The magical/anomalous cafe where any characters from across the multi-verse can visit via portal, rift, or whatever method your character uses. If you’re itching/wishing to write full-on multi-paragraphs in Sanctum, this is the place! Big story arcs can also be written here, or if you just want to have a character relax and/or participate in the occasional shenanigans.

What happens here in character does not have to be canon with your character/lore stuff. This is a website-sponsored group for public roleplays.

If you’d rather write only a few sentences or just a single paragraph, it’s recommended to use the Sanctum Chat instead.

Disclaimer: Reading all the different lore sections of this group is not required. But if you’re interested, they’re always available.

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(OPEN TO PUBLIC) A day in the Cafe.

Both double doors were swiftly pressed upon at the press of gloved hands, accompanied by the sounds of boots making contact with the floorboards. Artificial, piercing gray optics gazed around through a white, almost featureless mask. Wearing a formal suit combined with a trench coat, fabric concealing his neck, and a top hat to complete it. Not an inch of skin was visible on the mystery being, who continued his stroll.Keeping both hands behind his back, the figure would approach the counter…

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