Kaler Eland


"(arguably) The brightest Star in the Universe"


-Sun Child-

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|The complex that which could rival a God|

|Hidden within the gentle looks of a Boy|

|A boy with no certain special past|

|Whom wishes to live, not to annoy|

(Super cheesy & original poem right there)



|  Praise the Sun  |



Even as children they excelled in elemental magic, like their father. (°F¡re ~ The €lementals by emmytonks.)

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Character Age

Physically around 16-18, mental age to match; trapped at this age due to biology.

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

The boy stood before them, standing at a rather tall height of exactly 6 feet even from head to toe. Up above, the gentle breeze danced through and brushed about gently soft snow-white/silver locks, and eyelids blinked, revealing extravagantly "flowing" sun-golden eyes. Their physique didn't give off much of a "strong" impression, much more a "Gentle Giant", though was indeed slim, slightly lean, and semi-muscular. His skin was soft to the touch, despite having gone through various degrees in the past, a blend of pale and sun-warmed. Covering this form was a set of arguably casual clothes, consisting of: A Black T-Shirt with the symbol of a Star on the chest, a pair of Grey Jeans, and a pair of Blue/Dark Blue Trainers, all of which seemed to hug his physique.

Character Personality

The boy is openly a very kind, wholesome person. He's openly kind, charismatic, friendly, mostly open, sweet, and as gentlemanly as he can be. He's strong, God-like if you will, but he's not exactly a fighter; it's not something he openly enjoys doing. He'd much rather make friends, use his powers for good, and have hugs! (He's the best hugger, 10/10). He is however mildly Autistic, and prone to some distractions, timidity, shyness, and sometimes forgetfulness. The shyness often shows true around women, specifically per-say the older, larger, and more mature types. Needless to say he will try his best to do whatever he can to help his friends, however he may find it hard to depending on the circumstance. He's often confused, and sometimes can't make sense of obvious things, whilst at times he can.

Character Likes

He's an open mix of adventurous due to his big curiosity and powers, and lazy due to his connection to the Sun and being a Leo on the zodiac wheel. At most times whenever he feels the drive to do so, he will love to push his powers into the open and simply "go". Such includes running up the inclines of entire, multi-thousand metre mountains, sprinting over oceans, and flying above all else. He even enjoys flying into space often. Then at other times he enjoys simply lounging. You could call him a very friendly cat/lion, who whilst liking to adventure, also enjoys lounging about with food, books, friends, hugs, etc. A rather more secret like is his sexual preference, defined by women who invoke a lot more size/maturity than he can ever call himself to have, which he feels annoyed about often.

Character Dislikes

He's a rather sensitive boy at heart, not being one to ever want to kill or harm anyone, regardless of background, unless they very much need to be stopped. With this, things can affect him greater than it could others, such as: Gore, Blood (somewhat), Death, etc; as such he hates anything to do with this. He has an innate dislike to the most void of light places, being a Solar Alien, but he doesn't mind them too much. He doesn't often like places that are /too/ claustrophobic inducing. Sometimes as well, he dislikes people calling him "child", unless it were under more special circumstances. He also doesn't very much like discrimination, against any beings non-human and such as well as humans too. He would, for instance, defend Mermaids or Sirens from always being looked down upon, as well as things like Demons, since they too can be kind.

Character History/Story


Character Inventory

He carries not much with him ever, save from a small satchel that hands from his waist. It's obviously not any normal pouch, as lots can be stored inside.

Character Abilites

Kaler is arguably a /very/ powerful person lying behind the slightly baby-faced, 6 foot tall boy he is. His biology is vastly similar to a Kryptonians, I.E. he draws all his power from the Sun, and can do generally anything a Kryptonian could do; he does not have a weakness to any Kryptonite however, or anything similar. His powers are slightly more vast however, as he has the nature of Solar Manipulation/Esoteric Solar Manipulation, slightly more towards the sort that could relate to more Divine Magic, but not exactly so. Even so, Sun powers often fare well against Demons. His energy also has the ability to sense emotions in others, and induce Calmness, Serenity, Hope, and some Willpower in those around him, which are traits the Sun has naturally. A slightly added bonus also is his energies Anti-Magic quality, which stems from him faring from a Universe devoid of Mana/Magic. A lot of his powers however revolve around his own individual concentration and focus.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, 18+, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

This is just here as a backup/other thing for now. Probably won't do much with it for the time being besides add detail wherever. Though if you like my profile (however well it's done) and want to perhaps RP, MSG me :)

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