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You're not the first to ask me ya know? "Why am I doing this?" "Why aren't I using my powers to subdugate the world, or so forth?"


If you have to ask that question, then.... [Scoffs], you need to just sit back, take a deep breath, and take it all in.....

.....no not oxygen, I mean take in the warmth and depth and beauty of life around you!

There's so much you can do without pillaging or warring or seeking power only for yourself.

Take it from me - I've gotten this far by being kind, and it'd be my dream to see the universe follow suit.

Haha currently WIP profile go brrrrrr


This boi is British/English, living in southern England, so le timezone is GMT/BST.


Also open to alterations to Kaler as a char for specific plots

E.g., a less OP Kaler or altered Kaler for high/light fantasy, or similar/etc. I love high fantasy btw :3


If you feel like you'd wanna RP with the sunny one, sending me a Direct Message (DM) is your best bet!
Am not always great at initiating >.<


Also, PSA for the lobby. I'm pretty rubbish with creating a plot/narrative/etc on my end, and thus I'll need any partner to have a decent level of world building/story telling to help us along. Otherwise, I have a great sense of imagination and detail so, I'll be able to pull my weight, and I'm very good at following another's narrative, even with setting up actions for my OC.

This isn't to sound rude nor is it me trying to place all the work on another, it's due to autism, ADHD and the like; I blank when it comes to setting up a progressive plot myself x.x


August 9

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Character Age

21 (Relative to average humans) | 40-50 (Real age)

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

Single (Straight)

Character Appearance

A tall male of 6'0", Kaler resembles the typically athletic human male, albeit with far softer features, for example a softer musculature complex. His skin is a soft pale yellowish/whiteish shade, slightly sun-kissed though not in the traditional sense. Despite "softer" muscles than others his build, he's still quite lean and chiselled.


Other distinguishing features are as follows:

  • Impossibly silver hair, as if each strand is of silk or crystalline structures, yet they flow and feel as any normal hair does, albeit impossibly smooth and soft.
  • Immaculately golden irises and eyes overall, in such a way that his eyes resemble small suns, each with flowing wisps and waves of strange golden energy.

Character Personality

Kaler is perhaps one of the kindest souls in the Universe, perhaps the Multiverse or existence as a whole. He'll have the ambition to help others even if he's never met them, he'll fight fiercely to protect friends and/or family, and he gives the best hugs and moral or emotional support; he won't go straight to counciling you nor is he a licenced therapist, but even just a simple hug from the "sun boy" will fill ones soul with an indescribable warmth and content feeling, even to the darkest of entities out there. He can at times be a bit short-sighted, and is at least partly autistic-esq, however he's not dumb, showcased by the numerous things he'll remember on a whim thanks to his incredibly high-speed brain and thought processes. At times though, this can be in a single-minded direction (he's basically a high-functioning autistic human, but with the mental capacity of a Kryptonian).


He'll be quick to spot injustices in societal systems, and immediately gain the impulse to rush to the defence of those in need of help, sometimes even the "less desirable" ones such as demons. Wherever is possible, he will vouch against xenophobia, and possibly fight against it if need be. He won't actively try to kill people either, always prefering the less violent option.

Character Likes

Exploring; flying; has a massive sweet tooth; helping others; video games; reading....


tall women

Character Dislikes

  1. Cruel folk; sour foods; being made to feel worthless; hopeless situations....

Character History/Story

Imagine an altered but heavily inspired backstory similar to that of Superman; "Solarian" is my own alt version of a Kryptonian. (This is pretty rough)


