Wrealms Help


Welcome to Writer's Realm! Joining a new Roleplay home can sometimes be intimidating but we're here to help. Below you'll find different topics that can help you navigate Wrealm and better enjoy your stay!


Roleplaying / Writing Outlets: There are many ways to roleplay here at Writer's Realm. The most popular is the comment section on personal profiles. Contrary to what people think, your personal comment section is not threaded. This means is someone comments on your profile, you'll need to respond on their profile not your own. 

Many members also choose to write in their inbox messages. The inbox is the small envelope icon located on the top right of any page. This is comparable to DMs on other social media platforms.

In addition to the above, some writers also prefer the live chat room for both in-character and out-of-character needs.

Groups are another great way for members to connect on a larger scale and build worlds of their own! Anyone can create and modify their group to their own needs.