Name: Mephistopheles

Rank: Hell-Lord

Titles: Demon Lord, Demon King, Lucifer's left hand , Lord of Hatred

King of the First Circle of Hell

Human Name Dierick Clouse

ย Location- Hell (Former) LA (Current)

ย  ย ๐•ฟ๐–๐–Š ๐•ฟ๐–†๐–‘๐–Š ๐–”๐–‹ ๐–† ๐–‰๐–Š๐–’๐–”๐–“


Long ago when the World was still growing when Lucifer rebelled there was one demon who would first to join his side. One who has manifested great knowledge and power through means of magic and blood. His name was Mephistopheles, One of the Rulers of the Nine circles of Hell. He rules the First Circle of Hell; Limbo with his eyes always watching the souls that enter his realm. Unlike his fellow brothers and sisters he is more of a schemer and playful with the mortals that would summon him or enter his realm.


Mephistopheles plays many plots in order to keep his Lords interest at heart. In ways that would require time and patience.ย  One timeย  during the fall from grace The Hell-Lord managed toย  forge rings for each demon king including Lucifer. Each ring gave them power to rival Archangels for it is ewmbedded with dark magic and angels blood and their own. Each ring contains a special rune that gives the wearer power over their realm. Such power is only fitting for the Rulers of the 9 circles


๐•ญ๐–‘๐–”๐–”๐–‰ ๐–”๐–‹ ๐•ญ๐–—๐–”๐–™๐–๐–Š๐–—๐–˜

When Lucifer tricked Eve into eating the forbidden fruit Mephistoples kept his eyes on the foolish first mortals. He witnessed the birth of Cain and Abel rightย  before his eyes, for the darkness was part of him.ย  ย He watched their deaths and the boys grow into fine adults. He observed them as they give sacrifices to God time and time again. But Mephistopheles decided to have his fun by taking the role as Cain and Abel's ear.


He whisperedย  into Cain's ears telling him how God has favorited Abel with each gift that was given God has favorited Abel. to prove thatย  Mephistopheles was wrong Cain decided to get the greatest gift of all. He took his brother to the field and rebelled against his own brother. He killed him, and for that he wasย  marked as the First Murderer of man. Once again Mephistopheles has done the Devils work.




๐•ฟ๐–๐–Š ๐•ฒ๐–†๐–’๐–Š ๐–”๐–‹ ๐•พ๐–”๐–š๐–‘๐–˜


One of Mephistopheles greatest triumps was obtainning the soul of a certain hungry soul that wanted more than what was offered to him.ย  The great Faust, a Scholar that longed for knowledge and pleasure. Such a soul is one that Mephistopheles could not keep his hands away from. When Faust summoned him he answered while showing him his power, toying with him by taking him to a mountain, to the pits of hell and back before appearing before him.ย  ย He would offer him all the power he wanted, and in return for his soul. Faust was a amusing treat, and after the contract was finished he made sure that Faust suffered eternally, so much so that he keeps him close where ever he goes.ย ย 


He took his body and used it as his host to travel around the world collecting souls that would dare ask for himย  and offer their souls owe so willingly. He would not deny the call, for it was his own entertainment.ย  His power grows with each deal he makes.ย  Temptation is the most powerful thing a demon can use on those who are so willing for power and pleasure.


ย 8024308880?profile=RESIZE_710x



Limbo, the first Circle of Hell where all the souls first go before moving to the other eight rings of hell. Unlike what the bible claims, Limbo was not all like the eight circles, for instance There isn't much Hell fire unless you enter the throne of the Hell-Lord. It is aย  Castleย  atop of ruins surrounded by a river of lost souls.ย  The screams and moans of the lost echoย  throughout the first circle.ย  Hell-hounds swarm theย  ruins making sure no soul flees whileย  they make their way to the casle to be judged by the three Dukes of Hell


Camiel, Camor andย  Aroan are the Dukes of Hell who judge the souls and sending them to their proper circle. Those that linger and do not go would either be maimed by the hellhounds orย  be chained and forever be trapped in Limbo where Mephistopheles tortures their souls for all eternity.

