Listen On Repeat Challenge!

As you see! I've decided to pull some people together for a challenge! 

This is not an event, there are no winners here; everyone's designs will be different cannot be judged.  

How Does it Work? :  If you've never heard of Listen on Repeat, give it a try, because this challenge involves it! For this challenge, you'll be stuck listening to the same song over and over and over. All the while, you'll be coding a template. Let this one song inspire you to build this theme, then share it with us here in our Themes group for other people to use on their profiles! 

Will your theme turn out great? Or will you go insane from the repetition of one song!?

  1.  Pick a song! Any song!
  2. Slap that baby in Listen on Repeat
  3. Build a theme based on that song! 
  4. No switching songs and no turning it off! - How does the song reflect in your theme?

Finally Finished? : Show us what you did below or tag it in your post here as "So and So's Code - Listen on Repeat Challenge" Be sure to include some fun stuff like how long it took and the song that you listened to while coding!

What's the Point of This? : Honestly, there really isn't one. It's a fun challenge that a few of us here came up with and wanted to share. With Writer's Realm growing bigger every day, we'd like to be able to accommodate others that do not like to or know how to code. We feel that by sharing themes that people can copy and paste, we'll be able to make more people feel comfortable and up to par with others that possibly have intimidatingly beautiful profiles! Everyone deserves a pretty profile! (It's one of Realms features after all!) We don't want to make anyone feel left out as we roll into 2020!

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