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I love you, I love you, I love you.


Musical inspiration:

i. I love you

"Under these circumstances, I fear accepting such an offer will result in detrimental results."

Scarlett stands her ground under that scrutinizing gaze. Feels it explore her facial features, sink low to examine the em

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My New OC List

If you're more interested in something from my Old OC List, that's fine. Lemme know.


-Character One-

Felix Luvalia

【Male | 19 | Human】

Hegemon of the Ashen Sigil

-✣- Tragic. You aren't even worth challenging. -✣-


Entry One

Heart Made from Broke

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Makara Brothers: Origins

The first of a three part series I’m going to start. Read the words of Gregory Makara as he tells his story, starting with how he and his brother Sam were raised. (NOTE: This is my first time writing something here, so don’t expect a perfect story)
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My Old OC List

Original unedited oc list; will update soon and split between MC (Main Casts) and EC (Extra Casts) lists.

 Turned into a blog(s) to free up space on my profile.


 - Character #1 -

Nathaniel Ralphin | 22 | Male

Grimoire, the Elven Hero

“Your kneecaps

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2023RE New Year New Resolutions

Crimson sighs and thinks to themselves for the umteenth time as they stare at a blank page of lined paper. 'Why do people--no beings do this? From what I understand they don't usually follow through with it.... But, I said I was going to try to be be

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Moving Mountains - 2023RE (Collab)

After the passing of a harsh cold front of weather brought warmer weather around the corner and just in time for the upcoming year. Much warmer in fact that Agnes stood on her balcony with a rum and coke in hand, but cold enough that the drink remain

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White Vision - Powers & Abilities

- Synthezoid Physiology/Chaos Magic Enhancement: White Vision was created to be a replica of his original self. He was eventually reactivated with enough energy radiating from Chaos Magic.

- Superhuman Strength: As a synthezoid composed of vibranium,

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What goes bump in the night.


This blog contains adult content - crass / foul language, sexual content, foul play and murder.

Proceed with caution.


10865024698?profile=RESIZE_584xShe sipped at her old fashioned glass of Gin before she finished painting her lips a wine red color. The creamy lipstick glid

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The Blood Huntsmen.

An elite Sect of mercenaries and bounty hunters run by the current leader Dread Prestin.

Whether you need someone executed or  a job handled discreetly they are your people for the job

Below are some of the finest they have to offer

10864198300?profile=RESIZE_710xName: The Brothers T

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