ย 8024649496?profile=RESIZE_710x


๐•ป๐–”๐–œ๐–Š๐–— & ๐•ฌ๐–‡๐–Ž๐–‘๐–Ž๐–™๐–Ž๐–Š๐–˜


Hell Fire- Like all Demons he can manipulate the fires of hell forming raging flames that could burnย  souls of the living.

Time Manipulation- Mephistopheles can have the power to go through time at will. Not to mention he could freeze time to manipulate it to his own accord

Manipulation ofย  the Elements- Mephistopheles can control the elements of water, wind and earth along with fire.

Shapeshifting- He could change his form to any being he likes, his favorite is a raven.

Great Intellect- He is very crafty and can be quite a troublesome foe when it comes to his plans of using those to get what he wants

Smithing- Mephistopheles is great with his hands, not to mention crafting weapons, artifacts and magical runes from his realm

Teleportation- He can move from place to place by fire or mist, he could even transport those to go somewhere where he pleased or wanted to go

The First Circle of Hell- He becomes more of a God in his realm and can control the environment in any shape or form.


March 3

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  • One thing is not like the other

    'So, that's how it is.' Malphas sat on the roof of the building of the cafe Cain had run off to, hoping to find refuge from whatever it was that was following him. Her head turns with a twitch as she gazed down. 'You almost had me believing...' her thoughts trail, and her gaze travels down to her pocket. It was her cellphone. She doesn't delay and picks it up, 'Yeah. He's sniffing around. The boy is nothing but uncooperative.' She said as she then hung up and dialed out to another number. She was hesitant at it but does so eventually. A deep breath and she is sending out a more direct message. 'Mephistopheles has met with Cain. Needs him to find the blade. While this is already old news, there's more insight. Looks like this goes further, it appears that he had hand in killing Abel way back when? As crazy as that sounds, he did put a bit of information. He has a fragment of Abel's soul. He's threatening Cain. Lucifer needs to know. Immediately.' That is all she said before hanging up that call as well.ย 

    Malphas exhales steadily, then, she takes a breath, repeating it again till there is a sensation crawling up her spine. She closes her eyes, relaxing her shoulders then turns on her heel. As she stops, her eyes open and she's looking forward. Behold, before her eyes, a shadow. 'You got the news?' Not a word from the shadow, but loud and clear in her thoughts. Just how did he do this anyway? Were they all the same? Horrible how she can think of that at this point and never did she in the past. She shakes her head for a second and continues. 'You've sent me after him, to tail him. Does this mean you never trusted him?' It wasn't her place to ask, but it didn't seem to bother the shadow. Because what it does is nod. That was a relief, to say the least. She approached, slowly. As she stopped the shadow reaches out, placing a few digits upon her brow. It causes her to shut her eyes as her sight is tapped into, more so her memories. She wasn't lying, by the looks of it.

    A finger of four grazes under the left ear, searing something into the flesh. She's flinching but stays still. Malphas lets out a shuttering breath, her lip quivering in the process. Instantly as she opens her eyes, no one is there, but she had this overwhelming itch in her left eye. Quickly, she rubs it with the heel of her palm, roughly that she grunts with absolute discomfort. When she's sated that deep itch, she blinks her eyes, but for some reason, she has this odd sensation in her eye. It moved involuntarily. Originally, Malphas's eyes are black, nearly all the way with zero whites to her eyes. But now, if she were to look, she would find that she was devoided of one of those eerie eyes. This time, one of those was blue. 'Lucifer,' she mutters under her breath. She jumps off the ledge and lands down below, near the door of the cafe.

