Name: Mephistopheles

Rank: King of Hell

Titles: Demon Lord, Demon King, Lucifer's left hand , Lord of Hatred

King of the First Circle of Hell

Human Name:Leland Gaunt

ย Location- Hell (Former) LA (Current)


ย  ย ๐•ฟ๐–๐–Š ๐•ฟ๐–†๐–‘๐–Š ๐–”๐–‹ ๐–† ๐–‰๐–Š๐–’๐–”๐–“


Long ago when the World was still growing when Lucifer rebelled there was one demon who would first to join his side. One who has manifested great knowledge and power through means of magic and blood. His name was Mephistopheles, One of the Rulers of the Nine circles of Hell. He rules the First Circle of Hell; Limbo with his eyes always watching the souls that enter his realm. Unlike his fellow brothers and sisters he is more of a schemer and playful with the mortals that would summon him or enter his realm.


Mephistopheles plays many plots in order to keep his Lords interest at heart. In ways that would require time and patience.ย  One timeย  during the fall from grace The Hell-Lord managed toย  forge rings for each demon king including Lucifer. Each ring gave them power to rival Archangels for it is ewmbedded with dark magic and angels blood and their own. Each ring contains a special rune that gives the wearer power over their realm. Such power is only fitting for the Rulers of the 9 circles


๐•ญ๐–‘๐–”๐–”๐–‰ ๐–”๐–‹ ๐•ญ๐–—๐–”๐–™๐–๐–Š๐–—๐–˜

When Lucifer tricked Eve into eating the forbidden fruit Mephistoples kept his eyes on the foolish first mortals. He witnessed the birth of Cain and Abel rightย  before his eyes, for the darkness was part of him.ย  ย He watched their deaths and the boys grow into fine adults. He observed them as they give sacrifices to God time and time again. But Mephistopheles decided to have his fun by taking the role as Cain and Abel's ear.


He whisperedย  into Cain's ears telling him how God has favorited Abel with each gift that was given God has favorited Abel. to prove thatย  Mephistopheles was wrong Cain decided to get the greatest gift of all. He took his brother to the field and rebelled against his own brother. He killed him, and for that he wasย  marked as the First Murderer of man. Once again Mephistopheles has done the Devils work.




๐•ฟ๐–๐–Š ๐•ฒ๐–†๐–’๐–Š ๐–”๐–‹ ๐•พ๐–”๐–š๐–‘๐–˜


One of Mephistopheles greatest triumps was obtainning the soul of a certain hungry soul that wanted more than what was offered to him.ย  The great Faust, a Scholar that longed for knowledge and pleasure. Such a soul is one that Mephistopheles could not keep his hands away from. When Faust summoned him he answered while showing him his power, toying with him by taking him to a mountain, to the pits of hell and back before appearing before him.ย  ย He would offer him all the power he wanted, and in return for his soul. Faust was a amusing treat, and after the contract was finished he made sure that Faust suffered eternally, so much so that he keeps him close where ever he goes as a familiar that will do his beck and call while in a state of agony.ย ย 


He took his body and used it as his host to travel around the world collecting souls that would dare ask for himย  and offer their souls owe so willingly. He would not deny the call, for it was his own entertainment.ย  His power grows with each deal he makes.ย  Temptation is the most powerful thing a demon can use on those who are so willing for power and pleasure.


ย 9760688456?profile=RESIZE_710x



Limbo, the first Circle of Hell where all the souls first go before moving to the other eight rings of hell. Unlike what the bible claims, Limbo was not all like the eight circles, for instance There isn't much Hell fire unless you enter the throne of the Hell-Lord. It is aย  Castleย  atop of ruins surrounded by a river of lost souls.ย  The screams and moans of the lost echoย  throughout the first circle.ย  Hell-hounds swarm theย  ruins making sure no soul flees whileย  they make their way to the castle to be judged by the three Dukes of Hell


Camiel, Barbatos andย  Aroan; ย the Dukes of Hell who judge the souls and send them to their designed ย circle. Those that linger and do not go would either be maimed by the hellhounds orย  be chained and forever be trapped in Limbo where Mephistopheles tortures their souls for all eternity.

