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Born in the secluded forests of Kaladon, nestled in Russia, Maya led a relatively normal life among her tribe of Earth Fairies. Despite her elemental differences, her clan accepted her much as they had her mother years before. Maya lacked a mentor due to these differences, leaving her to only begin exploring her Fae abilities.

According to the past, Maya's mother descended from the Heavens long ago, once a Fae servant to the Angels but no longer. Her mother had found resonance with Lucifer's philosophy, a choice that led her through unprecedented trials.

Some speculate Lucifer's influence led to her mother's demise, while others attribute it to Ceres, Maya's mother, losing herself to the corruption of the Void. Nonetheless, Maya was left at a tender age when her mother departed on a perilous quest. Only now, as Maya ventures beyond Kaladon's Woodlands into civilization, does she begin to uncover the profound conflict that once raged on the very grounds she calls home.



The Golden Child..


  50% Arabic / 50% Unknown


Not such a golden child after all.  Not only was Maya's birth a complete accident, but it was also completely against her mother's will. Her father conducted cruel experiments on Maya's mother upon her capture, subjected her to unspeakable horrors, and manipulated her in order to create the "Perfect" Hybrid. Unfortunately, Maya was not the prize he sought.

Once her mother managed to escape to freedom, she kept Maya a secret from everyone except her Fae Clan. Despite Maya being conceived under the worst of conditions, Ceres still loved her dearly.

While Maya remains oblivious to this history, it's expected that one day she will uncover the truth. Perhaps the origins of her half-brother will come to light. Maya has run into her half-brother on several occasions. He never seems too far when danger is afoot but lately has respected Maya's demands to be left alone.

Her mother has left her specific instructions. Being the dutiful daughter she is, it's likely Maya will follow: "Find Jett, stay with him, and don't trust anyone else."


"The Stars, They Call to Me"


Maya is a Water Fairy, her abilities reflecting her elemental origins. Despite this, she holds a profound affinity for the stars. Fascinated and irresistibly drawn to them, Maya feels a connection that she cannot fully explain. Unbeknownst to her, this attraction may stem from her father's lineage. Despite her ignorance of her father's genetic contribution, her physical resemblance to him hints at a deeper, unexplored heritage.

Still in the early stages of her development, Maya has only begun to scratch the surface of her elemental abilities.



Basic Water Magic: Maya's proficiency in Water Magic is still in its early stages. She can conjure small water spears and projectiles, but her control over these abilities is unstable and unreliable in combat situations.

Fairy Dust: Highly sought after by hunters and witches, Maya naturally produces fairy dust that collects on her wings and falls off when in excess. She has never used this dust on anyone and is unaware of its effects. It is rumored to be valuable on the black market..

Water Healing: Maya can harness bodies of water such as rivers and lakes to heal herself or others.

Water Dancing:  A mesmerizing dance with limited practical effects. It is believed to alleviate minor ailments like poisons and sicknesses, and has a calming effect that can soothe weary souls.

Charm Dancing:  Initially practiced for personal solace, this secret dance has revealed its alluring effects over time. Maya's movements can enchant animals and beasts more profoundly, while also inducing a sense of ease or, in some cases, exerting influence over others akin to a Siren's song. She has only used this ability on Jett at his request.

The Talisman of Absolute Law10230697886?profile=RESIZE_400x

Once a coveted artifact known for its formidable power, the necklace was stolen from the King of the Stars and eventually came into the possession of Maya's mother, Ceres. Legend holds that the necklace was originally safeguarded by an ancient Ronin Tribe in the mountains of present-day Japan. Ceres cherished and protected this artifact with her life, relinquishing it only before the onset of the Great War.

In a ritual overseen by several Fae elders, Ceres entrusted the potent artifact to Maya, embedding its power deep within her. Though the physical necklace is no more, its formidable power remains dormant within Maya. However, Maya cannot wield this power herself. According to the elders' decree, the Talisman will only manifest its power when its bearer fully trusts someone to wield it.

