Name: Mephistopheles

Rank: Hell-Lord

Titles: Demon Lord, Demon King, Lucifer's left hand , Lord of Hatred

King of the First Circle of Hell

Human Name:Leland Gaunt

ย Location- Hell (Former) LA (Current)

ย  ย ๐•ฟ๐–๐–Š ๐•ฟ๐–†๐–‘๐–Š ๐–”๐–‹ ๐–† ๐–‰๐–Š๐–’๐–”๐–“


Long ago when the World was still growing when Lucifer rebelled there was one demon who would first to join his side. One who has manifested great knowledge and power through means of magic and blood. His name was Mephistopheles, One of the Rulers of the Nine circles of Hell. He rules the First Circle of Hell; Limbo with his eyes always watching the souls that enter his realm. Unlike his fellow brothers and sisters he is more of a schemer and playful with the mortals that would summon him or enter his realm.


Mephistopheles plays many plots in order to keep his Lords interest at heart. In ways that would require time and patience.ย  One timeย  during the fall from grace The Hell-Lord managed toย  forge rings for each demon king including Lucifer. Each ring gave them power to rival Archangels for it is ewmbedded with dark magic and angels blood and their own. Each ring contains a special rune that gives the wearer power over their realm. Such power is only fitting for the Rulers of the 9 circles


๐•ญ๐–‘๐–”๐–”๐–‰ ๐–”๐–‹ ๐•ญ๐–—๐–”๐–™๐–๐–Š๐–—๐–˜

When Lucifer tricked Eve into eating the forbidden fruit Mephistoples kept his eyes on the foolish first mortals. He witnessed the birth of Cain and Abel rightย  before his eyes, for the darkness was part of him.ย  ย He watched their deaths and the boys grow into fine adults. He observed them as they give sacrifices to God time and time again. But Mephistopheles decided to have his fun by taking the role as Cain and Abel's ear.


He whisperedย  into Cain's ears telling him how God has favorited Abel with each gift that was given God has favorited Abel. to prove thatย  Mephistopheles was wrong Cain decided to get the greatest gift of all. He took his brother to the field and rebelled against his own brother. He killed him, and for that he wasย  marked as the First Murderer of man. Once again Mephistopheles has done the Devils work.




๐•ฟ๐–๐–Š ๐•ฒ๐–†๐–’๐–Š ๐–”๐–‹ ๐•พ๐–”๐–š๐–‘๐–˜


One of Mephistopheles greatest triumps was obtainning the soul of a certain hungry soul that wanted more than what was offered to him.ย  The great Faust, a Scholar that longed for knowledge and pleasure. Such a soul is one that Mephistopheles could not keep his hands away from. When Faust summoned him he answered while showing him his power, toying with him by taking him to a mountain, to the pits of hell and back before appearing before him.ย  ย He would offer him all the power he wanted, and in return for his soul. Faust was a amusing treat, and after the contract was finished he made sure that Faust suffered eternally, so much so that he keeps him close where ever he goes as a familiar that will do his beck and call while in a state of agony.ย ย 


He took his body and used it as his host to travel around the world collecting souls that would dare ask for himย  and offer their souls owe so willingly. He would not deny the call, for it was his own entertainment.ย  His power grows with each deal he makes.ย  Temptation is the most powerful thing a demon can use on those who are so willing for power and pleasure.


ย 8024308880?profile=RESIZE_710x



Limbo, the first Circle of Hell where all the souls first go before moving to the other eight rings of hell. Unlike what the bible claims, Limbo was not all like the eight circles, for instance There isn't much Hell fire unless you enter the throne of the Hell-Lord. It is aย  Castleย  atop of ruins surrounded by a river of lost souls.ย  The screams and moans of the lost echoย  throughout the first circle.ย  Hell-hounds swarm theย  ruins making sure no soul flees whileย  they make their way to the casle to be judged by the three Dukes of Hell


Camiel, Barbatos andย  Aroan are the Dukes of Hell who judge the souls and sending them to their proper circle. Those that linger and do not go would either be maimed by the hellhounds orย  be chained and forever be trapped in Limbo where Mephistopheles tortures their souls for all eternity.

