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  • Hey Yall. Im kinda back. 

    Looking to reboot threads on Ficko and James

    Inquire within

  • Hey, peeps!

    As I head off for my last trip of the summer, I'd like to remind that the Summer Blog Contest for 2018 is still active and will remain as such until the end of the month.

    The cut off date is August 28th for entries-- A PRIZE valued at  (yet to be determined) will be awarded to the first place entry.

    Have a good rest of your Summer days, and best of luck to those soon returning to classes!

  • All hail the Amazons!


    {Hi, um I'm new.. Looking for threads}

    • “Well. Isn’t this something. I have met many different tribes of Amazons. Killed my fair share of a few but I never came across your tribe before. Hmmmm. Can’t believe they slipped my notice. Guess I’ll have to rectify this. Won’t Ares be surprised by Amazonians still running around in this day and age.”


  • Speak to me of what bothers you ...

    I promise not to tell anyone.

  • Officially opening this character up for threads. Don't be shy, if you wanna meet my quirky little Necromancer. Shoot me a message. Just bear in mind I may be a little on the slow side. Real life can get hectic. 

  • Hey, guys. Due to reasons I don't feel like discussing I went MIA for a while. Now that my life is back in order, I have the time and the energy to write again!

    Unfortunately, I lost my muse big time for whatever that was happening before I left, so if we had an ongoing thread before I went into hiatus, I am deeply sorry to say I won't be able to pick up where we left off. However, if you want to keep writing and don't mind starting fresh, let me know so we can plot beforehand or just wing it for a new thread.

    Cheers, and thank you so much for the patience. 

    - Aza

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