Sanctum Cafe Lore

Sanctum Cafe Lore

Sanctum Café

A serene place by day, a haven for the devishly inclined by night. Sanctum Café welcomes customers of all variety. Its spacious interior is sure to wow its visitors, well kept by the employees sure to greet you inside. The Sanctum Café is situated within a realm accessible to all via portals found dispersed around the world. While some are innocently placed within forests, others may be found concealed in the broken down telephone booths within cities. However, if you are to stumble upon it, you will surely not be disappointed. 


Upon entering the spacious café you will be greeted by an open seating area stationed with tables, booths, and even a sit-down counter top. With Café baristas on standby behind the counter, patrons can order drinks that range from average to exotic, catering to mortal and immortals alike. As far as entertainment, the space features a flat screen placed behind the bar, as well as the humming of music from a vintage styled jukebox stationed in the back corner of the café that can be heard as you step through the door.


Approaching the stairs, the second story consists of a seating area of comfortable sofas and chairs, bordered by the Café’s library collection. The perfect place to settle in for drinks with friends, or simply to read a good novel or grimoire. Come night time, the room features a flat screen TV in one corner, as well as a karaoke stage for live entertainment by guests that are daring enough to step up and take the mic.


For those that prefer the outdoors, Sanctum Café caters to you as well. The outdoor patio feature a large sitting area, complete with a picturesque backdrop of the Café gardens, the property bordered by trees. The outdoor balcony upon the second floor rests just atop the space, having it's own mini bar and counter with excellent service by our bartenders. The tables and chairs serve as a great viewing point for the karaoke stage inside, as well as overlooking the ornately decorated garden view below. 


Whether it's day or night, Sanctum Café is open 24/7 and caters to all walks of life. We look forward to seeing you in the future!




All the same, may visitors beware...


come our special events and larger gatherings.


should the shadow of a creature present itself


...never trust a fox.