Here's what I've gotten written for the first page of my book so far.


The Hunger Of The Forest


Chapter One: The Call


It started off as any day would in Washington State. Rain, and a ton of it with no end in sight. I stared at the stack of papers on my desk, a huff escaping my lips, knowing that these papers would be bills. My fellow investigators and I wouldn’t be able to pay unless we got a job soon. Paranormal Investigation isn’t always a well-paying job, especially when the client doesn’t like when you truthfully tell them that their home or location isn’t haunted.


My name is Don, my fellow investigators are Eric and Opal, and we make up the paranormal investigation team known as NITSEMA. NITSEMA stands for Northwest Investigation Team of Supernatural, Extraterrestrial, and Mythological Activity. I founded the team in 2012, with myself and Eric being the only two people doing the investigations. It started as a shared hobby that quickly evolved into a thriving business.


However, due to the recent month of flooding from the heavy winter snows of December through March. Yes. March. Many people weren’t looking for their homes or locations to be investigated for hauntings, aliens, cryptids, or mythic creatures. So, we’ve hit a more giant rut than usual, and it’s rather stressful.


Thankfully, Eric has been busy looking for locations to investigate and has a few promising ones. Eric Jones is our resident tech geek; if you ask him about paranormal technology, he’ll talk your ear off about it until it tries to dig its own grave. He’s a twig of a man, standing at five foot eleven with scraggly hair that, even when brushed, just curls back up.


Then we have Opal Carmichael; she’s our resident bad-ass and handles the less technical side of our investigations. You tell her there’s a demon in a building? She’ll book her ass in there wielding nothing but a crucifix, bible, salt, and holy water. The number of times I’ve seen this five-foot-four woman barge into a location that Eric and I have hesitated to enter is far too numerous to count.

Finally, there’s me, Don Adams. I’m the team leader and manage our finances. Boring, I know. I’m five foot seven and a little on the… dad bod side. I’m the one that gets us to and from locations with our very own school bus turned mobile HQ. Now, I had wanted to paint the bus black, but due to road regulations.. that wouldn’t have been acceptable, so we made it a teal color.

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  • Color me intrigued! This little snippet has me interested as to where it will go, and I'm loving the cast already! Also damn this site for not alerting me when you posted! 🤣

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