ย 8024649496?profile=RESIZE_710x

Witch Trialsย 


The battle for souls has always been on the list of Angels and Demons,ย  Mephistopheles had been rather distant when it came to claiming souls. But at timesย  when Lucifer requires him to do his work claiming new souls he would do so withย  a twist. Mephistopheles was always interested in mischief and the dark arts.ย  He came to A village, one who believed in God, but he could smell the corruption on the sides.ย  He would come to those willingly and wanted to learn the outside.ย  He taught her magic,ย  levitation and prophecies,ย  all for his own design.ย 

ย  ย ย 

She made her own Coven and served to grow acolytes and witchborn. But in the end she tried to betray Mephistopheles by trying to seal him away. He caught on, and manipulated her to reveal herself which led to the deaths of many. She escaped her home, and caused the deaths of many. In a way it was a victory for the Hell Lord, He managed to grow a cult of witches, and obtained the innocent souls accused of witches.ย 


8428193873?profile=RESIZE_710x ย ย 

Modern Times



As years passed Mephistopheles now walks the earth posing as a Businessmanย  traveling in a car going to states while buying a shop making them into antique storesย  selling items that others desire. Once he sold them the items they are in his book of souls to claim when he so desires. At times because of this he brings damnation to any where he goes so he is always on the move to claim more souls.


๐•ป๐–”๐–œ๐–Š๐–— & ๐•ฌ๐–‡๐–Ž๐–‘๐–Ž๐–™๐–Ž๐–Š๐–˜


Hell Fire- Like all Demons he can manipulate the fires of hell forming raging flames that could burnย  souls of the living.

Time Manipulation- Mephistopheles can have the power to go through time at will. Not to mention he could freeze time to manipulate it to his own accord

Manipulation ofย  the Elements- Mephistopheles can control the elements of water, wind and earth along with fire.

Shapeshifting- He could change his form to any being he likes, his favorite is a raven.

Great Intellect- He is very crafty and can be quite a troublesome foe when it comes to his plans of using those to get what he wants

Smithing- Mephistopheles is great with his hands, not to mention crafting weapons, artifacts and magical runes from his realm

Teleportation- He can move from place to place by fire or mist, he could even transport those to go somewhere where he pleased or wanted to go

The First Circle of Hell- He becomes more of a God in his realm and can control the environment in any shape or form.


March 3

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  • (I'm thinking more along the line of "Dammit that guy used to babysit me" Encounter. Clearly, Jett wasn't babysat by him as a child but I feel like Lucifer would not have left Jett alone in Hell. So perhaps Mephisto used to smack his hand to keep him out of trouble sometimes?)

  • (Ah yes, that's what I meant. Jett is a son of Lucifer, not Mephisto. I may have worded it wrong. That plot could work. Jett doesn't have much muse to go to Hell at the moment, Ah actually! Maybe Jett could travel to Hell or want to get in touch with Mephistopheles to "check" and see if Ceres (his close friend that got killed) is in Hell. Doubt she would be there since she's a Fae of Holy light but Jett doesn't need to know that! I could see him remembering Mephistopheles and then trying to get in contact with him. -considering Jett only lived in Hell 2 years of his life- He doesn't know his way around that well.)

  • (Sounds good. Hope you don't mind that I am playing an slight AU version of Terry. ย Since there was a version of Batman that became a vampire. Earth 43. Elseworlds comics. I took that same concept and applied it to my Terry and have him from a different earth then earth 12. Where the events played out pretty much the same as the show. I haven't read any of the comics with Batman beyond.ย 

    But added in vampire elements from the different Batman vs Dracula stories. I played it into his background. As part of Amanda Waller's Project Batman Beyond. I figured. If she went so far to create a new Batman and send an assassin to kill Terry's parents so that he take up the mantle. Why not go one step further with her adding in Dracula's DNA in the hopes of giving him vampire attributes. Much like the Daywalker Blade.ย 

    In her eyes. She wanted to make sure Gotham always had a batman, forever. What better way then one who was ageless like a vampire? ย That is my concept anyhow. Wanted to play my own version of a vampire Batman. And there is Thst movie. Justice leave gods and monster with Kirk Langstrom as a "vampire Batman" so I figured. Why not do the same.ย 

    And in an episode I saw. Bruce mention to Terry when talking about ghost that he believes it.ย 

    "Magic. Of course I do. I seen it all. Demons, witch boys, immortals, zombies."