ย 9243539476?profile=RESIZE_584x

Witch Trialsย 


The battle for souls has always been the priority of Angels and Demons, ย but Mephistopheles had been rather distant when it came to claiming souls. But at timesย  when Lucifer requires him to do his job on claiming new souls, he would do so withย  a twist. Mephistopheles was always interested in mischief and the dark arts.ย  He came to A village, one that held the standards of God like it was their chains that willingly wore,ย but he could smell the desire for something more coming from certain villagers.ย  He would come to those in a form of a merchant showing rare items that any normal folk would need at that day and age. He took his time gathering knowledge from the villagers but at the same time giving knowledge in return to those willingly and wanted to learn the outside of their peaceful village. ย 


There was one person that caught his interest, a woman that was unhappy about her lifestyle. The smell of desire, was practically enticing for the Demon. He came to her one night and told her about things beyond her comprehension. She was enticed, she was excited, and she was his. He taught her magic,ย  levitation and prophecies,ย  all for his own design and purpose.ย 

ย  ย ย 

She made her own Coven and served to grow acolytes and witchborn. But in the end she tried to betray Mephistopheles by trying to seal him away. He caught on, and forced her to reveal herself ย to the village. Now exposed as a 'Witch' She had no choice but to flee from her home, but because of her actions people in the village began to accuse others of being a witch or devil worshipper. Those accused were on trial, and sentenced to death by pretenders who claim to be hexed. In a way it was a victory for Mephistopheles, He managed to grow a cult of witches who know walk the lands, and obtained the innocent souls accused of witches, while a village of God burns down by their own doing.


9243535501?profile=RESIZE_584x ย ย 

โ„‘๐”ก๐”ข๐”ฐ ๐”ฌ๐”ฃ ๐”๐”ž๐”ฏ๐” ๐”ฅ


Long ago when Rome was at its prime and Julius Caesar had it at the palm of his hands, Mephistopheles came to him wearing a cloak that covered his demonic features. He had warned him about the Ides of March, always playing with riddles and was sincere to aid him. But like any foolish mortal who clings to power; Julius Caesar ignored his warnings. When the Ides of March came, Caesar was assassinated by his own court. Now motionless and laying in his own pool of blood Caesar saw Mephistopheles as he was; a demon who shed his visage before the dying man and reached out to claim his soul to the depths of Hell.

But his fleeting cries of vengeance and need to survive took Mephistopheles by surprise. Many others had done the same, but Julius Caesar had this air to him that made Mephistopheles consider a deal. One that would shake the earth to its core. He granted his desire; he saved him from Death by giving him his own blood. Once he tasted demon blood Julius Caesar was neither living nor dead.ย 

On that day, the First ever historical Vampire was made.


Modern Times



As years passed Mephistopheles now walks the earth posing as a Businessmanย  traveling in a car going to states while buying a shop making them into antique storesย  selling items that others desire. Once he sold them the items they are in his book of souls to claim when he so desires. At times because of this he brings damnation to any where he goes so he is always on the move to claim more souls.ย 

But at times he would remain in Hell to watch over the wayward souls that enter his realm. He makes sure that everything is in stable conditions until Lucifer one day returns to claim dominion once again.


๐•ป๐–”๐–œ๐–Š๐–— & ๐•ฌ๐–‡๐–Ž๐–‘๐–Ž๐–™๐–Ž๐–Š๐–˜


Hell Fire- Like all Demons he can manipulate the fires of hell forming raging flames that could burnย  souls of the living.

Time Manipulation- Mephistopheles can have the power to go through time at will. Not to mention he could freeze time to manipulate it to his own accord

Manipulation ofย  the Elements- Mephistopheles can control the elements of water, wind and earth along with fire.

Shapeshifting- He could change his form to any being he likes, his favorite is a raven.

Great Intellect- He is very crafty and can be quite a troublesome foe when it comes to his plans of using those to get what he wants

Smithing- Mephistopheles is great with his hands, not to mention crafting weapons, artifacts and magical runes from his realm

Teleportation- He can move from place to place by fire or mist, he could even transport those to go somewhere where he pleased or wanted to go

The First Circle of Hell- He becomes more of a God in his realm and can control the environment in any shape or form.


Chaos Magic- As a demon who taught witches the dark arts he was well versed in the mystic arts. Creating matter, gravity, illusions and eldritch are energy and uses it to his own design.

Possession- As a demon a he can posses any human he so desires. Make them do what he pleases without them being aware. But if the soul is strong enough it could cancel him out.




A host - In order for him to leave Hell he needs a host to contain his demonic power. To walk the earth without one he would slowly lose his powers and become a mere deformed human with nothing to defend himself.ย 

Holy Weapons-ย  There are some blessed artifacts that could harm him. But not destroy him. Whenever he is injured or his body destroyed he returns to his domain to rejuvenate himself.


March 3

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  • (Yes this is perfect! I think I can try to start, I'll figure something out, maybe she could be out practicing or having snuckout, as BlackStar and that's when Mephisto first meets her?)