    She's blocked off Cain. Her left eye winks at him and Cain exhales with a sensation rocking him to the core. More so than Mephistopheles had. Malphas licks her lips, she wasn't used to this, being a vessel of sorts for the likes of Lucifer. It felt...weird. She nods her head, she needed Cain to head back to his seat. And he does. She, on the other hand, heads in and hurries over with a pace of her own. Settling in she begins to speak. 'Let go of Abel, what Mephistopheles has of him is nothing. Believe that he is where you believe where he is. Nothing more or less. Your father needs you to pull the plug, and quickly. Only then you'll find what you seek.' She suggested though she wasn't sure what she was even saying. The words were there and they came out on their own. 'You do this and this all ends. No more running, no more hiding.' she adds and that is all.

  • [[how shall we begin everything?]]

  • Arrangements

    'Rahab,' Lucifer begins, looking over his shoulder when speaking. 'How do you feel about birds?' It was a suggestion to which the leviathan picked up on. Do you want her on our side? He asked, looking past the tendrils of hair that hung over his face. Leviathan had the strangest of ways of communication, not once did he move his lips to speak. The sound emits from him after a rattling hiss, his jaw adjusting with a click and pop. It wasn't something that always occurs, just something that resounds when the serpent is gaging what he will do next. The faint warning before the initial attack, so to speak.

    His gaze drops and observes, mortal like skin now wrapped around him in place of scales. How lowly, he thought as he rolled his gaze back up and across to Lucifer. What will the others say? To those words, Lucifer turned a bit more. 'I've played all sides, up until now Rahab. I will subdue and make followers of those that have chosen to work against me. Malphas will be our first,' he says with a slight dark grin. When the leviathan mirrored the grin, it was far too wide and sinister. He knew that if the demon denied absolute allegiance then he was to take her head. Something that wouldn't be hard to do. For far too long he has slumbered here and none have known of his whereabouts nor his coming. He'd been Tenebris' keeper for this long...waiting for the moment that Lucifer has been working on.

    'No one knows of you, nor will they. For all they know, you are just another demon serving under my command. No doubt trying to win my favor.' Lucifer says this with a growing grin, it was strange for him too, but quite the rare sight regardless. He turned to face away from the serpent, but that didn't stop him from speaking. Lucifer was well aware of what was going on, that something was brewing, even with dear Mephistopheles. Devote follower, stroking Lucifer's ego, and promising to fulfill a grand plan in his name. 'He's diverting and the two are playing. There's a spectator on the outside looking in, possibly pulling strings. I can't see far past that, yet.' Lucifer is regarding many when he speaks these words. Mephistopheles, Satan, Beelzebub, and possibly Lilith, but that is one name he is yet to find out about. For now, that player remains a blur.

    Little Bird, Little Bird

    He has left Lucifer and gone about wandering hell. It has been too long that he needed to devour whatever got in his way, mainly lesser creatures. Never did he take his true form, continued to wander on two legs, bare to the hells without care. As he lingered at that same spot, who he was waiting for shows up by chance. Quickly to cut her off and able to keep her from disappearing, the leviathan tilts his head, blinking vertically. Save yourself a painful death little bird. He requires your undivided devotion. Malphas blinks those large dark eyes at him, wondering where the hells this one came from. The smell of blood on his would-be breath and what's more when he speaks he isn't speaking at all. More like, filling her head with words, nothing more. Her eyes search him with a gaze, but she can't find anything. Not a name or scent/feeling. Something she would have picked up on like any good demon can.

    Malphas felt that if she said anything, it would be the wrong thing. If she chose one side, the other would have her head. But then again, what did Beelzebub guarantee, really? She parts her lips to finally speak, 'Fineโ€”' the word is quick and outright truthful. No lies or doubts. She made her decision. Sing for me, little bird. And she does. She tells all that she knows and then some, she felt compelled above all else. In the end, Malphas is brought to Lucifer's side and his side remains. Though never does an eye witness her switch in loyalty, she keeps listening and watching, reporting back to her new master, as it were. Into his ear, she whispers the whereabouts and the small things that none care to know about. Even the sexual rumors, or so one would lead to believe, are most true.