Solarians are much like Kryptonians in many respects; on average, they may not have the same high-end strength potential as Kryptonians, but on their end, Solarians are far more spiritualist and monk-like in their global society, constantly in tune with the energy of the stars, at times even other energy outside of the typical Class G Suns (typical yellow suns). As much as they could manage, despite their overall prowess, the Solarians managed to keep the peace and live a noble, xenophilic existence for many millenia. That was, until troubles came arising, from stagnent exploration, a dying "Solaris" (their primary & worshipped star, close to the centre of their galaxy), and artificial population control and development led to increasing factionalism, which soon erupted into all-out civil war in some instances, especially with emerging factions vying for a new way of life, more hard-line and based on power and dominance rather than knowledge or peace. With the increasing loss of their prime star, the fighting for limited solar energy became increasingly radical, so much so that factions began a brutal, days long war over the very outer "atmosphere" of Solaris; the clash of great power over a never ending number of days was astronomical in scale, and within hours of the final clash, it was evident to those who listened (to the wavelengths of solar energy) that the star would soon go hyper-nova, the likes of which would certainly create a massive black hole, spelling doom for what remained of the Solarians.


Many made half hearted or radical attempts to save their race, or just themselves; there was but one source of true compassion and hope left in their world, and that laid with the ever renowned Eland clan, most recently consisting of Illeria Eland and Jornim Eland, a pair of cunning scientists and naturalists who'd been critical of the increased factionalism for many decades, and had tried in vein to stop the warring time after time. So too had they been critical of the artificial population growth, and the heavy reliance of only their primary star. In all this, they soon became a political anomaly during the final decade of Solaris Prime, their home world. But nothing they had done came close to what they did in the last great week of planet-scarring warfare - they gave birth, the first naturally born Solarian for centuries at this point. They both agreed to leave their legacy and planetary history with the boy they dubbed "Kaler", sending him away without them, tieing themselves to their planets fate, having been products of its failiures. His father died in combat on the last day - not fighting for any faction, simply to keep his and Illeria's secret refugee mission safe whilst the infant Kaler was sent away in a specially designed incubation escape craft. Moments later, crusing towards a key FTL-gateway, Solaris imploded, and the shockwaves combined with the resonating energy of all fighting Solarians caused a truly gigantic hypernova, and subsequent black hole formation. Instead of being sucked in, Kaler's ship was temporally shifted through time and space by the sheer power released in the explosion, landing him not somewhere planned in their own Galaxy, but somewhere far far away....somewhere quite different, and quite "Milky".


What followed was a drifting course through this new Galaxy for a good year, until the ship smashed past the Outer Ort Cloud and entered the Solar System, quickly bypassing the orbits of all outer celestial bodies, until being tilted along its path by the Moon, careening down upon Earth, and landing - somehow so anonymously - in the contryside of Oxfordshire, England. From there, a 1-year-old alien boy, hardly different from the average human, was taken in and raised by a kind aging couple in a small rural village, as best as they could like any other human boy would be raised. (Things after this are still WIP)

Character Inventory

Not much barring an odd device on his wrist; tech of his species, which allows him to call upon items from a localised pocket space, like a pocket dimension and very similar to inventory space in a video game.

Character Abilites

Solarians share many similar traits to the likes of Kryptonians, being incredibly genetically similar, with other similar attributes to Viltrumites and even Saiyans.


Like a Kryptonian, Kaler is capable of incredible feats of super strength, blinding speed, flight, freezing breath and heat vision, amongst other similar traits. He neednt breath, eat or drink to survive, and can exist in the vacuum of space or under immense underwater pressures without issue.


Kaler and his species differ however in their connection to and usage of solar energy. All stars expel great quantities of light, heat, and radiation/electromagnetic waves. Solarians can absorb all of these things, and their cells contain small organisms/organelles similar to Midichlorians, allowing them to tap into ethereal solar energies. Kaler is also capable of "drinking" solar plasma from the surface of a star to absorb it's energy.

This can enable small construct formation akin to a Lantern User, latent energy attacks similar to Saiyans, and in Kaler's case, a latent aura of warmth and kind energies, as if he's a literal walking star, without the 5,000°C temperature or blinding light of course; he is very comfortably warm however.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Anime, 18+, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Bri'ish post-grad working man and lover of many things fantasy and supernatural. Fair Star Wars nerd and FPS & Strategy gamer.


Been roleplaying for a long while, with good detail beginning back in 2016-17. May not be the brightest or best in the bush but I do my best ^~^

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