  • Lucifer makes a face when he sees Mephistopheles nearly lose it. Was this normal and when was the last time that Mephistopheles lost his cool like this. All sorts of emotions seemed to be boiling over. He held out a hand to insinuate the man to calm down, "Easy," he said first taking a few steps forward. Lucifer couldn't afford, in a sense, to Mephistopheles lose it completely and he trashing LUX. "I'm a

    father," he repeated himself when the man asked, you what!?
    He waited for Maze to pour him another drink and when it looks like he's finally calmed down he would be able to continue. "One thing led to another with Rory's mother. Detective Chloe Decker. She is what kept me in Los Angeles in the end." It sounded like a far-fetched idea that the devil himself would settle down??? He did and it looked like he was content. He'd abandoned the concept of ever returning to Hell but knew he would have eventually. It needed order. At one point he had gone back but came back in the end because she needed him.

    Lucifer pauses for a moment, thinking about the question. Was Mephistopheles now an uncle. " Yes?" he said with a slight shrug of the shoulders. If he wanted to see it like this, who was Lucifer to deny him the joy? Or was he reading that wrong? He couldn't tell, not now anyway. On other matters, Lucifer is trying to explain about Rory having his powers. How was he supposed to answer that? Lucifer paces at that moment trying to sort out his thoughts and relay those to him. He stammered as he continues pacing, "Rory...I mean Aurora." As he spoke that he looked across to Mephistopheles. "You're only finding out about this because you've been gone." Simple as that.

    "But let's not get carried away. I've taken responsibility..." he said leaving out that the girl had tried to kill him, had made it her agenda too. Had Mephistopheles been around, who knows what would have happened? He nods to himself thinking that it had been for the best that it happened like this.

  • - Take you for the add! Care to discuss some future mischief with the fox nephalem? :3 -

  • Sapphire hues narrowed as the Dark Sorceress watched the being clasp their hands behind their back as well as hum slightly, then as she heard the chuckle Morganna's head tilted curiously to the side as a brow arched. Hearing then question if she wishes vengeance she pretty much interrupted him in her rush to answer. "Yes!" Morganna snapped with fury anew at what Merlin had done, and would do pretty much anything to gain her vengeance upon him.ย 


    Remaining still as the Sorceress waited for what the catch would be or price for her getting her vengeance as the word yes was once again back on the tip of her tongue, it didn't come yet as the figure slowly ran it's claw like hand towards her cheek as it seemed to growl, her brow arching yet again seeing the black smoke came from it's mask, and wings sprouted from it's back. Her hues catching the brilliant color of them as the figure lowered it's hand and hummed again, as the catch or price finally came.ย 


    Smirking herself now she lifted her chin as she speaks her answer honestly. "Done." Morganna replied simply in answer as she waited for what next. "I agree... On my own free will.. I want Merlin to suffer." She responded even more, agreeing wholeheartedly as she ended plainly with what she wanted done. Wasn't there a saying about a woman scorned? Morganna le Fay wasn't a mere woman but the Dark Sorceress Queen herself, and it was high past time Merlin was brought down. Him and Uther, she'd make sure they all felt her fury.ย 


    "For curiosities sake, once in my world, what is it you plan to do, or want to? It won't change my answer, my decision is settled, I might have a proposition."ย 

  • (oh yes I likes that, a rare dragon spawned from hell itself. That's what she could sense in the antique store.. maybe she could be in human form and wander in to figure out what she's sensing and why)

  • Mammon was in town already, just across the street from the shop. He'd watched as the last customer was out the door. His hands in pocket and gaze unwavering. It looked like Mephistopheles was anticipating him, what a turn-off. Mammon cracked his neck when closing his eyes. Thoughts already working in his head, just how he was going to convince this devil to help him in his lifelong goal. From what he understood, he was Lucifer's right hand. There's a bit of frustration gnawing at the back of his mind, it was going to be a waste of time if this meeting went nowhere. But that same frustration is at a tug of war with another lurking sensation and that was excitement. Why excitement? It wouldn't be a bad thing if he had Mephistopheles as his enemy. Is Mammon crazy? Just a little.

    Mephistopheles gave his wink to shut the door but as it was closing a hand came forward to stop it. A thud before the last guest of the evening walked in. Tall and pale with eyes as dark as the night that followed behind him. " I got your invitation, " he said feeling lucky. Wasn't that what the lesser demon mentioned? An inward nod then a gaze across the shop to the devil there. " Lucifer's sword. " Is how Mammon would refer to Mephistopheles, not that devil was but as close as the being was to Lucifer, he might as well be. Honestly, the thought turned his stomach.ย 

    Crossing the threshold, Mammon takes in the small trinkets, antiques, and the likes that were signed off to the gullible. They had no idea that they would not be purchasing with no better currency than their souls. Laughable that Mammon did as he grazed a finger over something nearby.ย 

