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I’m new to writing and making stories so if there’s any mistakes please feel free to correct, I’m always willing to learn :)

Character Age

143 years old(but looks 20)

Character Species

Sea dweller

Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

Think of his appearance as what the Aztecs wore.*VYXtxjsltQwGytmHTxomKA.jpeg&tbnid=E1Mb7zJdCoMxYM&vet=12ahUKEwi7jsiqyp-EAxX4x8kDHQYACkIQMygWegUIARDYAQ..i& The link above in exactly something he would wear, so put that as you will.

Character Personality

Quiet at times, only speaking when need be, but explosive when tempered. Keeps to himself, but when stuff need to be said, he’ll hit you with the cold water as they say.

Character Likes

The sea, other acts of kindness, those who are protective of the water especially. Chance of character growth

Character Dislikes

Disdain for those who abuse power, treat the sea harmfully, hurt sea or land creatures.

Character History/Story

Kalian(El ñiño del lago)-(Child from the sea) . Backstory: A native child born on May 4th 1883 to a native mother and father belonging to the cocopah tribe . From birth Kalian’s life was harsh and long due to the natives being pushed back and taken advantage of by the colonizers. In the midst of the Industrial age, the cocopah tribe were beaten, enslaved and unfortunately some of the woman and children were taken to camps for further labor. Elu(Kalian’s mother) didn’t want Kalian(being 10 years old at this point) to end up like the others, and so Mato(Kalian’s father) formed a plan to escape on one of the colonizers ships. Once night dawned, the parents made to way to one of the ships departing, and upon boarding, they hid on the supply dock. Hours passed and Amari urged his family to move since they were almost making it to land, whoever one of the guards discovered their whereabouts and soon a fight broke out. Kalian’s parents wanted to ensure the safety of their child so the father made a sacrifice to distract the guards while Elu ran to one of the life boats, but as she boarded one, a gunshot rang and hit Elu on her chest, rocking the boat and both falling to the sea. Kalian had a certain fear of water and the though of drowning terrified him, but in this instance it seemed that this was the end. As Kalian was sinking deeper in the waters abyss, he suddenly had one last look at the moon, which reminded him of all the stories his mother used to tell him about Hanwi(the moon spirit) which granted him some sort of peace and he was slowly sinking into to depth, however, the moon was getting bigger and brighter, and by the time the moon seemed close enough to break the waters surface he suddenly took a big inhale, seeming like he was still on land. Baffled by such discovery and the fact that he could know breathe and swim quickly underwater, he didn’t hesitate to look for his mother which he saw drowning under him. Swimming as fast as he could he grabbed her hand and swam all the way to land which only took him minutes while hugging his mother, unfortunately though, she passed and upon discovering this, he was filled with sadness and despair, this quickly however, his gaze turned to the ship and he was enraged. He swam all the way to the boat and upon swimming, he swam upwards and broke waters surface, jumping high feeling the breeze of the air he landed on the ship, amazed but bewildered he quickly gazed at his fathers body. Bloodied and lifeless, he was filled with more anger than ever before and he threw on the ships life boats on to the incoming crew, amazed by his strength he decided to sink the entice ship instead, and so quickly went back to the water, went on the side of the boat, and pushed it against the rocks, destroying the side hull of the ships making a huge gap. While the ship sank, some of the attempted to escape on one of the life boats but he quickly caught up and boarded the boat, one of the crew attempted to shoot him but the bullet had to effect. To keep it brief, Kalian despatched the whole crew, recovered his parents bodies, and buried them in their homeland, since that day, he had a disdain for all(as he calls them)landwalker

Character Inventory

Two daggers made from megalodon teeth(sharpened) Spear made of an unknown metal that’s nearly as strong as nth metal(forged by the moon goddess herself) Three water grenades

Character Abilites

Breathe underwater, enhanced strength, speed, agility, endurance (due to living in extreme underwater pressure) excels in spear, sword and hand to hand combat(not as good as Batman or Wonder Woman but mid enough)

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Anime, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

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