Tales of Blood and Power

((Concept by KuruDeathwing))

Genometria is a planet millions of miles outside the Milky Way Galaxy. After years and years of abuse the earth finally cracked under the pressure and a huge war pushed the planet past the point of no return. Humanity had to make a choice and selfishly chose to survive and not live with there mistake. Packing a ship full of there smartest scientists they set off to find a new home as everyone left behind battled on destroying the world in nuclear fire.

20 years of travel and they found it, there new home Genometria. The planets atmosphere was ideal and no special equipment was needed to walk the planets surface after a few months. But a new problem found it's way into the mix. The scientists had no protection from the harsh fauna on the planet. So one man stepped forward and proposed an idea. Earth's creatures were safe on there ship, in the form of DNA strands saved for recreation. He proposed that they cross the DNA of unborn fertilized human children they had brought to repopulate the planet once they settled. These hybrid children could be geneticly modified to creat super soldiers adapted to survive harsh wilderness conditions and work to build a new home for the human race. Despite much protesting from his fellow scientists he revealed his metaphorical hand to his fellow colleagues. He had broken the moral code many scientists lived by and had already created a hybrid child to demonstrate his plan and theory. Shelby a young girl he had crossed with German shepherd DNA.

From that day forward the human scientists became more lenient with there moral compass. Creating a literal army of hybrid children they had what they needed to create a new home. It was harsh and many of these children fought hard never living normal lives. Some would say a small price for the survival of man kind. But this price did not win these children any favors. Instead of being the champions of the human race hybrids became a tool for there desires. Slaves to science working hard for years building a city suitable for them and humans. Tensions were high and war came knocking once again. But the scientists were ready developing cruel weapons and chemicals to push hybrids back down. The war ended swiftly and with much bloodshed leaving the human race as the victors. 

Hybrids that survived now had nothing, no rights, no homes and no hope of freedom. Lab rats that were plucked from the rubble when ever humans found them, to be experimented on brutally till they inevitably died. The strong that survived became members of a hunter program. This program brainwashed them through torture to hunt down hybrids for capture or execution depending on there past transgressions against humans.

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