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(OPEN TO PUBLIC) A day in the Cafe.

Both double doors were swiftly pressed upon at the press of gloved hands, accompanied by the sounds of boots making contact with the floorboards. Artificial, piercing gray optics gazed around through a white, almost featureless mask. Wearing a formal suit combined with a trench coat, fabric concealing his neck, and a top hat to complete it. Not an inch of skin was visible on the mystery being, who continued his stroll.Keeping both hands behind his back, the figure would approach the counter…

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Sanctum Café main room


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    Take a gander, take a seat, and enjoy your stay.


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    Continued from a the original Sanctum Chatbox. Rest in pieces. 

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    Whatever Synova was expecting, it was not... That.

    The energetic shift was felt as a gale of new and tangible sensation. Gooseflesh rose upon his nape, anticipation heavy while the static fog bellowed out and took form. The fox in stolen skin remained unmoving as the apparition took place-- stock still, save for a miniscule upward tilt of his chin. Synova kept a steady gaze on the specter, unwavering with quiet defiance beneath the blatant glare they were greeted with.

    A brow rose as Merlyn popped him on the head. Ah, so he can feel pain.

    "Quite the choice of transportation you have there." Synova offered a pointed glance at the amulet, then opted to ease back on the snide remarks for the time being.

    "A pleasure, I'm sure~"


    Victor watches the appearance of the new entity with narrowed blue eyes, something like curiosity edging in the crystalline hues. His interests were almost entirely scientific and he watched the manifestation of the apparition with focus on the acute details of the being revealed to him. He thought it interesting the being seemed to be less than physical, but still Merlyn’s smack upside the head landed and their new ghostly guest stuttered out his less than enthusiastic greeting.
    Victor’s perfectly manicured fingers lifted his glass to his lips for a sip before he gave a lackluster,
    “Cheers…” He cooed with a tilt of his head as he looked Astralis over- not unaware he had been scrutinized already by the tag along.

    Glancing sideways at Synova with a slight thoughtful hum he added, “Interesting indeed. Is it a means of containment or simply an anchor for the entity?” This was spoken to Merlyn as if they were simply swapping stats, the scientist in him unable to avoid quantification and itemization.

  • Merlyn watched and gauged the two male's expressions. Synova was stock still and all but attempting to stare Astralis down (which would be quite a feat given that Astralis had no need to blink), and Victor was watching him with an analytical eye reminiscent of the gaze her youngest son often had when it came to his potions. 

    "A pleasure indeed." Astralis all but growled out in response to Synova's snide greeting. One got the impression that if the spirit had teeth he'd be grinding them. Merlyn rolled her eyes and drained the rest of her coffee, turning her attention to Victor's question. "The amulet is an anchor and also his birthplace. Astralis became sapient thanks to long term exposure to mortals such as myself and gained humanity over the centuries." The queen set her empty cup off to the side and crossed her legs, settling her clasped hands in her lap before expounding upon the answer. "My dear brother here is also responsible for choosing Aternia's sovereigns." 

    And there it was, the confirmation to the speculation. 


    "Enough Astralis, I've told them nothing that isn't already well-known in our realm. Calm yourself before you start smoking." The spirit of the amulet muttered something under his breath but at least he appeared to be calming. Merlyn fixes the shadowy men with apologetic smiles, "Are there anymore questions you would like to ask?"

  • Astralis' growled response brought the inkling of a grin upon pallid features. Truly, the fox's mischievous intents shone through with the brief gleam of sharpened canines-- testing, testing, further testing exactly how reactive this odd being was. Oh by the gods, Synova. Why are you like this. 

    Victor's response was not ignored, nor was the odd exchange of nicknames passed between the Queen and her mysterious specter. It peaked his interest somewhat in a vaguely curious fashion. 

    "You claim one another as siblings, yet his birthplace is the amulet?" Synova inquired. "Is there something I missed, Merlyn? Surely you are not bound by the same blood from what you have already described. Are you two bound by some sort of other familial ties, or simply by merging fates?" 


    Victor watched on with his bright blue eyes more like those of a cat than a human’s, the molton gleam of silver taking his irises in the light as he tilted his head a bit. Studying the entity before him as Merlyn began her explanation. He gave her his gaze though as the reveal of their claimed sibling status came to light he felt a similar spark of confusion for the logistics of such a thing. After all that's what he cared about most, the logistics mattered more to him even if he was curious about their chosen status. He was a strong proponent for the concepts of found family after all, his only blood relative he was raising as a son but the rest of those he loved and protected were people he had chosen as his family, those who had chosen to love him. 

    None of them had been related to him by familial lines.
    As Synova asked his follow up Victor’s perfectly trimmed eyebrow arched over his eye in a show of additional interest,
    “Can’t help but wonder that myself. Not that such things matter in the grand scheme.” 

    He sat back and crossed his legs, an arm draping across the back of his chair he tacked on.
    “Why is he so pissy?” The question was still directed at Merlyn, not because he thought anything less of their new guest but because he knew it would annoy Astralis.

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