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I’m new!

Hey! I've been rping for about 6 years now and have always done so on amino but since it's been dying off these past few years I've been looking for a new spot so I'm here to try this place out, feel free to message me anytime!

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My Magic System [Phoebe]

Abstract Disclaimer

In a general sense, I prefer to keep the concept of unordinary feats to be considered supernatural rather than magic. Magic has a variety of perspectives and themes surrounding particular parameters, but not in a wide enough sense

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When you've drown as many times as I have, you start to believe you can breathe underwater, that there's a quality of invincibility in you that makes you fit, resilient -- you think nothing can put you down, nothing can stop you, as if you've been b

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Project Arcana Staff File ID: WORLD


Image #6, Image #7, Image#8, Image#9

Project Study Echo

Class Designation: Muspelheim

Sub designation: Hive mind central processing

Apendage Designation: Mimic


Grade 8 Conciousness

Power Level: Unknown 


Very little is yet known about the origin and h

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Looking for RP partners

My character is Skuld (yes, the awesome Norn from Norse mythos), and she was cast down to Earth, without memory as to why that happened. She looks about 21, but is really immortal. On Earth, she goes by Skye Futursdottir (future's daughter). I'm look

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Phoebe Dianthus Taaffe (WIP)

 ꙰ -Quick Facts- ꙰

Quick tidbits about the character.


Phoebe - Female - 24

Human - 177 cm (5'8) - 65 kg (143 lb)

Scorpio - Water - ISTJ



꙰ -Metadata Log- ꙰




|Origins & Upbringing|


Phoebe Dianthus Taaffe's nurtured upbringing might

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Looking for a roleplaying partner

Hi!My name is Crimson and I am looking for a roleplay partner.  I am semi lit and joined recently because I missed roleplaying. Aplogies if I am rusty. So here is the roleplay I have in mind of course plot wise it can be opened for discussion but her

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I love you, I love you, I love you.


Musical inspiration:

i. I love you

"Under these circumstances, I fear accepting such an offer will result in detrimental results."

Scarlett stands her ground under that scrutinizing gaze. Feels it explore her facial features, sink low to examine the em

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Makara Brothers: Origins

The first of a three part series I’m going to start. Read the words of Gregory Makara as he tells his story, starting with how he and his brother Sam were raised. (NOTE: This is my first time writing something here, so don’t expect a perfect story)
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My Old OC List

Original unedited oc list; will update soon and split between MC (Main Casts) and EC (Extra Casts) lists.

 Turned into a blog(s) to free up space on my profile.


 - Character #1 -

Nathaniel Ralphin | 22 | Male

Grimoire, the Elven Hero

“Your kneecaps

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