    So totally make sense he been at death's door a bunch of times and would have ran across Mephistopheles. Especially as you said. With his run ins with Constantine and Jason Blood.ย 

    If you can start us off. That be great. I am still figuring out how I want to play the vampire elements but he will mainly be like Terry from the show.)

  • (I love the show as well. Currently rewatching it so I can get into the Batman Beyond mode. I always liked ย Terry McGinnis and the Batman vs Dracula stories so thought I would combine the two, from the vampire Batman storyline from elseworlds. Mixed some of that in cause I loved the idea of a vampire Batman striking even more terror into bad guys.


    Ok yeah that's idea works. Mystery deaths of the Joker. Terry's brother going missing so he is trying to investigate what happen to his brother Matt, at the same time what is going on with the Jokers. ย Did you want to start us off? Do we need to plot any more?)

  • Samael turns and lifts his chin in contemplation. " You know... " he begins with a breath leaving him. There was no emotion. " Mephisto of my reality... "ย  Samael trails off, turning his head so that he was peering off the shoulder at the devil. " dead. Succeeding him is Faustus. " If only he weren't wearing a mask, he would witness the fine grin that spread to both ears. Gathering his hands behind his back, he turned on his heel and clicked them as he stood poised, almost at attention.ย 

    8434820879?profile=RESIZE_400xBehind the mask, Samael drank the moment. He hadn't had much interaction with Mephisto then, but him being around here and now, that was a treat on its own. A tap of the foot, then, followed by his next words. " Lest the blade is held at one's face without care to consequence. Openly and gladly. " If he could, he would be lifting a brow with shared amusement. " A single nod follows as if he were bowing his head at something truthful in his words. Progressing to the next, " Oh? Is this how things run here? Do you work with guise or favor? Conniving and deceiving devils are. But I'm sure you know this and then some. " There was no hiding the matters, nor beating around the bush. Those were devices left for females or those lesser.ย 

    " My name? I am never eager to hear it from any lip. " Not that he was afraid, but it was how he worked. Demons, Angels of his dimension/reality, whatever term they or he would like to use, didn't matter at the moment. Mortals, however, shoulder never know the name of any deviant from below as of those above. Because of power over their existence. Dirty little creatures they are. There is no emotion to his tone, nothing leaning towards being disgusted, mad. Just a plain tone.ย 

    His hands fall to his sides, no longer held behind him at the mention of a party? There is a turning in his stomach at what this party might entail. If Mephisto says humans, Samael will immediately refuse. " Will I regret asking what this party is? "

  • 8432941501?profile=RESIZE_400x




    " I wonder, what is it you plan. You've remained quiet this long I couldn't help but be curious. Or perhaps I am simply overthinking things? Do you favor your solitude and confinement in the small, dark recesses of my humble home? " Has been curious how long he planned to sit there without speaking a word since he'd intruded so kindly, not that the intrusion wasn't welcomed. Curiosity is always met with curiosity, to which he must tilt his head, waiting for some form of response. However queer it might be, this humble host must wait patiently on the edge of his seat.

  • (We could definitely try to go that route, but Jett is at the stage right now where he doesn't really realize the void is in him. To be honest, we could make that plot better if I wrote with you on Valkyrie. I could totally see her trying to counter control Mephisto! Then again, I think Jett would have more of a connection with Mephisto as writing goes on considering they both come from Hell and all. In fact, Jett could perhaps already know Mephisto assuming he is a child of Lucifer. I threw Jett into this void scenario on purpose just to give him a hard time and move his story along a little bit. I do plan on returning him to normal after a while, well.. mostly normal. I'd like to learn more about the 9 circles of Hell perhaps in our RP. Jett didn't spend a lot of time in Hell - (and personally I don't know what they are!) Ah, I feel there's a lot of ways this can go.)

  • (Sure we can plot. ย I am still tweaking a character or two. ย Is there any plots you might have in mind or like to try?)

