten-ish years of writing. Rolepages was cool and all, but being a member of this site when it officially launched and seeing it grow as I wrote was a different experience. 

  • Hey why not! This is a contest entry. 

    I was led here by a roleplay partner over from Rolepages and at first I wasn't sure what to expect at all, but I've found a home here! I love this writing community and how welcoming everyone is!

  • Totally new here but "This is a contest entry."


    So far, my favorite thing about the site so far is with how welcoming you guys are. I haven't had that very often with any site that I have joined and it's a breath of fresh air. Especially since there are some people I already know here.

    • Really happy to hear that! We all just want to write and enjoy ourselves. No need to be hostile for that :) Enjoy and late welcome to the site from us Admins here!

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