    Nothing new or shocking to the likes of Lucifer. Hell was a place where creatures with similar understanding and interests found union, even if it were for a few nights at a time. It didn't matter, but at least Lucifer knew what he was dealing with, nothing more than that. Just as well, he thought as he continued to listen. He waits to even speak a word, he didn't need much else from Malphas but that. A bird can always sing a different song, given the right encouragement. And Lucifer had given her such. Earning that favor, Malphas has. Rewarding her was something that will keep her content and safe from Beelzebub. But she will answer to her old master, only to keep him content.ย 

  • As it starts

    Lucifer stops, though not turning around yet. He could feel something behind him, it was Dawnbringer. Can't say he was surprised, he'd been wondering just when the blade was going to do its thing. Looks it was sooner than expected. With that, Lucifer turns around half-way and looks at the suspended blade. While he wasn't surprised, he wasn't going to be amused in the end, not from what he was about to see. Truth be told, Lucifer didn't trust anyone, not even Mephistopheles. What he saw was insightful and it aroused some other questions that were already present in his mind. It was as if he were there first hand, listening and watching at the same time, but not once did he move, try to have a look at things from a different angle. From start to finish. 'Shocking,' he said with a tone brimming with sarcasm. 'Prisoner, not powerless.' Those words roll off his tongue as he left the chamber in the end. A chuckle rumbled and faded as the room went dark with his departure.

    In the depths, forgotten

    'Rahab...' Lucifer's voice stirs something in the forgotten depths. He'd made this place unpopulated, it was a restricted place. The ground under his bare feet trembles as something heavy drags across the brimstone. 'Unfilial, discarded for reasons unbefitting. Once the instrument of our father. It would seem that we still continue to feel the same?' Always insightful and always understanding, the slumbering Leviathan hisses in response, relaying a measure of agreement. Its only hostility towards the fallen angel was that he'd left him alone, devoid of company and any to devour. Though it might have seemed as he had been imprisoned like this by Lucifer, he understood why he'd done this. Lucifer was known for his moments of coveting things, he had failed in keeping what he'd wanted most before. But upon the uprising and battle, he had taken something down into the depths with him, other than just his weapon.

    His mind had been preoccupied, yes, but he needed to take precautions along the way. As the rebellion had begun and Lucifer had gathered a fair amount of angels that agreed with his cause, his reach had gone much further. Testified to much before he was obvious with the discomfort and ploy to overthrow the one, God. While his ploy remained a grain of sand in the mighty sea, it would in due time, take effect, create the ripple he so needed. Rahab would be his grain of sand and what mighty ripple it will be. Lucifer had once been depicted as the serpent in the story. Had he been? It seems the gullible still believe what they are told. One just needs to be that convincing...Lucifer has been doing this since the dawn of time it was laughable.ย 

    While in the company of Rahab in that forbidden zone, there was nowhere he could be found or possibly located. Even together or with some great spell or show of power, nothing could reach those fathoms. Telltales had said that the great serpent had perished at some point, it's usefulness with the passing time had reached its end. 'A path is being opened, supposedly,' Lucifer begins to say, his words didn't seem all that convinced as if this spoken path has been all but a lie to him. You believe this to be a ruse? The coiled leviathan asks as it shifts with another colossal shift. Lucifer steps back, tucking his arms behind him. He both listened and watched at the scales before him, one alone was ten times his size. 'One gets bored, Rahab. If it is a betrayal that they seek, they gain nothing but my praise for their small effort,' Lucifer said with a bit of laughter to his tone.