  • Despite being caught off-guard to a certain extent, the woman composed herself to the best of her ability to then turn and face whomever might be behind the voice, the woman looking his way as she gently bit down on her lower lip.ย  At noticing it was a Father Perez, the Priest having offered his name, and a little more, she remained silent, listening to him. Relieved perhaps it was him and not another as she politely dismissed his words,ย "No, it'sโ”โ” It's okay, I thought I was the only one here."ย ย A partial explanation given to the Father, Chloe ignoring what she had seen moments before, nor wishing to speak about it with him, due to knowing he would not approve perhaps.ย  Following the entirety of his words spoken, Chloe once more was all levels of emotional or she remained emotional and couldn't speak for quite a while.ย  Silence continued to surround the woman, while her eyes traveled down to his extended hand, hers offered in return for a handshake perhaps, or a blessing despite not being inside the Church, or he simply offering her strength and reassurance.ย  Whatever it was for, her hand was offered in return, despite the woman's faith in Church related matter not strong whatsoever.ย  Which he must have known, which is why he was here now to try and reach out for whatever reasons he may have had, to bring her back home so to speak, one of God's children as he said.

    Following mere moments perhaps, her hand was taken back slowly, if it had not been returned by that point from the Father, this was spoken towards him in an incredibly soft manner, "Thank you Father for your words on my Dad, and the visit -- He was the best."ย ย Following a slight pause, not disrespectfully or dismissively, but a softness, true politeness radiated itself from her tone, even if it might have been hard for the woman to do.ย  "Thank you Father for the offer, and I'll see what I can do. This Sunday or the next, I'll try my best to be there if work does not get in the way."ย ย Standing there momentarily, the woman looking over at the Priest, her full attention on him though it then turned to that darkness she had experienced earlier, that unwanted feeling from within her home, and then here not too long ago.ย  From her peripheral vision something was there again, but turn to face it head on, she was met with nothing.ย  Whatever she saw or not saw but simply felt once more caused her to shudder and not wishing for anyone else to be caught up in this, or hurt in or more the process if it was imminent, danger that was, the woman excused herself as she whispered throughout a partial exhale, "Would you excuse me for one moment."

    Not knowing if the Father was still there, or had heard those words, but the woman left the Priest there, she having no desire to return.ย  With her detective side in gear, shade of cerulean hues searched over the cemetery grounds, curious of what would come her way, if anything.ย  Nothing however, not until she arrived back to her waiting vehicle, the one had been locked securely.ย  Seeing what she did there threw her immensely as she looked at the scene in horror.ย  Swallowing down hard, the woman walked from in front of her car, to the side of it, then to the back and the other side to the front again as she blinked, unaware all the while that eyes may have been on her, from someone, or something she could not see.ย  Walking back to her trunk, the woman's brows knitted together in confusion as she blinked once more, to then look into into it before shutting it with a large bang.ย  If it remained closed however, or would open again on its own accord, it wasn't known, though the woman hoped closed it would remain.

    "Hello," she called out from the driver's side of the vehicle as she looked around, even peering inside once more, to then hear the music playing from inside her car.ย  The lyrics not pleasant whatsoever, so she reached for the radio, turning it off as quickly as she could, hoping the music remained off also.ย  Peering all over the inside of her vehicle, from the front to the back, then to the front again, she would speak this, "Hello.ย  Is anyone here?ย ย โ”ย  ย In someone in trouble?ย ย โ”ย  What do you want?" Not quite sliding herself into the driver's side seat, somehow sensing it would not be safe to, though the woman reached over inside her vehicle, hand extending over to her glove box compartment.ย  If someone halted her actions in that moment, it wasn't known, but once opening the compartment, the woman reached her hand inside and retrieved her firearm, securely having her hold on it to then bring it out nice and slowly slowly while keeping her eyes on her surroundings inside the vehicle and out all of the while.ย  The woman did not plan to use that weapon, especially with not where she was currently, but it more as a means of protection for herself if something sinister was at work here, and this was not all in her head.ย  Shade of cerulean hues scanned the interior, it as if she was looking for something, while having her own back and safety in mind at all costs.ย  Hand already slipped into her pocket, the woman preparing to retrieve her cell nextย  โ”โ”ย  Dan Espinoza her go to for the time-being in the terms of phone calls, backup and support, considering Lucifer Morningstar wasn't around currently.

  • (Sure we can try to plot something out. Lemme know what plots you have in mind. Any ideas? I'll be honest, Jett is a bit stale at the moment until I wait for his story to be pushed on a little, waiting on some friends as our stories are intertwined. I'm still game to write. It's just that I've reworked Jett recently and he's a bit hard to get into the feel of haha! I keep wanting to do things that Jett wouldn't do anymore. I've gotta smack myself in the hand every now and then to keep on track!

    Feel free to toss any plot ideas you have and I'll be sure to read over your profile and return the favor here shortly!)

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