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  • Anything new on the chat system being fixed? Now I miss everyone on there. ;-; I'm still getting the same problems. 

  • This may be a dumb question but, when I accept a friend request from someone and then go to thank them for the request, a message pops up saying something along the lines of my comment has been marked as spam until owner approves it. Why is this? It only happens on some accounts...is there an option where the owner of a page can make it so only they see comments until clicking an 'approve' button kinda like on the old Rolepages? Or have I done something against the sites rules? 

    • Sadly we're still working on that, the spam filter is a bit haywire for Ning 3.0... it's happening on specific accounts for some reason or another so I have been working on compiling what accounts have been having this issue.

      I try and check at least once daily if not more often, and get those approved- sorry for the inconvenience of it, but I'll be doing what I can to snag 'em in a timely manner.


    • I'm guessing this happened on my page xD but I think from what i remember hearing, it's this filter spam thing ning does. Usually i just write again, but word it a little differently and it goes through then.

      • Yesh it was your page haha. I'll try again if I need to. Thank you both :)

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-ZXSqK3CH0



  • I highly, highly recommend the book The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. The entire audio book is on YouTube if you have the time to listen to three hours of what a 'block' in creativity and/or in life is perceived, what it consists of, and how to fight your way through it. 

    It's incredibly motivating and self-reflective if anyone ever finds themselves in a mental rut. Here's the link -


  • // New to the site...  Looking for my Marvel peps!  I do croosovers as well...  HMU if you need a Hawkeye..  TIA...  

    via GIPHY

    • I mean. I haven't made an apearance in the MCU yet, but my mom has. You might know her. She's the red one with magic.

      • “Magic.  Blech.  All that tricky.  We do not trust magic. That scarlet witch. She had no sense of humor. But then. Neither did half of the other avengers either. So serious the

        lot of them. “

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