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▬▬ι══════════════ι▬▬ ι Irish Werewolf ι Saoirse Mona Kane ι Sao ▬▬ι══════════════ι▬▬ ι Saoirse Mona Kane was born on October 31st, 1905 in Dublin, Ireland. Her family were Irish Werewolves who ruled in Dublin, Ireland. Her parents and her pack where killed hunters on December 25th, 1923. She was the only survivor, now on the run from Mr. Collins, a Supernatural Hunter who killed her entire family, leaving her homeless and pack-less. Saoirse currently is wandering around the world, seeking a pack to call her own. She has taken to doing odd jobs to survive. ▬▬ι══════════════ι▬▬ ι Her wolf form is a gray-white wolf with green eyes. Her human form is a 5 ft 5½ in woman with Dark Brown hair, Green eyes, Slim, and weighing at around 120 to 140 Pounds. ▬▬ι══════════════ι▬▬ ι She is Straight, single and currently not seeking a mate. ▬▬ι══════════════ι▬▬ ι She is an immortal Werewolf. The reason for her immortality is currently unknown. ▬▬ι══════════════ι▬▬ ι Family: Mr. Kane (Father - Dead - Killed by Mr. Collins [Supernatural Hunter]), Mrs. Kane (Mother - Dead - Killed by Mr. Collins [Supernatural Hunter]) ▬▬ι══════════════ι▬▬ ι Enemies: Mr. Collins (A hunter who killed her entire Family - except for her) ▬▬ι══════════════ι▬▬

Character Age

118 Years old

Character Species

Pureblood Werewolf

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Character Relationship Status

Single and Straight

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Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella

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Romance, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Adventure

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