Absolute LawThen & Now

10230694463?profile=RESIZE_400xThen: The Talisman of Absolute Law was once a fiercely guarded artifact, accessible only to those with extraordinary magical abilities and immense stamina. Possessing the power to compel lesser beings into unwavering compliance, the necklace was stolen by a servant to the King of the Cosmos to maintain balance and safety. Maya's mother, Ceres, acquired and safeguarded the artifact during this period.

Now: Currently resonating with Maya's soul, the Talisman has transformed into a latent power, its physical form dissolved into insignificance. Despite its diminished state, it retains formidable strength and mysterious abilities, accessible only to those Maya trusts implicitly. A hidden sigil, invisible to all but her trusted companion, gradually becomes more visible over time. When fully activated, the weapon can be summoned from the sigil located beneath Maya's neck, between her collarbones. Unaware of this hidden power, Maya unknowingly carries on the confidence her mother had in her. However, unbeknownst to Maya, the elders harbored an ulterior motive: upon Maya's death, the Talisman itself will cease to exist, marking the end of its luminous legacy.



Relationships and Meaningful Interactions



Maya's half-brother. Vash boasts a different mother, but he's yet to reveal who that is. Their recent meeting has been tentative, with little shared information between them. Despite Maya's lesser strength compared to Vash, he shows a surprising acceptance and protective instinct towards her. Vash is eager to introduce Maya to his home planet among the stars, which may explain her lifelong affinity for them.



Maya's protector, bound by a promise made to her mother in her final moments. Jett had not anticipated being entrusted with the care of a child, but he honors Ceres's trust without hesitation. Maya reciprocates by sharing stories of her mother, providing solace to Jett's soul. Recently, however, Jett has begun to slip into madness due to an undisclosed illness. This illness has caused him to act irrationally, even to the point of attacking Maya in a disassociated state. Maya has used her Charm Dancing abilities to soothe Jett during these episodes, a skill he had continually requested. Despite his illness driving Maya to flee from Jett's care for her safety, she remains steadfast in her vow to "fix him."



(My Retired Character of 9 years) Maya's Mother. Ceres cared for her daughter dearly and her quest for power was the final piece she needed to keep her daughter safe. Ceres ended up claiming the Void's power. This eventually drove her to gentle insanity. With a crazy plan to face the King of the Stars, Ceres and Jett eventually became Amir's downfall. This came at a cost; Ceres did not leave the battle alive. However, she entrusted Jett with Maya's wellbeing and happily said her final goodbyes knowing her daughter was free of her looming Father.



(Retired character of Vasharti's Player) Maya's father, Amir, a figure shrouded in darkness and never met by Maya. Ceres concealed Maya from him out of fear and kept her ignorant of his cosmic abilities. Maya bears physical traits of her father but lacks his cosmic powers. Though aware of his misdeeds and passing, she harbors no desire to delve deeper into his legacy or claim his abandoned title as King "Queen" of the Stars.





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Threads are currently OPEN (Selectively) (If you're interested in writing, please come to me with some ideas! I've got some great threads going that are guiding Maya's story ~ I do not do AU, other members' characters from other threads will be referenced in our story often.)

About the Writer: Hi everyone! My name is Melody but most of my friends just call me Mel :) I love writing, I was the 5th member to join this site back in 2015! I do have sporadic events going on sometimes with Real Life, but I do try to get on as much as I can! I have made great friends on here and also joined several IRL friends on Writer's Realm! Although I seem like I have a "main" Storyline going on, please don't hesitate to add me! I want you to be part of that storyline too :D I love occ banter and cute gifs! 


Writer's Favored Genres: Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Twisted Romance, Minor Gore, Magical / Mystical, Adventure 


When Writing with Me:

Trigger Warning! I write & have written out several Dark Themes Pertaining to Torture, Rape, Death Scenes, etc. Please Understand this Moving Forward!

  • Para to Novella Style, please. I like detail and try to add as much as I can. I do not accept/nor write One-Liners. 
  • I do not do random Smut. In fact, I don't really write smut at all. So if that's what you're looking for - I suck anyway :p
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  • Please try to use good grammar. I'm far from perfect myself!
  • Don't hesitate to message me if I haven't replied to you. Sometimes I do go away for a little while, a jab every so often is nice!