    " I heard from a little bird you are the devil to see when it comes to Lucifer. " Malphas did nothing but chatter Mammon's ear off about some devil. He this and he that, but never once did Malphas mention a name. It was annoying enough that he had to do the digging and have others fill in the holes where he wasn't able to. All Mammon wanted to do at those times was break the demon's beak and shove it down his throat. Bael had been little help even though Mammon had only asked about Mephistopheles twice. He had only been met with a scoff if not a snicker of distaste. Was this devil hated that much? And why? There is curiosity but it was small at the moment.ย 

    Eventually, Mammon would reach where Mephistopheles was standing. Be it there or behind a counter. He lifted a gaze to look the devil in the eye, bold and ballsy. Funny, Mammon didn't remember this fallen angel much. And Mammon did remember many of them given he had been born before their fall. " You were the first of them, weren't you? That fell shortly after him? " Curiosity is growing as he looked with slight narrow eyes as if that would help seek the answers he is looking for without as much as a question.ย 

  • :: Jessica remained partially frozen, surprise not yet leaving her as she remained still just only able to watch and watch she does. Blinking confused she nods as Mephistopheles it has been long time, since she was but a babe. Frowning she silently nods in agreement, her eyes narrowing as he walks slowly to her and looks into her eyes. What did he see? She wondered, as his left hand is released from behind his back to run toward her chin. In reaction Jessica didn't move, curious as to what he was.going to do, before he then leaned back and turned his head away.ย 

    Looking in the same direction he does Jessica tries to figure what so important, and finds her answer as he starts to walk to a hote, and he was soon followed by Jessica who walked along behind him. "Yes.. that sounds good." Jessica replied, nodding because she agreed, and then she paused as he became a puff of smoke again that would move back to the body he once had possessed before he showed himself to her. "Yes" Jessica answered as the body finished fixing his clothes and smiled toward her.ย 

    Curious she watched as she also tried to remember, perhaps though them speaking in privacy would be good. ::

  • Lucifer had to swallow his drink before answering. In his head he was laughing, foursome...he would have been glad to jump on that personally. But given that he wasn't the old Lucifer and he had to look forward to his better future, all thoughts on that were declined. What Lucifer did do was clap his hands and speak on the matters of dealing with punishment. There was one that needed more punishment more than any other. And that was Lucifer himself. He had a daughter roaming around, an angry little thing.

    He takes a deep breath before humming, his hands clasped with each other as he thinks hard on how to say his next set of words. Lucifer almost looks conflicted, "I have a problem." Quite the mouth full. Call it a breakthrough since he was admitting to that kind of thing so openly. But then again, Mephistopheles wasn't just anyone. Call the man a confidante if anything.

    "I have a daughter," he says with a look of disbelief and understanding together upon his devilish features. Yes, yes he hadn't exactly chosen either of the suggestions Mephistopheles had given but he only didn't because he had problems of his own. Lucifer will be Lucifer where he came first above all. Selfish still even though he has come this far. "Her name is Aurora."

  • [[Hello um I apologize.. we plotted awhile, before I had to be off for health, it got worse and needed to be in the hospital for awhile. And I'm sorry I haven't reached out until now, I just wanted to focus on this one plot of Brighid's origin story without changing anything I already had established, and since I don't remember that well. I wanted to focus to keep it all straight.ย 

    I hope maybe we can try plotting a new? I'll focus on it so I can keep it all straight and not forget again like I did the last one. ]]

  • The very idea of the doctor standing bare before the vampire for all to see his beauty made the vampire's blood boil with desire. A devious smirk crossed his face just imagining such a thing. "Tempting, but I want you all to myself," A glint of red danced in the vampire's eyes, a hunger he didn't only feel for Faust's blood it seems. That grip on the doctor's waist tightens, if only briefly, as if to prove a point.ย 

    The vampire eyed the chattering crowd through that appropriate horned mask. The devil was in their presence, and he dared anyone to do something about it. As much as he wanted to flash his fangs at them, give them something to really fear, he restrained himself, at least for Faust's sake. Getting them chased out of the grand hall when there was promise of beds was counterproductive.ย 

    Faust need say nothing more, before he could even react the vampire had him whisked off his feet and headed up the grand staircase toward the bedrooms. The vampire made the interaction look effortless, an unnatural strength making his centre of attention feel almost weightless. He'd carry Faust through a set of doors before gently placing him on the luxurious sheets their host had provided them. Oh how the vampire wanted to rip the doctor's clothes of right then and there, but a quick moment of clarity made him pause a moment, stand upright and move toward the door where he locked it.

    "No interruptions," he said, a devious smile across his face. Within the blink of an eye Richard was once again leaning over Faust, that dangerous clawed hand caressing the side of the other male's face, moving into his hair as he placed a kiss on the man's lips once again. The vampire would keep to his promise, every movement was gentle, his spare hand trailed down Faust's chest, his abdomen and then... he retracted. Such a tease. Those clothes had to come off first, after all.ย 

This reply was deleted.

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