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Unchecked Power



Many years ago

Los Angeles, California

3:41 PM



Mai was enjoying her retirement from fighting wars and dodging assassins. It had been eight years since she has activated her weapon for defense. It had also been a few years since she has had to fight f

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You made me a God



I once wandered the Iron Forest of Jötunheimr aimlessly. Purposelessly. 

I knew nothing of the world beyond the forest, nor the true purpose of my blood.

Then came fearless Oðinn and showed me how large the world could be.


My name is Loki, the wrath

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Without a Jacket

It was January. A new year, filled with so many possibilities for everyone. New resolution, new plans, new adventures. For Casey, however, it was just cold. 

It had been four months now since Casey's 16th birthday, since her first change and her disco

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A Promise.

The ball was red and made of metal. There was an engraving on it that read:



General of the Warlord Army

Mitchel “Wrath” Blade



He reads it over and over again. That name. Wrath. Burned into most people’s mind with violence. All because he was to

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A Late Night Visitor

The small breeze blows against the chimes that hang in front of the door to the magic shoppette. It’s small stained glass windows make it hard to see inside, but the glow of candles and the smell of spirit warding incense smoke were very noticeable.

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You're not well.

"Frankie!" Bartholomew called, stepping past the splintered remains of his friends door. The chipping white pant practically clawed away from its surface, the knob nowhere to be seen and the small window at its top bashed in and smeared with gooey, c

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Twins {Part one}

Many centuries ago…


“How do I look?”

“Hey! Are you listening to me? Look!”

“Pfft, is that really the uniform?”


               She had pulled herself away from her computer screen to look to her twin sister eagerly posing in an all black uniform. A go

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Interview: - Session 2 [Kid You're Ridiculous]




“So… you’ve sorta directed me along the way,

or something like that, you said..?”



“That’s right, more or less.

Wherever you’ve gone, I had Some say to it.

At least in more recent years.”


“So my apartment, even?”


“Yeah, I picked that out.

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