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Hello ^-^ I love writing with just about anyone so don't be afraid to ask. I can plot or wing things. I'm probably better at winging storylines since I suck being put on the spot for ideas. I'm just now getting back into the RP world after about a year long break. I'm happy to meet some new people and hopefully make some good friends :) - Mel

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  • Rhys had given her the attention of his violet eyes when she said his name, noticing the look she cast towards the blinking sign, but just as he had noted her flinch he tucked away the interesting bit of knowledge and made a mental note of it, saying nothing on it. Instead he met her eyes as they were brought back to him, offering her a warm smile of encouragement.
    Though as she got the question out all three brothers seemed to flinch a bit at the word, demon, Cassian went so far as to motion a phantom dagger into his heart, a haughty -oof- escaping him before all three brothers laughed in their own ways. Cass in a deep buoyant way, Az in his breath of a snicker and Rhys in the smooth chuckle.
    “You wound us Lady.” Rhys offered jokingly and shrugged a bit.
    “Illyrians are not a prolific species, mainly, back in the day of our youth, they were entirely confined to the mountain ranges of the Night Courts- one of the Seven that make up the island nation we are from. A bit… barbaric of people they had many less than favorable practices, treated females as lessers to start. They are a warrior people. Strength and fighting are more important than anything.” Most like the Spartans of old, not that Rhysand knew of the human warriors.
    “Buuuut in the years since I have taken over-” 

    “The many, many years, old man.” Cass teased from behind them, catching a sharp glare from Rhysand,
    “We are nearly the same age.” He countered before continuing, “Anyway, since I became High Lord of the Night Court, and later High King of my lands, I have been dragging them kicking and screaming into modern thinking. The Illyrians are no demons, some might even say they are a nobel people now. But nonetheless our wings are particularly rare.” He shrugged, smirking as he noted the way her wide eyes wondered, but it faltered as he noticed the phantom grasp at her neck.
    He kept the frown from showing, instead his face settled into unreadable neutrality.
    Behind him Cass barked- “Oh! There!” He pointed between Maya and Rhys to what looked like a sports bar, wings and nachos and pizza and the like littered the tables on the small tables of outside seating, but it was likely the neon signs for beer that was drawing the Illyrian warrior.
    Rhys laughed, “It looks a little rowdy inside but if you can secure us an outside table I am content with that. Does it work for you?” He looked back at Maya, his violet eyes glittering with stars. 

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  • As her hand found his, calloused from swordplay but nonetheless gentle, he gave the dainty digits a soft squeeze.
    “That’s okay… we can find something together. We have taken to wandering around until something smells good enough to draw us in.” 

    He smiled when she laughed at his brothers, the act reaching the violet glitter of his eyes. It had been what he was after, the show of trust, however small.
    “Hello Maya, lovely to make your acquaintance.”
    His hand tightened on hers and in a breath they had stepped between the two spaces, no longer on the rooftop but instead in the alley again, the two other brothers turning to look back at her with gentle curiosity.
    Cassian, the wider shouldered of the three men, gave a toothy grin and both men bowed deeply as Rhys motioned to Maya and offered; “Cass, Az, this is Maya, she will be joining us for dinner.”
    He let his hand slip from hers but placed a gentle touch to her back as he led her from the dinge of the alley and into the streets proper. Azriel and Cassian fell into step behind them.
    “Ah, what a delight. I was starting to grow bored of these two brooding in silence.” He chuckled at his own jab, Az and Rhys smirking a bit with their own eye rolls.
    “And yet you never seem to tire of the sound of your own prattling.” Azriel’s voice was low and baritone, like it was rarely used.
    Rhys laughed at that, smooth as amber.
    “Don’t mind my brothers Maya… they are a bit lousy in the way of manners but at the very least nobody will bother you while you are with us.” He hummed as he slid his hands into his pockets, his eyes flickering around to any of the restaurants ahead of them.
    “Noses on alert boys.” He glanced down at Maya and smiled, “And Maya, should anything stand out to you we will all happily oblige.” All of their accents were odd, not like anything found anywhere else. To their credit, they didn’t speak any of the humans languages where they came from. They spoke the language of the High Fae and the Old tongue before that.

