Mystic Nova was founded by Rorek Akashi, a human that traveled far after a fire destroyed his home. His fiancée had died in the fire, and had to move on eventually. Rorek buried whatever was left of his fiancée, leaving her at peace before heading out to start a new life. It has been days since he last saw any green life around so he had been hungry for days until he reached a mountain path. There had been a sign with a saying "Beware". It was a warning to others to stay away. With nowhere else to go, Rorek ignored the warning and continued down the mountain path. The further he walked and climbed higher from the ground, he felt weak due to the lack of hunger. By the time he reached the final step reaching the top, he collapsed on the ground.


A girl with silver hair white as snow, skin pale but looking soft. Her eyes were blue as the crystal gems that shine like ice crystals. Kaliyah was her name, she was the one who found Rorek lying unconscious. It was bad if she came in contact with the man but she couldn't leave him stranded for the dangerous creatures to attack him. Kaliyah couldn't help but lift the man upon her back, revealing her wings and flew him up to her castle that she had been working on for quite some time. There Kaliyah laid down the man on the fur bed, leaving his side for a brief moment to prepare a cooked meal since he looked like he hadn't eaten for at least a couple days. Even poured a bowl of water, however he didn't wake up right away and instead poured some water into his mouth. After swallowing the fresh water, Rorek awoke to see Kaliyah and noticed the prepared food she had made him. From there, they got along with one another. However, she wasn't ordinary, in fact she was a dracotaur. Meaning she was half human, half dragon. Except she was able to look human to keep her wings and tail hidden using a pendant that was given to her by her deceased parents. 


As days passed, they grew fond of each other and fell in love. After all the hard work building houses out of stones, crafting bedding, and building farm homes. Kaliyah hunted for animals using her ability to track down their scent, capturing them and placing them into the farm homes. So in time when people travel to Mystic Nova, they decide to stay or move on forward. Queen Kaliyah and King Rorek ruled the lands of Mystic Nova, due to time recreating a good amount of people to move in the villages they built over time. Queen Kaliyah welcomed all races, loved all people and protected them from any harm. However,there was a secret kept hidden from Rorek and this was the time to let him know that her draco senses know her dragons are in danger and are captured. She had told him that Tempest Coven had been at war with her and her people for years, that's why when they first met the ruins were crumbled and destroyed by demons, vampires, even werewolves attacked. They worked together and slaughtered most of her kind, some had escaped thanks to Kaliyah and remained hidden since. Right now they think that Mystic Nova Kingdom is a dead place, but since they both repopulated and gathered more to call Mystic Nova a Kingdom. Queen Kaliyah had the remaining of her kind come out from hiding knowing that they could hold against Tempest Coven. Missions went out, a couple dragons were able to escape and come home. Some had died at the cost of the mission, but more had escaped and were free.


 5 years later, King Rorek and Queen Kaliyah wedded. Soon 8 months later, Kaliyah was pregnant with 4 daughters. Olivia the eldest daughter, Karliah the second eldest, Valkyrie the third eldest, and finally, Ryu the youngest. Olivia had been gifted with the ability to control water into ice, Karliah had been gifted with the control of blue flames of the divine, Valkyrie had been gifted with the control of darkness and shadows, Ryu had been gifted to control mineral gem crystals from the ground and manipulate them. 10 years later, both Rorek and Kaliyah were brutally murdered. Ryu, the youngest daughter, had left without a trace since the day her parents died without leaving a reason or a note. Olivia was next in line to take the Throne and rule as Princess, however, that lifestyle didn't suit her and stepped down to take the throne. Instead, Karliah had taken the Throne since she was next after Olivia. They announced Karliah to be their Princess of Mystic Nova Kingdom. 

