The New Badge System!

Here you'll find some information on all badges and how you can acquire them!

First off, What is a Badge? Really, not much, they're just something fun collect as you go about your everyday business here on Wrealms. More badges will be added over time! Eventually, these may tie into contests and net extra entries on giveaways. Dealing with such a broad system, we can really do anything.

How do I earn points for badges? The most common way to earn points is by writing. Just keep doing what you're doing. Writers that comment often on other people's profiles will find themselves yielding more points. You can also do things such as posting articles and forum posts.

Stay active! and Let's get to writing!


Site Tester: (Green):  To acquire this badge, simply message an admin and state that you're interested in possible future testing on new features. This badge is given to people that help spot bugs and are willing to dedicate their time to helping work out the kinks of the site. Yes, this badge is available to anyone that asks. - only message if you are willing to test! - 

Supporter: (Blue): Supporters are people that have donated to the site. Donating is the best way to contribute to the Writer's Realm. This helps pay upkeep and maintenance costs. Your first donation of any amount will ned you the Supporter badge. One donation per account, if you have multiple accounts, you'll need to donate and state which account you'd like your badge on.

I Post Gifs: (Pink): This Badge is obtained simply by getting 500 points

I have no Life: (White): This badge is obtained by getting 100000 points. It is also the hardest badge to get.

I'm New Here: (Brown): The easiest badge to get. Obtainable with only 150 points

WR Knight: (Orange): The Writer's Realm Knight badge can be earned with 10000 points

WR Guardian: (Purple): Writer's Realm Guardian is another point badge, needing 50000 to acquire.

Contest Win: (Red): This badge is for anyone that has ever won a contest on Writer's Realm. Contests range from random drawings to blog contests, art or decorating the moon contests, etc.

Coding Guru: (Yellow): Coding Guru's are people that contribute often to the Coder's unite group and are willing to help others with their coding needs. Sharing your codes and bring new themes to the table will net you this badge!

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