  • “Yes… I imagine.” He said back, his voice silken and alluring, his gaze growing heavy lidded in a sort of causally flirtatious way, a slight chuckle leaving him. Not that he was making any moves, but certainly it seemed to be his go to personality around females. 

    He bowed a bit and with a flick of his wrist she was in much better order, clean all of a sudden with the brush of a midnight wind. Though it was technically only a surface level of clean, the oils from the dirt would linger, she would still feel dirty- just no longer looked like it. 

    At the same time, with the motion, his own wings disappeared, his ears seemed normal to the human expectations, and whatever glamor he projected onto himself he threw onto his brothers in the alley beneath them. The bat wings gone aa quick as they had come, though the three large tattooed golden skinned males were nearly just as intimidating without them. 

    Rhysand stepped towards her, in slow fashion, not wanting to spook her, one hand still in the pocket of his well tailored pants while the other remained offered to her, to take her back to the ground without the use of either of their wings. 

    “Is there something you like to eat? This city seems to have something from anywhere in the world. We didn’t know we were picking such a bountiful vacation spot when we left home.” 

    He tilted his head a bit, warm brown skin catching some of the night lights, honeyed in the glow. 

    “My name is Rhysand, by the way, the big guy in need of a haircut is Cassian, and the tall dark and mysterious one is Azriel.” 

    From the alley below Cass threw his brother a finger, while the other seemed to glance back and up with a slight smirk. 

    “What is your name?” 


  • A palpable uneasiness coursed through the crowd, ominous as the dark currents of the Cantabrian Sea—whatever rationality left was thrown far out the window of that luxury vessel and possibly with the dealer on the other side of Spain. The moment’s pause taken to gather anything factual erupted into a deluge of dispute, and despite the frustrated god’s emphasis to avoid disturbing the charred remains of a once sturdy, three-hundred-pound man, they carelessly scatter them nonetheless, rendering the ash indistinguishable across varnished teakwood in their substance-fueled uproar.

    With every warning having went unheeded and any attempt to intervene proving futile, Ryusei retreated once again into the shadow of calm, idly enjoying yet another bottle of champagne he found abandoned like the promise of good sex within that private cabin. A rather large part of him is thankful, however; observing in mute disbelief, it became apparent that those who used the drug began to demonstrate unusually surging capabilities, their erratic behaviour turning more and more bestial by the passing minute. Perhaps, he thought, a morbid smirk curving around the glass rim as he watched on, fate had been on his side in dodging the aggressive touch of a rabid blonde.

    At the right time (or wrong, depending how either one chose to see it), he felt her vivid, cerulean stare cryptically aimed at him, nerves prickling at the sensation of having a stranger study him so intensely. Pausing mid-sip before setting the bottle down entirely, the god raised an eyebrow in subtle curiosity.   

    It’s you, isn’t it? You are the undeniable reason why.

    Who else could it possibly be when he easily recognized those who are out of the ordinary like himself? The two share a link to a world the rest could only dream of, tasting the true meaning of sublime, limitless euphoria. He didn’t wish to envision the outcome if this substance had been in its purer form, evoking Caligula at the peak of his own decadent collapse. And so, like moth to flame, the god wasted no time in pursuit of her, shouldering his way through the throngs of the violently clueless busily tearing each other apart, careful to step over various pools of blood, vomit, spilled drinks, and the slumped figure of a man uncanny in resemblance to a prominent politician.

    “Ryusei Fuyuhiro, you are so fucking—”

    Whether the rest of the rabid blonde’s expletives were heard or not, had the runaway cast a wary glance backwards, she would have seen nobody behind her but the yacht gradually diminishing to a dot the further she strayed away from the pier.


    Silence hung like an obscure shroud over the sleeping Asturian town, shop windows shuttered and ill-lit cobblestone alleys eerily vacant—the only viable sign of life through the witching hour was the sound of her footsteps, a resilient traveler who, he wonders, could have felt an invisible presence stalking after her, enough to induce the spine-chilling thought that she wasn’t truly alone in the dark.

    “Should I?”  the god muttered, a question only he would hear. Impressed by her stamina, Ryusei, still effectively drunk, had not an inkling to where this woman was guiding him; they had long passed the many directional signs in Spanish pointing to where hotels and likewise accommodations could be found.

