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  • 4192104632?profile=RESIZE_400xThe Sanctum Cafe IC is live!

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    • The 'lore' can be found under the Chat tab when you hover.
    • The RULES are at the top of that lore (Help me keep this a part of the site by following 'em).

    • If you leave the chat, an admin or another member will have to let you back in. Contact myself or Tempest.

    • Again, if you have any issues at all, shoot me a message.

    This is a trial run, so help us make this a drama free,
    all-inclusive, and solely in-character experience.

    Cheers, Ω

  • Are you not seeing the emails you regularly would on-site, or do you want to bundle them into one daily update?

    Under Profile Info > Email tab there are new options for how frequently Wrealms will notify you.


  • o41TtiJ.png?profile=RESIZE_180x1804397254775?profile=RESIZE_180x180We also have new Donations Page! Scroll down to the Donations section and learn about the Donor Badge available now.


  • Hello everyone! We have created a Help Page which can be found under the Members tab on the navigation bar! Do come here if you have any questions or concerns which includes but is not limited to:

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    Happy writing everyone!



    REASON: Boredom......?

    Yes, times right now can be hard, and as it rolls by the year becomes... blah. I have become blah, finding myself far lazier, ugh! But, this is my exact reason for throwing this event back out there to give everyone a chance yet again to have something to put your mind to and start writing again!

    Anyway, everyone have fun, stay safe, and stay healthy out there!

    P.S.: For anyone who finishes all the interview sessions will be receiving a prize! 

    So get writing!

    Ultimate 4th Wall Breakage 2.0
    While this event previously was for 2019 I am going to open it back up as just an all-around prompt for anyone who wishes to actually have something…
      • Awesome just sent you an invite!

    • I got some minor characters from the games that could work in the film verse.

  • 4263336071?profile=RESIZE_710xA great many thanks to everyone who has welcomed me here! My threads are now currently closed! If there were more SAW role play characters from the films to show up as mentioned in my last little comment section here like: Mark Hoffman, John Kramer or Amanda Young then I will definatly be open to that! For now my plate is full otherwise, thank you again everyone I am enjoying this site very much. Take care and be safe everyone! 

    - Role Player of Logan Nelson, Jigsaw.


    Side Note: I did create a Group of the sort for SAW fans, anyone and everyone is welcome to join to chat OOC about this amazing franchise or anything else! Thanks again!

  • tenor.gif

    Upon the fright of Coronavirus, we here at Wrealms would like to caution everyone to be careful out there! It's getting insane, toilet paper is getting scarce, and the function of the way of life as we know it is being shifted dramatically under our feet as we speak.

    That being said, while as dreadful as it may seem we would like to request that everyone keep a level head and stay healthy. Take your vitamins such as Vitamin C, daily supplements, echinacea; keep yourself strong and your body sturdy should you or anyone around you have the misfortune of coming into contact with it.

    So eat right, stay clear-minded, and stay cautious and knowledgeable of the world and happenings around you. (Also be generous with the TP people, this is insane.)

    But hey, leaves more room for writing time, eh? Eh?

    Anyway, with much love and happy thoughts/vibes/pictures of kitties, don't get sick everyone.

    ~Wrealms Team

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