31 CD, Week 1 | Zachary Silva


Day 1: Seasonal

  • Although active year-round, Zach's physical activity and mood perk up around late summer/early fall. Time spent with his friends increases and football season is in full swing. This is usually the time of year when Zach is his most athletic.
  • He does not like winter. The holiday season brings bad memories about both his friends and family. Zach will often debate whether he wishes to visit his parents, or not. It's been 6 years since he last saw them.
  • During winter he'll primarily wear sweatpants and hoodies to any occasion if he can get away with it. In warmer weather, he sticks to loose button-up shirts and shorts with sunglasses.

Day 2: Vices

  • While not an alcoholic, Zach likes to party. He'll often get himself into trouble by attempting to perform ridiculous dares after a few drinks.
  • Zach likes to talk, a lot. It can be overwhelming for some how much the man can chatter about seemingly nothing. So much so, that he'll talk with his mouth full so as to not miss out on the conversation.
  • He will touch his hair and/or laugh when uncomfortable.
  • Victim of several traumatic experiences, Zach is prone to disassociation. He will "check out" when overwhelmed.

Day 3: Paradigm

  • The main pillar of Zach's morality and optimism comes from his friends and daily routine. If he were to have all friendships severed and his regular routine disrupted, it will create a serious emotional imbalance.
  • Should his life take a tumble and he is no longer able to live normally, he will wallow in a loss of purpose and meaning. This will weaken his mental resolve, making him further susceptible to manipulation.
  • As someone who is fiercely protective of his friends, Zach could become vengeful in the event harm comes to them. Even if it turns out the friend was a villain all along, Zach will always have a soft spot for them. He'd rather watch the world burn than let harm come to a friend.



Day 4: Scars

  • Zach used to have crisscrossing scars on his knees. The origins of which he'd never tell. When Zach died during his first year of college, he was resurrected almost immediately. He returned from the dead with a clean slate - his scars were gone. 
  • Since then, Zach has accumulated new scars. There is a small line on the back of his right hand and a deeper red scar on the back of his left calf.

Day 5: Parents

  • Both biological parents of Zach are alive and well. Jonathan and Emilia Silva found one another in their early twenties, later married, and gave birth to Zach.
  • Raised strictly religious within the warped Christian ideals of a borderline cult, Zach grows a wealth of religious trauma.
  • Zach's mother, able to see the shadow attached to Zach, attempted to kill her own baby. She was convinced he was doomed to become prey to what she presumed to be a demon if she did not save him. Unable to kill Zach, she distances herself from him for the rest of his life.
  • Corporal punishment is the norm. Zach learns to keep his head low and his mouth shut. As a child, he is withdrawn, quiet, and makes few friends at school.
  • When he grows older, he becomes brave and rebels more times than he can count against his parents.
  • Zach leaves home as soon as he is able. College is funded by a sporting scholarship and he never looks back. He hasn't seen his parents since and they've never made an effort to reach out to him.

Day 6: Erasure

Day 7: Sleep

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