The Conplus is a human-founded, human-centric religion that has existed at the core of Aeldria’s theocracy for thousands of years. 


The benefactor, or head, of the Conplus is known as the Archteacher. This role is by birthright. the Archteacher is selected at birth and raised for the role. The secondary roles are that of the Archclergy,  or the Archcrusader, Archsurgeon and the Archmother or Archfather respectively. Each is the head of an order devoted to one of the Conplus’ three Gods: Life (Androgynous) Death (Masculine) or Physical Creation (Feminine.) Ancient members of the Conplus once worshipped a fourth god, of Magic (Genderless) but that God has been lost to time as the Conplus became more radical against magic-using beings.

Below the Archclergy are Great Artisans, Great Paladins and Great Guardians. Below them are Artisans, Paladins and Guardians, and below them are Devotees.


  • 1. The only redeemable life ends with an honorable death.

  • 1A. Those who live as cowards will not be reincarnated.

  • 1B. Death in war is the highest honor. Martyrdom is sacred.

  • 2. The Gods are limited in number and absolute in sum.

  • 2A. Any God not recognized by the Conplus is a false idol.

  • 3. The words of the Gods is law. The Archteacher speaks for the Gods.

  • 3A. The Archteacher is chosen by the Gods at birth.

  • 4. The gods created Humans in their image. All other species are inferior.

  • 4A. Mixing of the species is a sin.


Ranks are visually determined by sleeve cuff and level of embroidery on the uniform.

Devotees have solid uniforms, and solid cuffs with black stripes.Clergy have black uniforms with light embroidery, and solid cuffs with black tips.Greatclergy have black uniforms with heavy embroidery, and pointed cuffs with light embroidery.Archclergy have custom uniforms with heavy embroidery and pointed cuffs with solid tips and embroidered clasps.The Archteacher is the only one to wear Purple, whilst Guardians wear green, Paladins wear red and Artisans wear gold.


MARTYRS Are the highest ranking members of the conplus, though all of them are desceased by definition. They died in service of the Gods and were given a saint's honor at burial.
THE ARCHTEACHER Is the living leader of the Conplus. This role is by birthright. the Archteacher is selected at birth and raised for the role.
THE ARCHCLERGY are made up of the Archfather, (or mother/guardian, depending on gender) the Archcrusader and the Archsurgeon. These are the heads of the orders of Life, Death and Art respecitvely.
THE GREATCLERGY Are honorable clergymen who have outshined their peers and earned awards. The titles for the orders of Life, Death and Art are Greatguardian, Greatpaladin and Greatartisan respectively.
THE CLERGY Are ordained ministers, priests, artisans, warriors, caregivers, teachers, and other servants of the Conplus.
DEVOTEES Are those who have yet to take vows, yet still serve the Conplus in some way. Those who have chosen an order to serve will be given a uniform. Those who have not chosen an Order wear civilian clothes in neutral colors.


OUTSIDERS Are ordinary civillians who are not members of the conplus, and have never been.
APOSTATES Are those who have left the conplus, either by their own choice or excommunication. They are often approached with attempts to convince them to rejoin, or outright shunned if they were excommunicated. Most Apostates were deemed an 'issue' and excommunicated before they had the chance to leave on their own.
HERETICS are those who are vocal and public opponents of the Conplus, those who proudly worship competing religions, or are antitheists in general. They are treated with hostility.

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