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  • North side of Mystic Nova Kingdom

    Located in the north, the road leads directly to the Princess's castle. Currently the Princess is Karliah. Since their mother was a dracotaur, all 4 daughters were also dracotaur with visible horns, some with tails, and some with the eyes of a dragon itself, some with wings . Olivia had both horns and a tail. Karliah had horns only. Valkyrie has horns, wings, eyes, and tail. Ryu has only horns and eyes. Outside the view of the castle was a trail garden of various types of flowers that the princess kept healthy and growing. Olivia trained swordsman skills at the "Defender Training Academy, but also learned archery. She earned her United Rider's ID to be able to travel via air, and has the title the Shining Silver Knight due to the highest skills in the competitions that were held over the years. Since Karliah had taken the Throne, Olivia vowed to protect her sister from any harm.

    Across the bridge from the castle, is an academy for men and women to become defenders for Mystic Nova. It's a school to learn how to use weaponry such as swords, bows, crossbows, and other various types of weapons. This Academy is known as "Defender's Training Academy". DTA for short. However, using magic, witchcraft, anything that has to do with gifts cannot be allowed on campus at DTA. As some aren't born with a gift to be able to use magic or any sorts of spells. So some are sent to DTA to become Knights or given other types of jobs that may be suitable for them. Another reason why magic is forbidden on campus, using magic is an unfair advantage in battles when using weapons that are non-magical or if some don't have any gift to use against magic. If you pass this Academy class, you'll earn your "Adventurer Identification Port". This allows you to travel out other than Mystic Nova Kingdom, it shows you've fought hard to show hardship and skills, ready to take on the world if you wish to do so. For beginners Adventurers, a gift will be delivered at the end of the ceremony for those who passed.

    East side of Mystic Nova

    Located on the east side of Mystic Nova, shows another road/path to another academy that teaches men and women to learn magic. However, only men and women who are gifted with magic (meaning was born with the ability to use magic, whether fire, wind, air, etc) are able to join the Academy to learn how to control and manipulate the gift. Other classes that are non-magical are brewing potions, creating herbs, and medicine. Those classes are all available for anyone to join whether they have a gift or not. Just magical lessons are forbidden to teach the non-gifted. To know who is gifted, symbols are placed on the wrist once they are born. Non-magical would have no symbol at all. This Academy is known as "Mystic's Gifted Academy". Every year, there is an event where men and women battle using their abilities, to test how much they learned and grow, but also allows one winner to receive or request a wish from Princess Karliah herself.

    Across from "Mystic's Gifted Academy" another road/path leads to "Rider's Unite Academy". This school teaches men and women how to bond, survive, and ride a dragon. This is also where you learn to earn 'United Rider's ID'. Without one, you cannot travel via air or even fly using your bonded dragon or any other creatures. The license is for showing proof you've passed all three classes rank, bonded with a dragon, and can travel through air with your dragon. Magic isn't allowed at this Academy except in Class Rank 2.

    Class Rank 1: Countering a dragon and beginning to try to bond with it.

    Class Rank 2: Using an ability to reach and communicate with the dragon

    Class Rank 3: Once bonded, the next step is learning your dragon's weakness, study the flying movements, and try to practice on flying in the air.

    Once all these Class Ranks are passed, you'll receive 'United Rider's ID'.

    South side of Mystic Nova

    Located on the south is a well known forest called "Curse of the Mark". It's known to be dangerous about an unknown creature that only lurks and hunts when it's hungry. No one has seen this creature due to no one actually making it out alive either. Missions had been sent out to deal with his creature, only for the Princess's Knights not to return, though one survived but died once he reached the castle. His body has no arms with one leg, he must have crawled from that far to warn the Princess how dangerous it was. Since then, Princess Karliah asked her sister Valkyrie to cast a spell around the forest to keep anyone from entering and that she did.