    When will they ever learn? Was what the leviathan hissed, laughter in his own words. What is it you need from me after so long? He adds, curiosity overlapping that fading amusement. 'They meet with Cain.' As he was speaking, Lucifer lifts from the ground, levitating a fair amount off the ground. It's then that he is able to see those two glowing orbs that would be considered the leviathan's eyes. Tenebris, is that their goal? The leviathan spoke, moving again and clearing the space in between. At the belly of the beast, brimstone, and something else. The boy is not qualified. He adds, to which Lucifer chuckles. 'They seem to think so. What's more...there is apparently a -twin- of sorts. Dawnbringer. Made to the very likeness of Tenebris.' Lucifer spoke, but the leviathan snorts that the dust on the brimstone is stirred into a dust cloud, dispersing slowly afterward.

    Lucifer descends onto the leviathan's back at first. Walking across his gaze is locked upon the serpent's keep. Tenebris. It was here and not where he had said it to be. Then, what was? Peering up to the darkness that is nestled overhead, Lucifer starts saying something. 'Unbeknownst to my -blood- and most -trusted- demon, they will be securing your freedom and through you, the pits of hell will open. Swallowing anything in its path.' Reaching the edge, Lucifer drops down. Reaching out he takes Tenebris by the hilt. The blade had been yearning for his return, even though it had always been within reach. Who would have known? Cain was to find the blade's doppelganger, a mirror image if you will. As above, so below. Once picked up, that blade will vanish and the one in Lucifer's hand at this moment will come free. Cutting through the seal that keeps the leviathan in hell, along with the rest of the fallen.

    A hole will open, literally and hell will run rampant through Eden. Not even the all-mighty father will be able to put a lid on it as it were. They would watch with helplessness at the might and find it beyond them at how far the scheme goes. Lucifer is satisfied with what he's done this far, but it didn't look like everyone had their own thing going. Their plans were falling accordingly and possibly in his favor if anything. He seeks the grimoires. The leviathan says and Lucifer turns an eye to him and nods. 'He does. During his days with Faustus. Amusing times.' Lucifer was almost not worried, to which the leviathan would have risen a brow in curiosity if it could. 'They are scattered to the winds, they aren't just on Eden itself,' Lucifer adds, he knew what that meant. Do you have one? The serpent asks. Lucifer rose a hand and held up two digits. Shrugging after, 'All he has to do is ask,' he said dropping his shoulders, landing his gaze upon the serpent again. It didn't look like the leviathan was oblivious of things around him, he has been keeping up with the times and the ongoings as well.

    I don't trust him, never have. He said and Lucifer could only chuckle once again. 'You aren't the only one, apparently. I've been told many things about him. Advised to get rid of him. How can I?' It was true, Lucifer has his reasons, of which he's never truly explained. He could have gotten together with the other two and devised something to either seal the devil or abolish him and all that he's done. 'We've been patient this long. And others around us have matured, grown conscious of their own. They even have ambitions, if that's a surprise to you.' He wasn't worried, not by his tone and it would make the serpent shake his head, though does nothing of the sort. 'If this path is truly opened, it won't be by the blades. He plans on joining the two. I'm sure you're well aware that Tenebris isn't that cooperative, being that you've been keeping the blade company for this long?' He turns a curious eye to the serpent. Leviathan was silent for a short moment before speaking. It will absorb all this Dawnbringer is, if anything.ย 

    'With all things aside. Have you chosen a suitable appearance? It has been five-thousand years since I last asked. I think it has been plenty of time to give it some thought.' With a thrust of the wings, Lucifer was up and over the leviathan, clearing him and lands left foot first upon the brimstone a foot or two from the serpent. As he spoke, the serpent quivered as it instantly took shape. Rather than keeping the devastating size, he shrunk to no more than a mortal being. Not much taller than Lucifer himself, by the looks of it. He would need tidying up, however. His hair spilled from him like black rivers, but the form was impeccable. The serpent could be mistaken for an angel it was laughable. He met with Lucifer's approval and their conversation went well into the hours. There is a name that spills from Lucifer's lips, Paimon...

