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An ancient archive residing in a pocket dimension, no one knows who created it or how. The Library holds a great deal of knowledge for those brave enough to explore its everchanging depths.

But beware brave searcher, you may not like what you find...


The Archivist-Jasper Gilroy
Age unknown, physically appears to be in his mid to late thirties.

The Library cannot thrive without an Archivist.

The current Archivist is Jasper Gilroy. No one knows how long he's been running the Library and some visitors wonder if perhaps he is it's creator but no one knows for sure. A gentle and mild-mannered man, Jasper is always welcoming to those who seek to broaden their knowledge.
Provided, of course, that they do not seek to do harm.
As the Archivist, Jasper is magically and intrinsically bound to the Library and is aware of every secret it holds. Gain his trust and friendship and he just might share some of them.




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