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A heavily industrialized world beyond Earth, with a temperate environment much like humanity's cradle. A massive city that takes up an entire continent while the rest of the globe retains much of its natural landscapes and oceans.

Governed by the Terrain Alliance, planet Epitaph, in which its largest city is named after, serves as a massive hub world for both humans, supernatural beings, aliens, and other strange entities. Having both spaceports and anomalous portals available, and just about anyone can visit. 

This massive metropolis is divided into three major sections, each being interconnected, neighboring one another, and are considered different regions of the same mega-city:

Foundation District

Both the most recognizable, and most heavily populated area across Epitaph due to it being the initial settlement, and towering skyscrapers. Its structures completely cover the landscape, everything from residential areas, to the financial districts, businesses, industrial parks, and slums. Many have described this place as a rabbit hole.


On the far southern coast lays another portion of Epitaph, but integrated into a shallow sea. The seafloor itself is artificial, made from massive metal plates with underwater structures below. Jutting out from the surface are its skyscrapers,which act as giant pillars to hold up a massive ceiling. This upper platform is a second-tier/level for the city.

The architecture of Aquarius is for it to be used as one gargantuan hydro-power plant, and a water treatment facility simultaneously. The roof area of this settlement collects rainwater and funnels it through waterfalls, which descend back into the shallow sea below, thus increasing the natural currents.

Ships, boats, and aircraft are more commonly used transportation since everything is separated by water. Multiple rail lines can be found suspended from the ceiling as a part of its infrastructure. Aquarius holds multiple resorts and tourist attractions, in addition to being a hotspot for aquatic beings to congregate in its waters.

The Monastery

Below a massive arching cliff rests a highly elevated plateau. On top of that is the third city, which is highly compact and pressed together. Streets are narrow, structures practically pressed against each other, and very limited space. The overhanging mountain above envelopes it under a constant blanket of shade. This area lays within a harsh winter biome.

The reason for its odd design choice is due to its location being shielded from extreme winds, natural hot springs being present on the pillar-like plateau it was built on, and the abundance of metal deposits nearby. Expect the interiors of homes to be small, frequent blizzards, and a culture with a lot of emphasis on self-reliance.

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