  • โ˜…

    [[I would love to discuss any ideas. I don't have one yet but I'll try to think]]

  • The Spy

    Malphas had followed Ponos/Pride to the meeting with Cain. My, my, somethings don't seem to change, were Malphas's thoughts as she didn't as much listen, but watched. She had quite a sharp eye, even from a distance. She stayed for a long moment, whether if Ponos/Pride left or not, Malphas didn't stay. There had been no signs of Mephistopheles on the grounds, or anywhere nearby. Though she hadn't checked on the devil, she refrained. Keeping her distance as if he were the plague itself. There was still the matter of visiting hell, there were things that needed to be discussed with Beelzebub. Unaware that her spying was already found out by one of Lucifer's own and now Mephistopheles it would seem. Though oblivious to this, she goes to hell anyway with her duties. But...upon arrival she'd hear a familiar voice.

    'Beelzebub's little songbird...' Malphas froze to the voice, recalling that not so pet name for her. She took a deep and hastened breath before turning slightly to look over her shoulder. Those dark eyes peer towards the source of that voice, only let her gaze fall upon a lone figure that peeked the veil of darkness. 'Lucifer.' Acknowledgement, because there was no mistaking it, that's how it was and coming up to creep up behind her no less. How could she have been so damn careless? With little to no knowledge that he, was watching her as well, not just his followers and minions. Those simply devote to him and him alone. Lucifer steps out, a footfall following the other, but never making a sound as he does. 'I didn't know you were back to your old ways, or has that ever changed?' He asked her as he kept his distance, though his voice carried clear enough to bring chills.

    'Iโ€”' she stammered, finding it a tad difficult to produce words, where she would have had a quick quip, nothing came from her at that moment. Her vision strains, pulsing uncomfortably, almost painfully. That same sickness she felt around him, was the kind that she felt as of late when she was anywhere near that Mephistopheles. Undescribable and it was something she had yet to tell Beelzebub about. Was this a coincidence? Why was it that she felt this same thing around the two? She couldn't grasp at anything, let alone think straight at all. Perhaps this was something that would come to mind at a later time, maybe not. Whichever the case, she needed to get out of this quickly and to Beelzebub. She couldn't be rude unless she wanted to arouse any type of suspicion.ย 

    'Beelzebub isn't trying to compromise my plan, is he? I'm well aware that he doesn't meet eye to eye with Mephistopheles and neither does Satan,' he began, crossing his arms. He needed to have this confrontation if he was going to strengthen a secret. Oh, how he looked so convincing. Looking at Malphas with such suspicion and conviction. 'Both he and Satan came to me with a complaint and now they work behind my back?' He added and left little to no room for her to speak a word. 'You tell your master that I am seeing this plan myself and if he doesn't want trouble, he better let me handle it. Got it?' Sure Malphas would nod, but that didn't mean she agreed. She didn't answer to Lucifer in the end, but Beelzebub. 'Of course.' she'd follow up with before hurrying off. Lucifer chuckled to himself as soon as she was out of sight.ย 


    Hours had passed since his amusing confrontation with Malphas and Lucifer had wound back at his hall. Beyond a few doors and winding pathways, there is a chamber where he'd decided to keep the blade. It wasn't anything secretive. In fact, it was in plain sight. If they weren't meant to find something, might as well leave it in plain sight. It would be the last place they would come looking for it. If at all. He closed his eyes and tried making contact with Tenebris, see if anyone was close to his weapon. If anyone was, then he'd know and possibly make a connection with whoever might be there. At first, he believes he has, but the moment he opens his eyes, it is Dawnbringer that has whispered back. Lucifer narrowed his eyes. Looking the blade as if he were gazing into someone's soul.ย 

    From fingers to claws, he'd shifted his hand like so as he leaned into the blade. With a single claw, Lucifer would press the tip of it to the runes themselves as if he intended to alter one of them, but not. It was more like he was trying to provoke something out of the blade itself. Wondering if it had a conscious like Tenebris. It would damn amusing if it did, after all, it was Mephistopheles' own words that said it was made similar. How similar, Lucifer wondered. 'Why is your master so intent on aiding me, rather than helping himself?' he asked as if the blade could possibly answer that question. Lucifer didn't expect it to, just something he'd asked the nothing, not even himself. He withdraws and begins to step back, giving the blade his back. His mind too takes a step back as Lucifer begins to wonder how Pride was fairing, and how difficult it was going to be for Cain to cooperate.

