Opal City, home to the Starmen, is located in the United States in Maryland.

It was founded in 1864 by Burnley Ellsworth after he amassed a fortune from his mining operation in Australia. With this in mind he named the city after the little gem stone that had brought him such prosperity.

By 1882 at least three streets of Opal City had become a bustling built up area that some at the time compared to the streets of Paris. This was in part due to a French family, the Benoits, who had also made it rich in mining and had been invited by Burnley Elliworth himself. [x]

Here, superheroes and villains call this place home, however, as times have changed, there are less in the way of villains. Starman (Jack Knight), however, has returned to keep his shining jewel save from those who plan to take it from him. 


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