    Opposite direction leads to another path, further down the road to a forest that holds Sakura trees. It was like a forest of Sakura's but the place has a path that leads to a lake. This lake is known as Mythical lake. It's known for its beauty. For other reasons, the lake had another rumor that holds a mysterious miracle that only happens every 25 blue moons. The lake can heal any curses, heal any injuries, even bring a corpse back to life (however that is rare, due to the corpse must only be dead for 5 mins in order to bring that someone to life). To tell how when it's the 25th Blue moon, the water in the lake will shimmer and glisten in the moonlight. That's when you can enter the cleanses of the water and be fully healed. Only one female was able to tell this tale and rumor since she was the one who found the Mythical Lake. Her name was known in the stories, "Elaine the Adventure", a girl who lived to battle creatures and protect people, towns, known as the second hero of Mystic Nova Kingdom. Sadly one day, a tragedy happened and Elaine had been murdered mysteriously. The culprit had never been found, but Elaine's memories and stories live on.

    West side of Mystic Nova

    Located on the west is the village named "Lavirita". When Princess Karliah founded this place, it also had been affected by the attacks from Tempest Coven. She wanted to build a new community and homes for the future lands of Mystic Nova since her mother had originally founded Mystic Nova. Kaliyah had mentioned to all daughters before passing away that her Kingdom was originally enemies and in war with Tempest Coven. Over the years, Princess Karliah rebuilt Lavirita back into shape along with her sisters of course. She had ordered Olivia and Valkyrie to hire more constructors, go along the path and build more villages. Help the needy people. Within the next couple years, more towns and villages, markets had been built. More people had traveled far to make it here and found it as their home.

    Passing the villages and towns if you continue to follow the road, you'll reach a river that leads to a largely cliff where the waterfalls and streams descend into an endingless fall to who knows where. No one has ever walked that far to reach the end except the Princess's when they came to search for their young sister Ryu. However, no one knows what happened to her and where she could have gone. Princess Karliah and her people never left the lands of Mystic Nova for various reasons. Some families were killed in various places by different races other than them. Stories were told about other places, and kingdoms out there as well.

    ◇ Races of Mystic Nova Kingdom ◇

    Orb Hornet Dracotaur: Half human/Half dragon born with the eyes and horn only of a dragon. Born to have limited powers. Than the other Dracotaur.

    Blood Dracotaur: Half human/half dragon born with eyes, horns, wings, and tail of a dragon. Born to have more capable powers than Orb Hornet and others.

    Shape-shifting Dracotaur: Born with the ability to shape-shift into a full blood dragon whether you're born as Orb Hornet Dracotaur, Blood Dracotaur, or Dracokiin. It is known to be a rare race since the Queen herself was a Shape-shifting Dracotaur with all sets of a dragon itself. It has rare abilities that are unknown.

    Dracokiin: Dracokiin is only born with eyes of a dragon that can shape-shift eye colors. This is also a rare race due to the ability to see the future.


    Citizens that are unable to fly or born within the dracotaur race must require "United's Rider's ID" in order to travel through air with a dragon or flying animal/creature. If caught without one will be arrested until further orders from the Princess.
    In order to travel the lands of Mystic Nova or travel out the lands to other destinations will need to require an "Adventurer Identification Port". This will allow anyone to travel outside of Nova Kingdom and to re-enter the Kingdom again.
    If you wish to be a Knight to help join the cause of the war with Tempest Coven and protect Mystic Nova Kingdom. You'll need to pass 6 trials to become a Knight, if you wish to be Silver Knight, the final exam trial, you'll need to conquer your worst fears. Another way to prove worthy to be a Silver Knight is to hunt 8 bounty of dangerous beasts/animals. That has the highest bounty as well.
    If caught abusing animals, Citizens, prejudices on another race that isn't dracotaur will be sent to prison beneath the castle of Mystic Nova Kingdom where they are always guarded. If the enemies turn out to be more dangerous than expected, they will be sent to a secret location that prevents them from using any spell, power, ability or dark magic.
    Magic is allowed in Mystic Nova, however anyone who works with shadow magic/power, witchcraft, conjuring, or necromancy will be sent to a secret location that prevents them from using dark powers. ANY TYPE OF MAGIC THAT IS DARK AND EVIL IS FORBIDDEN IN MYSTIC NOVA KINGDOM.
    Murdering and Killing is forbidden unless reason to. If you are found guilty of rape, murder of children, and selling families, then execution will be made.
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