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  • At Mephistopheles' Hotel

    A man dressed in black would come through the front doors, making a beeline straight for the reception desk. There he calmly stands with a speech no louder than a whisper. He was odd of 8040216052?profile=RESIZE_400xsorts and didn't look quite all there, but, regardless of his behavior, he seemed alright, to an extent anyway. He was here to deliver a message, he says to the receptionist. If just speaking those words weren't enough, he would then reveal a mark that almost appeared scorched onto the flesh. With a slight lift of his long sleeve and there it was the mark of Lucifer. His message was to be delivered directly or deliver nothing at all.ย 

    With patience, the individual stood there or waited as requested, whatever the instructions were. There was no name or anything that would indicate the association of this man with his message. He looked like some random man on the verge of collapse, a mental breakdown, as they so call it. If anything, he had been on his way to take his own life. He'd found out he was going away for sixty-years and he would rather take his life than suffer. Little did he know that he was already on his way to an eternity of suffering. Upon getting the audience he was expecting, calmly and surely he delivers. It would have been something so easy to do, but unfortunately, Lucifer couldn't make the trip himself and arouse suspicion, well, not that he could visit Eden as he pleased.

    'Watch for Malphas, she's been following you and has been reporting to Beelzebub of your whereabouts and happenings.' Those words came rolling off his tongue as if he were reading off a cue card. Nothing about this was out of his own volition. A mere translator of sorts. As soon as his message is delivered, he will meet an end that none will care about, shed a tear for. With his lost gaze, he turns on his heel and makes for the door. As quietly as he'd come, he leaves just the same. And into coming traffic where he is hit by a vehicle.ย 

    Enter Malphas

    A tick that made her jerk her head left or right on occasion was a brow lifter to those that stood around her. Where she was supposed to be a typical human being amongst the lambs was a demon in disguise. Jet black hair that draped down the center of her back, portions of which were beaded in silvers and hung the front of her shoulders. One side matching the other. Fine and sharp sculpted brows that made the female appear almost ethereal to some and wicked to others. Eyes as black as a pair of coals that nearly took up the entirety of her whites. Her lips were what would draw the most attention, they seemed curled at the corners, defining the cupids bow they would have originally framed, now it only seemed she was smirking wickedly, with no doubt she is in secret. With some distance, she stood watching across the street. Already, she'd been on Pride's heels since France. With quick work of a thumb, she was tapping away on a device. A common human toy, but useful for demons nowadays.ย 

    Much like Mephistopheles, Beelzebub and Satan both had an outpost of sorts where their followers congregated and planned for their gods, as they so proclaimed they were. Their numbers were growing steadily and spreading as well. Their networks were strengthening by using man's technology in the process. Even as far as getting into politics for stronger influence. Needless to say, Lucifer had been doing this since the beginning. But then again he preferred working behind the scenes, his name a mere whisper. When Malphas's information came through it would be relayed back to Beelzebub and shared with Satan who kept close contact. It wasn't that they didn't trust Lucifer, or that they wished to overthrow him. It was impossible, for reasons that needed further discussion and that was something they rarely did.ย 

    Malphas was to keep close tabs and see Pride's interaction with Cain, son of Lucifer. Make sure that Mephistopheles did not interfere in the matter. What Lucifer needed doing had to be done. Only then could they be rid of him. At least that's what Lucifer had told them anyway.ย 


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