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  • I highly, highly recommend the book The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. The entire audio book is on YouTube if you have the time to listen to three hours of what a 'block' in creativity and/or in life is perceived, what it consists of, and how to fight your way through it. 

    It's incredibly motivating and self-reflective if anyone ever finds themselves in a mental rut. Here's the link -


  • // New to the site...  Looking for my Marvel peps!  I do croosovers as well...  HMU if you need a Hawkeye..  TIA...  

    via GIPHY

    • I been tinkering with the idea for my character. That during her time with the Avengers. When she was forced by Nick Fury to join. She spent some time training with Hawkeye in how to use a bow and arrow. Which lead to her creating her own version. Making a bow and arrows out of ice and using webbing as the bow string. A way for her to attack from afar and make an easy range weapon on the go and never run out of arrows. I saw her as studying him and learning a few lessons. Just like the green arrow had all his side kicks that he taught archery too. 


      Thought it be cool if Hawkeye had a protege of his own. 

  • My hiatus is over! Sorry for taking WAY longer than I wanted, but I feel ready to step back into James' shoes and give him a fresh start.

    I am open to new threads, if you wanna write, hit me up! I owe some of yall new starters, and those will come soon!

    Thanks for the patience!~

  • { Back for the most part. If anyone is still around that I was talking to and wants to write. Holla at yo boy Blake and Travis. Anyone else who is interested in dealing with a Jekyll and Hyde type character, that happens to be a cannibalistic Tribreed.  

    Send me a jingle. That is all.}

  •  We need more star wars characters on this page, the SW world is full of so many good stories and i don't care if the characters people chose are from the legends era, first hyperspace war era, old republic/second hyperspace war era, clone wars era, galactic empire era or the first order era we need more star wars characters it would be so freaking awesome!!! i also don't care if people chooses and existing character or if they wanna create their own (like i have) And if anyone needs help creating a star wars character i would gladly help you out. :)

    • I don’t have like an official Star Wars character but I do play a storyline in that setting where my demon took over the body of a dark Jedi, in order to have a strong host that can handle her demonic essence and to give her access to the dark side of the force.  So like an unofficial Star Wars character 

    • I have Grand Admiral Thrawn on here. He's mostly based on canon, but has a few Legends traits.

      I used to have an old Republic Sith Empire apprentice named Maanthaz, but because of the lack of star wars oc's I sorta removed him.

      But if you're ever interested in a thread with an angry space blueberry, look up: T H R A W N 

    • I couldn't tell you how active it is, but we do have one group that has shown interest - link


      • I gotta get my head out of my cosplays and actually start an event in that group one of these days.

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