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  • I suppose I'm following that trend. I've returned. Life caught up with me and I needed to do some serious adulting. I'm back though my words might take a moment to catch up with me. 

    Good to see all is going well around here.

    <3 Zo. 

    • Welcome back!


  • |. Kind of need some help. For some reason,I can't update anything on my page. No avatar,no music. It just.. I dunno. Won't let me. Is Ning updating or is this just my page acting up? 

    • At this point, it's possibly Ning. They are doing lots of updating both for the chat as well as Ning 3.0 after the big flubberstorm they had with profiles a bit ago. Hang in there, and if you are saving stuff, save it to an extra document just in case. Course if it persists then do come to us again and we'll give Ning a call to update them about further problems.

  • So I thought about sharing an article that pertained to time management, motivation, or anything else of that generic subset but skdjskfjgg. Nah. 


    How To Expand Your Vocabulary

    How to Expand Your Vocabulary – Science Journal – Medium
    Throughout the last few years I have invested a significant amount of effort into expanding my vocabulary. I have found some methods to be…
  • OOC: // Hello and thanks for accepting my request or thank you for requesting me. :) I hope to get active in writing on here and find some amazing RP writers to do so with. If you know of any others around here that you feel would welcome Pepper Potts/Rescue pelase do point them my way or point me their way. Thanks! //

  • {Hey guys - sorry for the long silence, but you know how RL can be ;) if I left you hanging without a reply, I apologize - I'm working on my catch-up now.  To those of you who were interested in threads before - if you're still interested, I apologize for the long wait and I'd love to start up a thread with you! ~ Stephen }

This reply was deleted.