    Narrowing his gaze, the god fixated on the sparse area in front of her: fervent flames of bright blue abruptly burst from the dry ground, forming an obstructive wall of fire hindering her from taking another step, albeit a tad closer than intended. A hand nearly raised to his mouth in shock, alarmed he may very well have inadvertently scorched the girl to crisp in tipsy miscalculation, yet upon closer inspection, he breathes a sigh of relief—no harm done, only the heat radiating a few degrees warmer in such proximity. It is then he finally allowed himself to be seen.

    “All you need is faith, trust…”  

    Ryusei pondered each word aloud, casually strolling towards her with his hands tucked inside his denim pockets. A gentle gust of wind parted his shirt, revealing the gold chain and jewel which rested upon his chest as he came to a halt, leaving an appropriate distance between them. 

    “And… what else is it? Remind me, fairy.

    His gaze slowly swept the surface of her, pressing his lips into a thoughtful line before remarking in a softer tone:

    “You’re quite the pretty fairy, too.”

  • Great to see you're back! I think we started something a while back but never got to it. If you're every interested in writing sometime let me know. Of course, no worries if not! Welcome back.

  • Aw, I understand though. If you ever change your mind, I'll be here. Feel free to stalk and say hi whenever you like. ^^

  • No. Man was not a word they used to describe themselves. Males, perhaps, but ‘men’ was reserved for the humans in their minds. When she looked over the promenade to the two men below they looked back up at her, but they had tucked their wings in tight on their back and the slightly more lithe of the two turned to look out over the street, still keeping in the cloak of darkness offered by the alley. 

    Cassian, the wider shouldered with longer hair loosely pulled back, was still looking up at Rhysand though. 

    But the man kept smiling, standing when she did and slipping his hands into his pockets, nodding slightly at the repeat of his words. Brothers. Technically adopted but he didn't feel the need to make a distinction. They were his family. 

    “I made them forget you and the last fifteen minutes exist… and broke their noses.” He hummed with a little shrug, his wings flicking behind him as if it were the most normal thing to say. 

    But then he barked an aghast laugh. Even that was an elegant drawn sultry sound. 

    “What? Demon? No. No, my dear we are fae. My brothers are Illyrians, a warrior race on my lands, I am half Illyrian half High Fae.” He took a hand from his pocket and pointed at his crested ears, something the other two males didn't have. Letting his violet eyes fall over over the bread clutched in her hands he perked an eyebrow 

    “We were just about to head to dinner…maybe you would like to join us… tell us how you came to have hunters on your heels. It's on me of course…my treat.” He put a hand out, not condescending her hard worked for meal but giving her a better option the old stale bread. 

    “I can't imagine your time among the humans has been easy. We have been here only a week and I would say we are all growing a bit tired of them.” 


  • Rhysand watched her with narrowed eyes nearly glowing in the darkness a vivid violet, starflecked, tilting his head as she gripped at her stale bread and scrambled backward from him. Though understanding took his features as wings sprouted from her back and she threw herself back, away from the group of men. 

    With a slight smirk he turned his back from her, and in a flicker the truth of them unfurled. He cast the illusion out further so they were all blocked from any prying eyes outside the alley, but she would see all three men had their own wings, large and membranous, pointed claws at the ends like a bats. Cassian and Azreal moved to hold the two mens arms before whatever spell was being cast was let go. And the two men balked with realization as they came back too, held tightly and looking out at the high lord ebbed in darkness. With a smile hidden by his turned back he threw his fist and gave both men a solid pop to the nose, leaving them bloodied and then as he pulled a black silk handkerchief from his pocket to clean off his knuckles he wiped the memory of the last  thirty or so minutes from their mind and sent them stumbling numb and confused down the street before all three winged males glanced up at the building where she hid and watched. 

    Rhysand gave his brothers a silent order through thought to keep in the alley, and on a swift dark wind he was no longer in the alley but standing a few from her. 

    Then knelt, gently putting out his hand to her. 

    “Hello darling… sorry to frighten you. It seems you have had a tough night.” His voice was low and silken, his smirk nothing short of handsome. 

    “My brothers and I overheard… we haven't seen much of our kind in our visit to the human world.” 


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